The corner of the small tent where Yun Hanyang is located has a faint smile Yuru let’s go let’s go and have a look Zhan

Ancient Kaitai was just the beginning of the ignorance period.
Humans and spirits had just sprouted and divided.
The century-old French wars between countries gave birth to mysterious and strange fierce battle scenes.
Wolf’s blood swallowed recklessly, soaked in hundreds of medicines, steamed and boiled, but it was condensed and made.
Pushing back Xuandan actually performed in the attack of the top ten wizards at the gate of Beidi Guoling Mountain. Saying goodbye to parents, I have been walking for several days and nights, I don’t know how far I have traveled, and when I look around in the blink of an eye, there is no human habitation within a hundred miles of barrenness, and I don’t even see a passing bird feather. Apart from the cold and majestic peaks on both sides, which are layer upon layer and annoyingly continuous, the rest is covered with ravines and ravines, and the dense and wildly growing pastures. After a while of exhaustion and tiredness, I found a piece that was fairly flat.
The boulder blew a heavy breath, exhaled the wind, turned around and adjusted his buttocks, but he would never forget to lift up the linen gown, bare buttocks, thinking about sitting on it comfortably and resting for a while, wow, with a horrible scream, he even caressed Jumping up with his buttocks, it’s really amazing.
Could it be that stones can bite people, talking to himself, when he raised his head, the scorching sun at noon is not only dazzling, but also has a hot barbecue, just such a moment A non-stupid mind understands the truth that stones are powerful. There is no place to sit. It is considered a rest to just stand like this.
Poor two legs hushed the wind. Thinking like this, I moved a bit bored and stood straight in the same place. The place is not in the middle of the path, but it is not on the side of the road that clears the path When I raised my hand to smooth the short hair that floated up, a mass of yellow hair flickered from the eastern sky, and slowly flew over a monster I had never seen before. I adjusted my standing posture and aligned it with the clearest angle. There are two heads on the left and four eyes, like the broken bowls that often eat, dark and profound, the whole body is covered with yellow hair, and it has no wings, and it flies through the air.
Seeing this, Hu Yanfeng was stunned. He opened his mouth and forgot to close it. With the slight movement of the line of sight, the head has been tilted up and kept at the same angle as the monster flew by, and the stinking monster excrement fell directly into the mouth of the wind, whoa, whoa, whoa, a violent vomiting, that sticky The sticky stuff went straight down the throat, and no matter how much you vomited, it was hopeless.
You closed your mouth and raised your head viciously.
When it raised its head again, it stopped in mid-air, facing the blowing wind, and kept pointing its head. It’s so weird, it has no wings.
He can fly, although he is angry, but also very surprised, Yan Yanfeng said to himself that the monster has been stagnant and seems to continue to show off, but at this moment, he didn’t feel hungry, let alone sleepy.
He lowered his head and looked for it. Picked up a piece better than a fist Even bigger rocks use all their strength to swing their arms and throw them vigorously. I will let you show off. One day I want you to be in my crotch.
The moment the stone is thrown across an arc and falls straight down, meow There was another strange scream like a cat and a cow.
Suddenly, a strong smog swept in from the direction where the monster flew up. When the scream weakened and the last reverberating sound, the smog also covered the sky and covered Chong. But the mountain peaks turned into a clear white mist in the blink of an eye. When the mist brushed the ground, it became white and transparent again.
At this time, the wind was blowing, but I couldn’t feel any horror, let alone before. The kind of timidity of a breeze blowing past the white mist in front of the eyes was pushed backward by the breeze, moving, stagnating, agglomerating, and dissipating.
The white mist dissipated cleanly, but the original blue sky suddenly became mighty.
Swaying black clouds billowed and covered the sun, and the sky was filled with clouds, mountains, and seas of mist, and the surroundings suddenly fell silent in a misty trance.
The wind extended and looked up again. No matter how you look at it, it’s not a daily celestial phenomenon that the rainstorm is coming. Another catastrophe has come. Keeping his head up, he seemed to be abusing his neck. He lowered his head and twisted his neck.
Suddenly, he thought of something he had heard. According to the deduction analysis of the old patriarch and his father’s explanation, he described in detail the top ten students cultivated by the Beidi Kingdom. The sorcerer already possesses all the mystical and supernatural powers between heaven and earth, and under the connivance of the Holy Lord of the Three Realms, he has already wiped out the entire eighteen northern countries.
Yanchangfeng seems to feel that there is an inevitable connection in the dark, but he still can’t figure it out. However, this is not a threadbare.
It has something to do with me. He answered himself in a low voice.
There was a deafening blow, and the wind swayed for a moment, as if hit by a heavy object, fell to the ground with a bang, and fell limp, when there was a flash of thunder in front of my eyes, a huge fireball hit the toes, and it was so bright and so bright Red slowly started the fireball, bouncing, rolling, and rolling, as if drawing a path of blood from the place where he was lying, his eyes gradually blurred, and he wanted to struggle, but he could only twitch consciously. Swearing, but he couldn’t move his mouth and couldn’t make a sound. At the last moment when he was about to close his eyes, he saw a monster with two heads shaking.
It seemed that it was a strong wind and raindrops, and it fell into the creek not far away. With new strength, the creek began to surge along the foot of the mountain into the small river.
The two of them held a straw umbrella against the impact of the torrential rain. the old man