The consumption category becomes the least only a mere 100 1010 Hahaha God help me not God help you I help you The system replied

The strongest technology system is starting. Please look for a host later. The host has been found. The host system is analyzing and binding.
The host binding has been completed. System introduction Technology creator This system has the most advanced technology in the universe. All functions are discovered and unlocked by the host itself.
Host Suning level skills No factory, no workers, no design drawings, no mall not opened, come and buy it, buy it, buy it Driving, driving a Porsche is amazing, driving a Porsche, I said, Young Master Su, are you going to suppress or not? What’s the situation, what’s the situation? Master Su family, you owe me one million this month.
After deducting the one hundred thousand you just won, you still owe me nine hundred thousand. Don’t forget that tomorrow is the deadline for nine hundred thousand.
Are you pretending to be stupid, remember that 900,000 points must be paid off at the end of the month, otherwise even Zhen Guogong will not be able to keep you.
With an order, two burly men walked out from behind like a chicken, and threw the bewildered young master of the Su family, Suning, outside the casino door.
Poor Suning is still in a bewildered state. Knowing why he appeared in this place, just when Su Ning looked around and couldn’t figure it out, there was a burst of pain in his mind, and the memory surged like a tide, and the huge impact force made him pass out in an instant. Throwing it out, this should be the eighth time this month, right? This time it’s your turn to inform the Su family’s mansion, right? Huh, a trash whose spiritual veins have been destroyed can only hang out in the casino all day long, if it wasn’t for relying on his parents. Mengyin might have been beaten to death on the street a long time ago. Who said otherwise? It is said that the Su family discovered a relic the day before yesterday.
You won’t die Suning, a master of death, accidentally found a tomb and played the real-life Tomb Raider’s Notes.
Just as he broke into the tomb, picked up a ring and shouted to find the dragon and share the gold.
When he was in danger, a huge rolling stone drove him away, not to mention the eightfold danger.
Suning was almost killed when he was in danger.
An out-of-control Porsche directly sent Suning to the West Paradise, and finally fulfilled his dream.
To be able to die under the wheels of a Porsche is a gift from God to you, and it is a gift from me to go to Nima.
Master, I drank the medicine. Let it go, no.
Before leaving, the young master and madam kept telling me that I must see you drink it with my own eyes. You should drink it. The little girl next to you, Lv Li, looked helplessly at the young master who would always be killed by the sky every time Suning was drinking medicine.
Trying every means to avoid it, although my wife is kind-hearted and won’t do anything to me, but every time I can’t finish the task my wife gave me, I’m too incompetent, I’m so tired of this man Lvli is thinking bitterly, isn’t it just to drink a medicine, and it’s not to let you die, to use different tricks to avoid drinking medicine every day is really annoying It’s so annoying.
Every day, like a nanny, I follow you behind your back and drink medicine. May I ask how old you are this year? This trash with a destroyed spiritual vein will cause trouble for people all day long. It’s so annoying. Uh, what’s the matter? It’s all right, young master, you take a rest, the servants are leaving, En bye, after Lvli finished speaking, he packed up the dishes and quickly retreated out of the room, walked across the threshold and almost tripped over, hey, be careful, don’t fall, you know, the young master said so, Lvli didn’t It seemed to be even more panicked. After a while of tinkling sounds, the outside was finally quiet Who knows that Su Ning is the real strange person in Lvli’s heart at this time, shouldn’t be said to be weird, the eldest young master of the Su family who has always resisted taking medicine actually drank it without any excuses, and drank it in one gulp, you know In the past, when Lvli came to deliver the medicine, he would never be able to drink it without making a fuss for half an hour, and he never felt so happy when he drank the medicine. In the past, Suning drank the medicine like someone was forcing him to drink urine. He wrinkled his nose and smelled it. Back, back, smell, back, the expression on his face is so wonderful, I don’t know, I thought he was smelling the most stinky thing in the world, but today, Suning directly and decisively drank the medicine without any hesitation How can Lvli not be surprised if this continues, and what is even more surprising is that the young master said goodbye to himself today and told himself to be careful. Is this still the Suning Su young man who is known as the number one dude in the sky? Of course Suning doesn’t know Lvli’s inner activities at this moment.
At this moment, the five words “Lao Tzu” has been echoing in his heart. At the moment Suning opened his eyes, he should have died under the gift of Porsche. He came to a strange world, a complete stranger. This is the world of vindictiveness, there is no fancy magic, some are multiplied to the peak, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I went to the wrong set, don’t hit, don’t hit me, just get out, get out of here, although there is no vindictiveness, but there is aura to reach the same goal It’s just a different name, and Suning, who has the same name as a shopping agent website, also traveled to this Suning with the same name as him to absorb the information in the mind of Suning, who had returned to the earth. He actually came to the world of practice, and the soul pierced through to a person whose spiritual veins were destroyed. How did Suning die?