The clues until the real compatriots knocked on the door of the house with the hope of returning home Keya once fell in love with

In the Qiqiu Unlimited Escape game, the big girl who has made countless players fearful is currently unemployed.
She will never admit that she is too scary and scares away too many players, which makes the game system poorer and eventually bankrupt. Unemployed, Qiqiu emptied all her savings and bought the system. The cheapest human identity card has been changed from unlimited transfer to a family.
The weak and helpless little white flower has successfully changed jobs. On the same day, she received a malicious survival game invitation letter and a gift skill passively attracted by Qiqiu.
There is such a good thing at the door, and the legacy of her previous colleagues, she unceremoniously accepted Qiqiu, dutifully played her new profession, Xiao Baihua, attached to a certain dog man who used her as bait for monsters, she was busy paddling water and fishing in her spare time When he looks back, he can always see Qi Qiu’s peaceful side face.
Recently, Xu Yuan brought someone by his side.
He is a cute and obedient little white flower that can attract monsters.
After leaving him for half a minute, he looked like he was about to cry and couldn’t live.
Xu Yuan compressed the time of the battle from two hours to three minutes, and finally turned it into a fight with a mysterious player who suddenly appeared while slashing monsters with a knife while coaxing people. The head is the headset, the girlfriend with a crying voice in Chinese, the daily update, the full overhead, and the easy content label.
I’m playing you, determined to love life, loving everything in the present. Chapter 1. You don’t understand the suffering of life at all.
The narrow corridor is endlessly long. The viscous feeling of depression sinks into everyone’s heart.
Muscles in the legs are so sore that the cold laughter in the ear is not far away, but is getting closer and closer, like a slippery snake swimming past the neck. The man running wildly in the corridor dare not turn his head.
He is staring at the scarlet carpet at the bottom of his feet. Bai Bai lay on the carpet and heard the girl’s muffled hum.
He remembered that the girl had black hair and wore a thin white dress. Her complexion was as pale as snow, and only when she coughed occasionally did she get a slight blush on her face. She was too soft and too fragile. She has a beautiful appearance and ghosts like her for some reason, and every attack will go straight to her, so unlucky that anyone who sees it will say sympathy for the man and erase the intimacy of pity from the bottom of her heart. After she falls, the ghost will definitely eat her first, and then chase the others.
They have time to breathe. The sound of chaotic footsteps fades away, and the sharp laughter is right in front of them.
The girl who fell on the carpet slowly sat up with her palms on The leg is twisted, Qiqiu said to himself, his right foot was pinned unnaturally on the carpet, and eight ferocious spider legs stepped on the carpet.
The monster with the head of a woman and the body of a giant spider stopped in front of Qiqiu, who couldn’t get up, greedily. Eyeballs looking up and down at the injured prey, even in the dim corridor, the girl in front of me is too conspicuous, her skin is as transparent as creamy white, almost reflective, her curled fingertips tapping on the scarlet carpet is very pitiful, but it is sweet for humans the breath lingers in In the air, the woman took a deep sniff intoxicated, swallowed her mouth full of saliva, it was this man who entered her territory, she smelled the fragrance, she opened the mausoleum, uncovered the coffin, and stood up, ignoring the last appearance, waving a knife and fork like crazy What a delicious snack you want to eat, she wants to eat from the beginning, smash the bones, suck every drop of blood, and lick every piece of flesh, you look happy Qiqiu looks up at the human-headed spider whose head is flat on the ceiling, I understand Having a job is a very happy thing. I used to be as happy as you.
Qi Qiu sighed and said in the tone of admonishing the younger generation that you should cherish the hard-won job. Nowadays, the game industry is so involuntary that the wages are terribly low and the system is demanding. If you say bankruptcy, bankruptcy is impossible to guard against.
Already scared to the point of talking nonsense? My little snack, the human head, the spider laughing wildly, don’t be afraid, it will set you free. Meeting juniors who don’t understand human language is a fate that every senior in the workplace must experience. He glanced enviously at the human-headed spider, what a happy fool, why don’t you cherish it? His right foot was so twisted that he couldn’t move Qi Qiu lightly pressed his red and swollen ankle and raised his hand to pull the broken hair around his cheeks behind his ears.
She has jet-black hair The bright long hair is as smooth as flowing water under the moonlight, the volume of hair that makes even spiders envious. The human-headed spider can’t wait to eat Qiqiu.
She lifts up her burly and ferocious spider legs, but she can’t lift her hair.
A woman’s proud smile. The eight spider legs she is so proud of were bound tightly by black silk threads at some point. The black threads spread along the carapace of the head spider like a tide, gradually submerged her neck, covered her mouth and nose, and penetrated into her eyes.
No, it’s not the black line, it’s the hair of the girl on the ground.
See, we used to be colleagues. You don’t need the money for the shampoo. Qi Qiu rubbed her sore right ankle and tried to stand up on one foot. Don’t say that seniors are not mean. You know I have to save for a few days before I can save enough money to buy a shampoo sample? You don’t understand the suffering of life. The invisible energy is pulled out of the human head spider’s body, a little shriveled, the cheeks are sunken, the carapace is cracked, and the spider’s legs are turning gray and white while being entangled in it.
The black hair on the human-headed spider’s body became more and more shiny, and a few forks at the end disappeared. It fluffy and softly returned to its owner, Qi Qiu hopped and jumped towards the depths of the human-headed spider’s lair.
It was extremely difficult for her to walk. Jump stop and stop makes people want to buy her a pair of crutches. Life is really hard.
Qiqiu sighed while dancing.
I didn’t expect that the human body can be so fragile. Before becoming a human, Qiqiu and the human-headed spider who can’t even have a decent corpse were colleagues.
Her last job was as Qiqiu in an infinite escape game.
The game system was so poor that she was the only one in the entire game.