The Chinese language is so easy to speak it looks so smart and promising Xie Ce heard her praise the other kid pursed his lips

In the seventeenth year of Zhang Tiansheng, the days of May and June are like a steamer, and they are on fire in the morning and evening. Dayefang, in the 30th year of the founding of the country, has a hundred wastes, and the early prosperity. There are a few families with deep heritage and ample storage of ice for their masters to use, and they can also enter the palace. However, most of them can only bear with it.
After the eldest lady had a difficult childbirth, the wife of the family ate fast and recited the Buddha for a long time, her temperament seemed cold and lonely, but she was not strict, so she sent someone to send the ice to the west corner courtyard where the three concubines lived.
It was cool in front of the road, but the back of the back was soaked with sweat.
A small piece of footsteps hurriedly stepped into the west corner courtyard and went straight into the middle room. As soon as she entered the ice basin, she turned to the window and bowed her hands to salute the second lady. Maid An was ordered by Madam to deliver the ice to you.
Under the window, there was a long couch lying on one side. A delicate woman in a thin shirt was Yin Mingyu, the second lady of the Yin family.
Sitting lazily on the side with the upper body, she said with a slight smile, my sister’s sweaty appearance is really pitiful, please sit down and drink a cup of herbal tea, it will teach me to look more. The maid covered her lips and smiled coquettishly.
Yin’er, the personal servant girl, moved the ice basin and joked that our wife was the most sympathetic to sister Yumei when she came, but she couldn’t see us.
The maid Hongmei smiled again and said goodbye to Yin Mingyu. The servant girl has to hurry back to Madam’s place to be an errand to apologise, saying that I can’t drink your tea. Yin Mingyu’s fan stopped and asked her to stop. After Hongmei left her sister, Yin’er murmured strangely that the old lady of the Xie family valued Xie so much that Mr. Xiaolang would agree to Mr. Xiaolang to come to Yin’s family to live in Xie’s family. The eldest lady’s husband’s family is one of the five great families in Daye. Mr. Xie Xiaolang Xie Ce is the son left by the eldest lady Yin Mingfu who just passed his 2nd birthday Mrs. Xie sees her great-grandson like a bead of eyes and Mr. Xiaolang is young, the Yin family used to go to Xie’s house to see if he still has a head As soon as Yin Mingyu came to his mother-in-law, Yin Mingyu was thoughtful, and the fan subconsciously slowed down. After all, it was not with our lady, and the other personal maid, Jin’er, turned steadily and asked for instructions, “My lady, can the third lady and the fourth lady come over to relieve the heat?” Yin Mingyu regained his senses and lay down again.
On the couch, I sent it slowly to the third lady, and said that I was in my room last time, and this time it was her turn to entertain. Jin’er agreed to hold the ice basin and went to the east wing.
Invite the two ladies to come, why bother to move around for such a short while, a thin layer of sweat and sticky sweat appeared on Yin Mingyu’s body, too lazy to talk, and only gave her a silver expression that you really don’t know? I can’t figure it out until Yin Mingyu breaks the sweat, follow her to the East Wing and see a table full of candied fruit in the East Wing For snacks and tea, I saw the third lady Yin Mingrui smiling brightly like a peach blossom, greeted her own wife and fourth lady Yin Mingruo warmly and proudly, Yin Mingruo realized that Yin Mingyu glanced at Yin’er, sat down with a smile on her face, and took a teacup to quench her thirst after walking these few steps The little abacus in my heart is rattling, and her third younger sister is sharp and strong-tempered, loves to show off, and she can save trouble by raising her hand.
The most important thing is that she doesn’t need to spend her own money. The third wife, Yin Mingrui, saw that she drank it by herself, so she greeted the fourth younger sister, and the fourth lady, Yin Mingruo, was submissive and earnestly thanked her before she picked up the herbal tea and drank it in small sips. Erre and the three of them actually couldn’t eat anything sweet and drank a cup of tea. Yin Mingrui, the host, took the initiative to start a conversation. I heard that Mr. Xie Xiaolang is coming to our house.
I don’t know what he looks like now.
Big sister is so bright, brother-in-law Xie also It must be the dragon and the phoenix, she must be very good. When she said it, her voice became softer. Yin Mingyu raised her eyes from the drowsiness and found that there was a trace of yearning in her eyes that could not be hidden. Yin Mingruo nodded without any extra thoughts and softly The eldest sister is immortal and has no appearance.
Xie Xiaolang Junji’s parents are also bright and beautiful.
Which house will the room choose? If the wife is not easy to get along with, our little nephew will be pitiful. Yin Mingruo frowned slightly and said hesitantly.
With a sigh of distress, how can I be sure about the matter in the back house? I’m afraid that if there is a case, the Xie family will definitely plan for the little man, right? Yin Mingruo’s face is also wrinkled.
Yin Mingrui, who won’t let it go, shakes his head, Xie’s family background, our family, oh, Yin Mingruo is distressed, there’s nothing we can do about it, but Yin Mingrui bit his lips, his cheeks flushed slightly, big sister Izumi Yuchi must be thinking about her children the most In fact, there is another proper way. The creaking sound of the round stool interrupted Yin Mingrui’s unfinished words. Yin Mingyu stood up and saw the two of them looking over, and smiled nonchalantly. I’ll sit on the couch for a while. Isn’t it hot that the second sister Bing is sitting far away? Yin Mingyu leaned on the couch like a boneless person and said a word that meant something, calm and naturally cool.
Ice is a luxury, but it can be enjoyed but not indulged, otherwise there will be more days without it It’s difficult for the Yin family to have two sons and four daughters. The daughter Yin Mingfu was arrogant and a little older when she was not married.
She didn’t get close to the concubine sisters until she got married, especially when she married such a good family.