The chiefs office whispered to the chief of the section Ma Jingjing the section chief Ma Jingjing who woke up cleverly oh Xiao Hao came

Later I wondered why I, a big man, should care about a woman, not to mention my own wife.
I apologized at that time and said that I would continue to watch the superstar. After I apologized, my daughter-in-law was very happy that she put down the kitchen knife in her hand and her sister grabbed me. The hand with the hair let go of the brick in her brother’s hand and put down the iron catalpa in her brother’s hand and the rolling pin in the mother-in-law’s hand also threw away the father-in-law and took out his mobile phone. Life is quite harmonious.
Chapter 1 Here I come Ziang Ziang, wake up, don’t scare me.
An anxious voice rang in Chen Ziang’s ears. Chen Ziang was shaken awake. He opened his heavy eyelids and saw a man wearing a basketball tracksuit. The tall boy in the coat looked flustered and saw Chen Ziang wake up.
The athletic boy let out a sigh of relief and punched Chen Ziang on the shoulder. You kid wants to scare people to death.
After playing basketball, you look tired and say find a place to lie down.
I’ve been lying down for a long time, I thought you were hiccupping haha, Chen Ziang blinked his eyes, his eyes were dazed, and suddenly countless memories flooded his mind like a flood.
He held his head and felt very uncomfortable. At the same time, he was surprised and remembered that he was still fighting with the gangsters just now.
How did he wake up? Lying here, the handsome boy next to him in the campus is his classmate Chen Ziang.
A thought suddenly popped up in his heart.
After time travel, rebirth, don’t be sad, isn’t it just that you lost a friendly match? Get up and go to eat so late, the cafeteria is almost out of food. Chen Ziang’s The best friend pulled him up, and he didn’t see anything wrong. The deputy didn’t think too much about it. He just thought that after the basketball game, Chen Ziang was too tired and worked hard. After the basketball game, he just found a place to rest.
Chen Ziang’s head was still dizzy, let his best friend pull him up and follow his best friend for a long time. Chen Ziang finally digested it. He was really dead and reborn. He was attached to a senior high school student who died of exhaustion in order to win the game. The original owner of this reborn body is also called Chen Ziang.
He is a boy who likes sports. He is generally handsome and has artistic talent. He can sing and play the guitar. He plans to sign up for the art test in February next year, but the culture class is a huge hurdle for him. His academic performance is too poor, he belongs to the bottom class in the class, Zi Ang, don’t be so depressed, men have to afford to lose, let it go, you see, I’m fine, it’s just a friendly match, it’s just a friendly match, we both won the championship in the first and second grades.
No, if it weren’t for the third year, the school wouldn’t organize competitions for the third grade, and we would still be the first in the grade.
In the cafeteria, the deputy commander would comfort Chen Zi’ang while eating. Many places are similar to the earth, but the history is similar but not the same. What surprised Chen Ziang most is that the entertainment industry here is far less prosperous and developed than in his previous life. In his previous life, Chen Ziang went to the film and television city because his family was poor and could not afford to go to university, but he had a dream of becoming a star.
He started as an extra actor When you get mixed up and become the male number two Waiting for someone to rob with a knife during a trip Ah hey, wait for you to enter the film school and enter the entertainment industry. There are so many beauties, classmates, and beauties. Remember to introduce me to someone who is handsome and has no other hobbies. I just like star chasing.
If I can get a female star who shines brightly on the screen to be my wife, I will be very successful. Gan Daishuai is full of longing. He is really handsome. His family is rich, but he has no artistic skills. His academic performance is worse than Chen Ziang, so in this life, he will not even think about going to any art school. The sports school is about the same, but he is afraid of suffering. When he is tired, he only runs when he is playing basketball.
At other times, don’t want him to sweat.
Hurry up and go back to take a shower after dinner. In the evening, there will be a class New Year’s Eve party. Chen Ziang finished his meal earlier than Dai Shuai. I was just busy talking, there was still more than half of the food on the plate, and Chen Ziang was digesting the fact of rebirth, eating slowly, he ate faster than Daishuai hehe, wait a moment, wait for Chen Ziang to speak, Daishuai’s eyes lit up, this guy should be It’s all right, hurry up and eat today. Today is the last day of the new year’s calendar.
Yesterday, their school had a traditional class New Year’s Day party held on the penultimate night of the new year. Why not hold it on the last day? Because tomorrow afternoon after school is the New Year’s Day holiday for students outside the urban area I have already left school and went home, who is going to hold a New Year’s Eve party to tell you that next year I don’t know if I will be admitted to Youzhou or Songjiang Prefecture? Are you really planning to go to the same place as me? Is your family willing to let you leave Lin’an? Chen Ziang looked wolfishly Dai Shuai said that Dai Shuai was stunned, swallowed, shook his head, nodded, and waited for the food in his mouth to be swallowed. He said with a bitter face that our Lin’an is very close to Songjiang Mansion, and my family readily agreed to let me take the exam to Songjiang Mansion, but they in Youzhou I still don’t agree for the time being.
I only plan to choose three schools for the art exam.
Beijing Film Academy and Jinling’s Nanyi Academy.
It doesn’t matter which school it is. Chen Ziang said that he looks very mature and stable.
He and the deputy coach have been best friends since the first year of high school.
Duoying Shaodai Shuai likes to hang out with Chen Ziang. One of the reasons is that Chen Ziang can sing, play the guitar well, and can write songs. Although he thinks the writing is not very good, but it is compelling. Many girls like it.
Another thing is him. I knew from the first year of high school that Chen Ziang’s goal was to be admitted to an art school