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I am a ninja Rogge, I have a commission here, I hope you can pick it up, Coulson, who is wearing a black suit and his hairline has been seriously receded, stood at Rogge’s desk and said in a calm tone, you know the rules. Let me give you the general content of the commission, and then I can decide whether to accept your commission or not. Roger, who leaned back in his chair, opened his eyes and glanced at Coulson, then leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes again.
Two weeks ago, Tony Star Ke went to Afghanistan to deliver the local U.S.
After the deal was completed, Tony Stark was attacked and kidnapped on his way back to the U.
S. military base.
His whereabouts are unknown. I hope you can go to Afghanistan to rescue Tony Stark. What Coulson will commission And a brief description of the general situation.
Although Rogge looked like he was about to fall asleep at this time, he was completely awake when he heard Tony Stark’s name.
Tony Stark? What should have happened is that Roger opened his eyes and sat up, then took out a scroll from the desk drawer and put it in front of Coulson.
Just as Roger was about to open the scroll, he suddenly remembered something and put the scroll back. Back to the drawer, I have something to deal with now, you come back to me at five o’clock tomorrow afternoon, Rogge’s figure completely disappeared in front of Coulson, like a teleportation, although this scene in front of him is very unreasonable, but Cole Erson is no stranger to it.
After all, this is not the first time he watched Rogge disappear in an instant. Through the technique of flying thunder god, Rogge teleported from his office to the roof of a warehouse next to the Hudson River. There is still Rogge who is exactly like him here waiting for him. He has worked so hard. As soon as the words fell, this Rogge who had been waiting here turned into a cloud of smoke with a bang, and then dissipated in the air.
After the shadow clone was released, Rogge also received it. All the information detected by the avatar Rogming’s superficial identity is a detective with his own firm, but in fact he is a ninja, to be precise, a ninja who has crossed into this world, or more precisely, a ninja who should have crossed over The ninjas who came to the world of Naruto but fell into the world of Marvel are just like the reasons for time travel are always strange. The cheats or cheats possessed by the time travelers are even more different. Rogue’s cheat is simply a system called God of Ninjas. This system is also very simple. It is a system that only has two functions of entrustment and exchange.
By completing the tasks entrusted by others, Rogge can obtain something called ninja coins, and ninja coins can be exchanged for anything in Naruto except humans on the exchange page.
For example, as long as you have enough Ninjutsu Rogge, you can exchange all the ninjutsu in the world of Naruto, and you can also have all the blood successors.
Come out and let him become a true ninja god.
The future that the system can bestow is very beautiful. The only shortcoming is that the acquisition of ninja coins is not as imagined.
It’s so easy.
Rogge has traveled to this world for three years, but the ninjutsu he has obtained is still not very much, so he barely exchanged for nine ninjutsu. For example, the shadow clone just lifted is what Rogge learned through the exchange. As for the high-level ninjutsu of Flying Thunder God, the system’s friendly care for newcomers is one of the rewards in the gift package for newcomers.
If Rogge hadn’t mastered the super ninjutsu of Flying Thunder God from the beginning, it would be impossible for Rogge to complete the commission. It is even more impossible to exchange ninja coins for ninjutsu to enhance one’s own strength little by little, and the mission information given is actually accurate, which does not fit his personality.
The main reason why Rogge didn’t immediately accept Coulson’s commission The reason is that he still has an unfinished entrustment rule. The fourth entrustment rule cannot be accepted until the entrustment is completed. This entrustment rule is not Rogge’s rule but a system rule. As for similar rules, except for this one There are four other rules. As for whether there will be more entrustment rules in the future, Rogge himself is not sure, but the entrustment rules formulated by the system are still relatively reasonable rules, and some extremely unreasonable rules will not appear. Understand After learning about the general situation in the warehouse, Rogge jumped down from the roof of the warehouse without any hesitation and arrived at the gate of the warehouse. This warehouse appears to be a warehouse of a shipping company, but in fact it is the Hand Association in New York. In the largest base, there are more than one hundred Hand ninjas stationed all the year round. Rogge doesn’t know why Jin Bin has trouble with the Hand, but since Jin Bin’s entrustment has passed the system judgment and Jin Bin himself is willing to pay, Rogge doesn’t mind. If you mind acting as a thug for a while, you can only get ninja coins if you write on the entrustment scroll and pass the system judgment.
The number of ninja coins is determined by the system. This is the first rule of entrustment. Ge didn’t receive many tasks in the past three years, which seriously slowed down his pace of becoming the god of ninjas.
Compared with the time-traveling colleague next door who became a true god in less than two years, Rogge felt that he seriously lowered the comprehensive score of the time-traveler’s achievements in Rogge. The moment he appeared at the warehouse gate, those Hand ninjas disguised as idle security guards immediately noticed his presence.
Although they were all ninjas, Rogge didn’t think that these people didn’t even know ninjutsu and only went around with ninja knives.
The guy who cut someone is his peer.
How can the grand flame be missing in the welcome ceremony? Although the ninjas of the Hand Society didn’t know what Rogge wanted to do, they saw Rogge suddenly standing there and wanted to blow. When these Hand Association ninjas suddenly sensed a strong death crisis, Huo Dun Hao Huo Miu Qu