The car Guo Yue turned on the headlights again with a sound the pickup truck drove to the vicinity of the outer wall in front

I won’t wait for you If I think I’ll go to your homeless ruffian Wandering veterinarian Chapter Wedge It’s an unusual Tuesday in June Xu Lianya comes out of the building after vaccinating a guest’s cat It’s already dark The nightless cool air is dull, and the residual temperature of the day is still there.
The prelude to the rain Xu Lianya secretly sighed. Sure enough, before reaching the gate of the community, the raindrops hit her densely, and her nose was filled with the smell of dust. Standing still some distance away, she caught a glimpse of the newsstand at the intersection, and she hurriedly hid there.
The white blouse was mostly wet, and the lace pattern of the underwear was faintly visible.
I wiped out the doctor’s case and was looking for a trash can with a tissue.
I noticed a man behind the counter.
Electronic media is developing rapidly.
Traditional newspapers are also declining.
They say it’s a newsstand.
It’s more like a grocery store.
Cigarettes are placed under a refrigerator facing outwards, and an air recharge sign hangs on the other side. In front of the counter is a rotating sausage machine, next to a box of mineral water and individually packaged snacks.
The white light is not very bright. Everything seems to be outlined in black.
All the indescribably outdated and decaying men sat in the diagonal corner with Xu Lianya, eyes hurriedly met, and he lowered his head as if nothing had happened, leaving her with the impression that he looked good and had a beard.
The smell of vegetables should be the tempting smell of meat. Xu Lianya swallowed her saliva. She was even more hungry.
It was two stops from Xu Lianya’s pet clinic.
She could have driven, but before she left, she found that the battery was dead and she couldn’t make it in time. When did she finish her work and go back to help her order takeout Unscrupulous, as if afraid that people would not know that it is summer now, no matter how fierce the momentum is, the car on the street would sound the alarm, the rain splashed on the toe of the shoes, Xu Lianya couldn’t help but backed up, not wanting to lean back against the refrigerator, she was afraid of bumping into something, and hurriedly turned around, luckily she didn’t go to that place by the way Looking at the corner, she saw the man screw on the lid of the thermos bucket and stood up.
Xu Lianya was a little surprised to find that the man was not short.
The newsstand was one step higher than the flat ground, but she knew it was not an illusion caused by the steps. As soon as the man stood up, the newsstand book The small space seems to shrink in half in an instant.
It’s not because he is strong.
On the contrary, the right muscles on his arms make him look strong. The man didn’t look at her. She unscrewed the lid of the iced tea and raised her head to drink it.
The Adam’s apple of the same color as the iced tea followed Scroll up and down, and then go down. A safety button is attached to the black collar, and the light is far away.
From her angle, the original color cannot be seen. The man put down the bottle, Xu Lianya also felt that she was looking away, and turned her eyes, and the beads on her wrist rustled behind her. Xu Lianya felt the pressure of the air and turned around.
The man squeezed out from the gap between the refrigerator and the counter and put a handful at her feet. Sit on the plastic chair first, it looks like it won’t stop for a while, the voice is thick but not depressing, and the appearance is similar.
Thank you Xu Lianya, she came out of the store with a smile and almost stood there.
Her ankles were already sore.
She put the consultation box on her legs and turned around subconsciously. Ankle doctor, the man asked abruptly, as we were getting closer, Xu Lianya didn’t smell the smell of vegetables just now, and found that he was wearing a pocket bag. Xu Lianya said that the pet doctor can still come to serve you, she is so hungry, the lazy man should be laughing She nodded and saw that she didn’t want to talk, and sat back in the corner. Xu Lianya’s eyes retreated from the broad back and landed on the sausage machine on the way. How much is a sausage? Don’t ask me for a bottle of water if I don’t recognize the dim sum. Xu Lianya took out several banknotes at once, or the ones she just accepted.
She took out a fifty-fifty man and squeezed it out sideways.
He lowered his head and gave her some change. She kept staring at those hands. Thumbnails are square and majestic, the whole hand is slender and rough, the joints are clear, Xu Lianya put away the man who found him and blocked the water box, she had to ask him to pass a bottle of water, the night is getting darker, there are few pedestrians on the road, and there are also umbrellas, Xu Lianya has probably become a newspaper The only customer in the booth tonight is past nine o’clock. Xu Lianya was stung several times by mosquitoes. She was unavoidably irritable. Behind the counter, there was a sound like flipping a cardboard box. She turned her head.
The man might have bent down and couldn’t see anyone.
He could only hear the intermittent voice.
Where should the phone be placed? What kind of box? I searched for it and stopped for a while.
I found it for a while and went back. The man might have to stand up. Xu Lianya hurriedly looked outside.
Everything he saw in the night rain seemed to have become wet, sticky and dirty.
The man really stood up again.
Go to her side and shake open a blue and black lattice umbrella, when it is fully opened, a broken rib is revealed, the umbrella collapsed, but it is more than enough to deal with this kind of rain Umbrella was delighted to say that I’m going to close the stall, do you mind if you take it and use it? Xu Lianya stood up with the medicine box and looked at the man and Umbrella hesitantly.
What about you? Showing his white teeth, Xu Lianya realized that he was half a head taller than her at 1.8 meters.
He was always close. Xu Lianya made a conclusion based on the glimpse just now.
Then take the umbrella and I’ll come back tomorrow and return it to you, no need to bother anyway, I don’t know who left it here, the man ignores her, she moves the piled boxes inside, the muscles on her arms tighten up and her lines become smoother Xu Lianya walks into the rain After ten meters or so, the man turned around and started to move the refrigerator. It’s hard to take a taxi in rainy weather.