The calf that hurts from kicking the sword eyebrows slightly raised and squinting at Xu Liangchen you are really willing to kick The halfsmiling expression

The warlords fought in a turbulent world, and the Second Miss Xu, who had returned from studying abroad, became the fiancée of a cold-faced marshal by accident.
Facing a sudden marriage, the cold-faced fiancé, what should she do? The chaotic future is unpredictable, but it has its own heroes. Iron-framed beauty is like a flower.
From a love to an era, from an era to a nation. The spring flowers, autumn moon, honor, disgrace, rise and fall cannot change the true feelings in the bottom of my heart and the great love of my family and country. The Xiaobai version Xu Liangchen really can’t figure out where he is.
I once offended this cold-faced young marshal, not only did he coerce and lure me into being a errand in the marshal’s mansion, but there were more and more misunderstandings? Go away to the United States, God, believer, curse that cold face from now on, it will be shorter, er, it seems to be a bit vicious, who made him such a hateful rogue, deserve it A short cut of what I said has never been set on the board. Such a hairy girl dares to play with me and wants to go away. Hey, you want to cut it too.
Enter one who doesn’t like superficiality in the period of the Republic of China Shen Enter two who loves passionate sadomasochism as a pure spicy person Shen Enter three who is tired of the wolf’s writing style Shen Enter I’m sorry wolf is such a bad writing style four this article is purely fictional I am so anxious that you are irresponsible Chapter 1 You must force her to bow her head. I don’t know Miss Xu’s preferences, so I decided to let someone clean up the room.
The charming words were very earnest, Xu Liangchen quickly smiled and thanked the fourth lady for your hard work, it was just a hypocrisy, how could the family and the fourth lady take care of him like this, but he was the tutor and the family members of the marshal’s mansion and the translator for socializing with foreigners This fourth lady is too polite, right? I said I won’t live in Dashuai Mansion Qiming Girls’ School and the jobs of National Geographic magazine will continue to be retained. It can be said that the time in Duan Mansion will not be long, and it may be better to stay here at night.
Occasionally, I never thought that the Marshal’s Mansion would set aside such an independent courtyard for me to live in. The fourth lady was kind and sincere, and she was a little flattered.
To put it bluntly, I was just an ordinary worker who had just entered the Marshal’s Mansion.
How could there be such a thing? I’m just an ordinary service worker in the mansion, and my home is not far away.
How can I afford such a laborious time? Xu Liangchen smiled dignifiedly and gentlely, the Fourth Madam and the family’s kindness, Liang Chen respectfully leads you to see this residence is not needed, but it’s only two rooms Miss Xu is looking down on me, the Fourth Madam of the Duan family smiled and hasn’t spoken to anyone outside the door Said in a cold voice, Xu Liangchen’s heart skipped a beat when he heard the words, the smile on his face was a little stagnant, the fourth wife, Wu Wenjuan suddenly didn’t see her, and she turned around with a smile. It’s delivered, but I want people to pick the best ones. I think there are only two pots of elm plums missing in this room. During the speech, Duan Yijie has already strode in. Behind him, four horses carry a few pots of flowers and carefully send them in.
Duan Yijie still has no trace on his face.
Smiling Fourth Aunt, have you seen enough of this? Wu Wenjuan is used to his cold face, looked at Xu Liangchen and smiled, and said whether it is enough or not, Fourth Aunt has the final say, you have to ask the person who is in control, and said, holding Xu Liangchen’s hand and calling She sees that if Ms. Hua Xu doesn’t like it or is not enough, just let him ask for the speaker and he is not responsible for who is responsible for speaking. She smiled meaningfully and glanced at Duan Yijie. Perhaps it should be, but facing a beautiful woman like a flower, why isn’t there a hint of a smile on her face? Wu Wenjuan looked at the Fourth Madam Duan Yijie jokingly, what Xu Liangchen said made Xu Liangchen feel a little uncomfortable The disgusting perpetrator saw at a glance that Duan Yijie was wearing a straight military uniform with a stand collar, and he was wearing snow-white gloves.
Black riding boots met the light and revealed a touch of coldness, which was exactly the same as Xu Liangchen’s impression of him.
Duan Yijie was tall and straight, with an unusually handsome face. The lines are as clear and three-dimensional as a knife carving, and the whole body is alienated and cold, and the horsewhip in his hand is inadvertently knocking on his left hand. The slightly narrowed black eyes are as sharp as a sword, so Xu Liangchen can’t help looking away. The sun in early spring is already warm, pouring in from the window, dappled and mottled, but Xu Liangchen can’t feel the warmth. The sight of the man in front of her makes her uneasy for no reason. The woman in front of her is young and beautiful, just like the graceful Jiangnan landscape. Classical oval face, fair skin like jade exudes the dream and purity of Jiangnan’s misty rain, her clear eyes flow to reflect her slightly indifferent face His smile is very touching, the curved eyebrows are slightly raised, and the corners of his lips are like the spring flowers on the banks of the river in March, pure and beautiful, the Marshal’s Mansion just can’t catch your eyes like this Two eyes to the fourth lady said to the fourth aunt that these books are not enough Second Miss Xu is a talented woman who is proficient in more than six kinds of foreign languages, reads letters and reads foreign languages, and brings these vulgar magazines to Second Miss How can the second lady see that what she says is half-serious Half teasing the fourth lady looked at Xu Liangchen and said with a smile that she knew Miss Xu, of course the fourth aunt couldn’t compare with you. These are just empty bookshelves waiting for your eldest and younger to deliver them? Xu Liangchen who lowered his head didn’t read it Seeing the smile in Wu Wenjuan’s eyes, I couldn’t help but jump in my heart. I have never met this young man in the Marshal’s Mansion.
Hearing the voice, why does it seem that he heard the words that day?