The bumps were too hard Du Heng fell asleep so late without realizing it put on some clothes got up and walked through the outside

It’s finally the season of spring flowers blooming. Wen’an will tell you a story again.
The Qingyang chapter of this story is based on a friend’s experience, adding a lot of deduction and composition, while the Duheng chapter is Wen’an’s own idea.
The article is a pure novel.
Any similarity is a coincidence. Wen An may not be a person who is particularly good at telling stories, but he will tell stories seriously.
I hope you like it. About the sealed secret Wen An is here to explain to readers the secrets caused by the network rectification Temporarily blocked.
As for when it will be unblocked, I don’t know when it will be unblocked.
I would like to express my helpless apologies to everyone. In addition, many readers remember the ending of the secret character. The story is over and everything will be a new beginning.
Thank you all readers for your journey. Along with me, I was very lucky to acquire Weilan Shengcheng in April, and the days when the ponds and spring grass are full of smoke and willows are also the most beautiful season in the city, but my life has become uneasy and tortuous since that day.
I was cooking porridge for my daughter Nuannuan, Yao Qinglian’s call came after Qingyang, come quickly to the company, we were tricked by those officials again, I was shocked and told my mother-in-law to feed the porridge for Nuannuan and rushed to the company at nine o’clock Dianer Company, which usually clocks in at work, held an all-staff meeting in the auditorium on the second floor and announced the decision to be acquired by Sizhiheng.
Everyone was in an uproar.
Only a few company executives and department heads who were close to the executives showed calm smiles. The rumors of mergers and acquisitions did not start in a day or two. The company always refuted the rumors. The high-level executives painted a bright blueprint for the future in various conferences.
The marketing operation department released a few encouraging data from time to time to let everyone work with peace of mind.
But just like all rumors often It’s all like a prophecy, and this rumor that has been refuted repeatedly has also been confirmed. In the competition between Silk Road and Silk Road, Silk Road finally won the company, but it caught us stupid employees who listened to official news by surprise. Isn’t that true? Who is Yao Qinglian next to me muttering that it was so easy for me to become a concubine? Yao Qinglian’s eyes lit up before she finished speaking, and following her eyes, I saw a man in his forties on the stage, dressed in a black suit, tall and tall, with three-dimensional facial features, but the distance is too far away, and my eyesight can’t see clearly.
Judging by Yao Qinglian’s expression, I can’t guess that the person is Zhao Yijing, the company’s executive director appointed by Si Zhiheng, speaking in a low and calm tone, but with a kind of peace of mind. After he opened his mouth, the uproar gradually quieted down. There are not many, but the words are straight to the throat. The general meaning is three points. First, everyone is free to come and go, but you are welcome to stay.
Second, the original position remains unchanged, and the salary is raised.
The third point of Jile has already made my heart drop to the bottom, this individual post needless to say everyone I also know very well that every company encountering this kind of situation is the first to bear the brunt of the administrative staff, and I happen to be a small employee in the general office.
I study polymer materials. After graduating from my undergraduate degree, I applied to this silk company as a research and development assistant and got married within two years. The husband, Gu Jun, who gave birth to a child, is on the rise in his career. The research and development assistant works overtime more often than meals, so I had to apply to be transferred to the administration.
Fortunately, the director, Lao Deng, is a senior at my same school, and I have a good relationship with me. The salary is a few notches lower, at least most of the time I can work from 9 to 5, but now I regret that my intestines are green.
The words of the emperor and the courtier are most applicable to the administrative department. The key to the work of the general office is not the technology but the smoothness. The leader’s eyes, but now the leader has changed, the skin is gone, the hair will not be attached to me, my mind is in a mess, I look at Yao Qinglian’s eyes, two big hearts are about to pop out, staring at the rostrum, I have no strength to ask her if she still plans Why not? Yao Qinglian didn’t say a word and continued to stare at the stage for a long while before telling me in a low voice.
Wait for me to investigate and investigate.
The accident is normal.
After two days of anxiety, the company is as calm as ever.
However, in the past few days when I was about to resign, I started to act. This morning, the director, Lao Deng, called me to the office. Xiao Song, you have done a good job.
Make a summary of the company’s situation in the past five years and give details in all aspects as soon as possible. Mr.
Zhao will come back in two days as soon as possible. Seeing the report, Lao Deng paused, looked at me and said, I have to leave next week, why did I look at him in surprise, Lao Deng is an old man of the company and has a lot of affection for the company. Opened a company, just looking for me to treat people better than here, and I’m familiar with them. Look at me, I’m quite earnest, and you have a clear taste. You’re capable. In the future, you’ll be able to work on the leadership. You won’t be wrong if you get close to me. I’m sore in this company. Apart from Qinglian, only Lao Deng would be so confiding to me. Even though he is called Lao Deng, he is actually just a man in his early thirties. I rejected all the children.
Since then, Lao Deng has never arranged for me again, and I have become the only person in the department who has not had dinner with the leader. I know that if Lao Deng was not behind me to support me, I would not be able to make it to where I am today. Please eat, it will be difficult to eat again in the future, my nose is a little sore, Lao Deng took a deep breath of cigarettes, looked at me and smiled, and finally I was able to eat your meal, I agreed to go out of Lao Deng’s office after work Seeing me downcast, I comforted me and said, Xiao Song, you are still young, and you will still have a chance. Sister Ye is nearly forty, but her education is not high, but she has a good way of dealing with people.