The Bull Demon King never dreamed that there were so many people who failed the friend verification of Tianzu Good brother Bajie tell me honestly

Zhu Bajie swore to help him make Chang’e, Sun Wukong begged to be his door guard, Qin Shihuang was willing to be a murderer for him, and worshiped him as his teacher. The seven fairies took turns to be his maid. A Superstorm Chapter Chapter Chaos Heavenly Ancestor I went to the toilet Ye Mo walked out of the box in a crooked manner At this moment there was a burst of laughter behind me Opening a small shop is also a shame to come to the class reunion, if it were me I would definitely pretend to be busy in college Don’t laugh at Mr.
Ye. His canteen may be listed on the New York Stock Exchange next year.
Hahahaha Yes, it’s the first listed canteen in China.
Hahaha. Disgrace to Class 4, whoever we are sitting with doesn’t have any property at the same table with him feels ashamed.
These ridicules can actually be heard by Ye Mo, and every word is stuck in his heart.
He knows these classmates for so many years. Always treat him as worthless trash, shame, even deliberately isolate him.
The reason why he pretended to be drunk and went to the bathroom was because he received a breakup text message from his girlfriend. He was going to the bathroom to call Nana. What did I do wrong? Is it useful? I can’t even get a 100,000 betrothal gift.
What do you give me? In the future, my cousin wants a 10,000 betrothal gift. The other party will give it without saying anything. Unlike you, I can’t even borrow a 100,000 betrothal gift. I’ve been working hard to save money. If you can save enough for two years, why are you kidding? You can’t save 100,000 in ten years at this store How far can you get the hell out of here? Nana ruthlessly hung up the phone. Ye Mo never dreamed that a woman who was as cute as a little white rabbit last night would become so ruthless today. He even said that he was rubbish. He was in college. After talking for three years, the girlfriend who promised each other, Ye Mo, felt extremely uncomfortable. His peers were still a big baby who was eating his mother’s food, but he paid for the beatings of the society early on.
Could it be that poor people don’t deserve love? His heart is cut like a knife. He just sat on the toilet and stared at the ceiling in a daze, his mind was full of the good memories of the past three years, the phone in his hand suddenly fell to the ground, and a clear and crisp sound suddenly rang in his mind Ye Mo picked it up I swiped my phone, opened it, and saw a chat window of a WeChat group appeared in front of me, Tian Ting Bao Bao, Little Wukong, Jade Emperor, old man, you are going too far, instigating the Queen Mother not to give me the invitation to the World Peach Festival, the most handsome in Kyushu, Bajie What did you mess up the Pantao Club last time? You didn’t have any compulsion in your mind.
Bodhi’s ancestor is a bit sweet. How many times has Wukong told you as a teacher? Be low-key and low-key. Crazy Poor Monkey obviously just wants to see our little fairy. Heavenly court, baby, little Wukong, shut up. I just want to go to Yaochi to take a bath.
Kyushu is the most handsome and good Bajie fart.
You just want to go to Yaochi to pick up a girl. See these crazy people Chat history Ye Mo’s face I’m confused, I’m so embarrassed to call it Jade Emperor Bodhi Patriarch Lao Tzu or Chaos Heavenly Ancestor? Your group business card has been modified successfully.
Welcome Chaos Heavenly Ancestor to join the group chat.
Then a line of small characters appeared in the group system. At this moment, Ye Mo glanced at the group name Tianting Chuishui No. 1 group puff Ye Mo almost spit out a mouthful of old blood. Could this be the chat group of some company? At this moment, the gods in the group They are all in front of the phone, thinking about what the Chaos Heavenly Ancestor is.
They have stayed in the Heavenly Court for tens of thousands of years, and they have never heard of this name.
My cultivation base can’t figure out where he is from, what kind of immortal and how many cultivation bases is this? It shouldn’t exist, the heavens shouldn’t exist, something I can’t calculate, Sun Wukong thought to himself, whoa, who is the ancestor of Chaos Bodhi? I don’t say anything anymore, could it be my master’s master? Bajie, what the hell? Chaos Heavenly Ancestor, I only heard about when the old ancestor came to be a Heavenly Ancestor.
Dare to call himself a Heavenly Ancestor.
How arrogant is it? Is there really anyone in this world? How could this be possible before it existed in the chaotic world? The group was completely quiet for three minutes, and no one dared to say anything.
Ye Mo couldn’t laugh or cry when he saw the group leader suddenly asking such polite questions, these people really think of themselves as gods