The broken voice came from the gap in the window to Ji Chen and he said loudly what are we doing Do it ah ah

Xia Zhi felt that her life was full of weirdness and something was wrong from a certain day onwards. The uncles and aunts in the same courtyard greeted her every day as if she had never heard of it. Without saying a word, they dragged her to the crematorium in the suburbs. The company’s colleagues locked her in the office when they got off work. Even the Samoyed dog at home, Xia Wangwang, stopped wagging her tail courteously these days and stood three steps away.
The constant barking made her brain ache.
It felt like she was standing on the opposite side of the world, until on this windless midsummer night, she saw a two-meter-high light on the bedroom wall.
The first dream of the hole, who killed the mockingbird? Counting from the perspective of the heroine, the dazzling light and the lingering clouds dissipated, Xia Zhi slightly squinted her eyes, her dark pupils turned slightly, and looked around. She was standing in a narrow and dilapidated small room. The sky in the alley is gloomy and heavy clouds cover the sunlight, making everything around look depressing and dull.
There are no houses on both sides of the alley, and there are no people there. Only a few dead trees stand there alone. Occasionally, the cold wind blows and sweeps a few dead leaves into view. It was the bleak and desolate sound that pierced the silence Xia Zhi rubbed her stomach expressionlessly Xia Zhi took out a bag of potato chips from her backpack and walked forward while chewing, the alley is not long and soon it will end She turned to the left and her eyes suddenly became clear.
In front of her right was a house with a magnificent vermilion gate. Two stone lions at the gate looked like an ancient mansion at first glance.
The gate was half open for some reason, and a faint voice could be heard inside. Xia Zhi’s brows lightened. Carrying potato chips and slowly approaching, it is quite a big courtyard. All the doors and pillars are painted vermilion. The color is somewhat different from the ones often seen on TV.
At first glance, it feels deep and dark, as if it were Drenched by a lot of blood, there are many people gathered in the center of the courtyard, twittering and arguing for some reason, noticing that there is one more person at the door, the air suddenly becomes quiet, and all eyes are on Xia Zhi, until a chuckle can be heard in the lazy and sloppy voice After saying something, the eleventh people were all together, and then everyone came back to their senses.
There was a bang, and the pot exploded.
There are eleven people, can’t it be a prank? Is this place really going to die? I’m so scared, I want to go home, I am now I just went to call the police. I really don’t believe this evil.
The buzzing sound in my ears made Xia Zhi slightly frowned, raised her eyes, scanned the yard, and finally fell to the row of vermilion pillars on the right. She stretched her gaze forward for a look. A man in his twenties appeared in sight. He was the one who made the first noise. He was about 1.
85 meters tall, tall and well-proportioned. His upper body was loosely covered with a dark coat, and his lower body was a pair of black slacks. His legs were straight and slender. The side face is very good-looking.
The nose bridge is high, the jaw curve is beautiful and beautiful, and the short black slightly curly hair adds a touch of laziness and casualness without losing elegance and elegance.
At this time, the man is leaning on a pillar ten steps away from the crowd, copying his pants with one hand.
Bao looked up at this huge courtyard oh ho ho Si Baifa new book, thank you little The fairies support and love the new book master, the novelist is strong, the heroine is strong, the hero Xun Huai is too lazy, the second generation is a bit coquettish and rich, the second-generation rich heroine Xia Zhi is world-weary with a paralyzed face, and she can never be full.
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After changing the status, it will be changed every day. Little fairies, don’t mention other authors’ big books in the white book, thank you for your respect and understanding Chapter 1: Who Killed the Mockingbird? He wanted to snatch it. Xia Zhi looked away lightly, walked to the pillar next to the man, and stopped. She raised her eyes and stared at the tall and thick pillar for a few seconds. The tip of the nose rubbed against it twice, the tip of the nose moved closer, and the brows were slightly frowned. There was no blood, but there was a faint smell of blood.
She took off the backpack and put it at her feet, then leaned against the pillar, and while sending potato chips to her mouth, she looked at the surroundings.
A standard square looks like people are staying in a well from the bottom up, and the gloomy and depressing sky is like a huge cover to trap them here. Moreover, this courtyard house is built in an alley facing south and north.
At the end, the courtyard is low and overcast, and the surrounding plants are full of mulberry trees, which have a sense of mourning. No wonder Xia Zhi felt a chill on the back of her neck as soon as she entered the door. The shady atmosphere is too heavy. This courtyard seems to be built on the basis of Feng Shui. She chewed on the potato chips and slowly narrowed her eyes. The subtle sound of clicking, clicking, clicking, and clicking finally made the man beside her turn his head. His black hair covered his forehead, revealing a small section of heroic and restrained eyebrows. A pair of standard peach-blossom eyes, the pupils are light in color, the tails of the eyes are long, and there is a small blush below them, those eyes are condescending and staring at the side, the girl seems to be novel, it’s the first time I come to such a ghost place, I can eat potato chips so much Zhixiang couldn’t help but looked at her a little longer He glared at him hostilely, then hugged the potato chips in his arms even tighter, Xun Huai was slightly taken aback, then laughed softly, the girl’s skin is fair like fine porcelain, red lips are moist and plump, her eyes are deeply curved but very clear, black and white are distinct For some reason, he suddenly remembered the short-legged white cat at home who loves to eat. It is also good-looking, but it has a strange and smelly temper and wears a world-weary face all day long. It looks like a small dried fish for fear that others will snatch it.
It is exactly the same.