The boss sees that the third child still has no response walks a few steps to the third child and is about to fire a

Wang Yue came over from the cash machine. He just transferred this month’s salary to his parents.
After retiring from the special forces of a certain military region, Wang Yue came to Jiangcheng alone to work as a security guard in Longteng Group. My parents are in poor health and haven’t made much money for a year. It’s better to go home and stay with them.
Wang Yue is the captain of the security team. Tonight, he is in charge of guarding the main entrance.
All the personnel and vehicles entering and leaving cannot escape Wang Yueying’s keen eyes at 8:30 p.m. A blue Bentley car suddenly entered the main entrance of Longteng Group. Wang Yue recognized it at a glance. This car is the car of Du Bingyan, the president of Longteng Group, the most powerful figure in the company. However, Wang Yue quickly frowned. In a daze, she came back to work overtime so late.
He and another security guard, Xiao Zhang, were about to bow and salute.
After a closer look, they found something was wrong. With his extraordinary insight, Wang Yue found that the front of Du Bingyan’s car was trembling a little after entering the buffer zone, but he didn’t slow down. Just like that, he ran towards the automatic railing, bang bang, the whole railing was smashed, and then rushed into the small square of the group like a wild horse that couldn’t stop The obedient Wang team, Miss Du, what kind of temper is she throwing tonight? Wang Yue glanced at the railing that was knocked into two sections, and said with some concern, what kind of temper is this, probably drunk and driving? What do rich people think? The person stood at the gate and looked inside.
After the car drove to the end of the square and stopped, a tall figure got out of the car, with slender waist and long legs.
Against the background of professional attire, she looked even more graceful. The man was shocked.
Du Bingyan swayed slightly and entered the company building. Suddenly, behind Wang Yue and the others, another car drove up.
The driver was a strange man dressed in a suit and leather shoes. He looked like a dog, and walked towards the door with a cold face.
Xiao Zhang wanted to go forward. He stopped him, but the man stepped on the accelerator regardless of Xiao Zhang’s life and death, and when he was about to hit Xiao Zhang, Wang Yue quickly took out a one-yuan coin from his pocket, aimed at the corner of the man’s eye, and flicked his thumb hard, and there was a click.
A coin pierced through the windshield so silently.
This is Wang Yue’s special skill trained in the army.
The strength is comparable to a bullet. The next moment, the man lost control of the front of the car and snaked for more than ten meters, then turned from the ashen-faced Xiao Zhang. He ran into the security booth and waited for Xiao Zhang to come back to his senses and found that the man covered his eyes with blood and screamed twice, then reversed the car and fled away Xiao Zhang looked at the deformed security booth and cursed with trembling lips. It deserves it, this bastard almost killed me, Team Wang, do you want to call the police? Wang Yue clenched his fist, he felt a little uneasy.
Team Wang is fine. Wang Yue enters the lobby of the main building of Longteng Group and takes the elevator up to the 19th floor. This is the floor where Du Bingyan works.
The elevator opens the back door There is a yellow warning sign on the door, warning all employees that this floor is forbidden to enter without permission. Wang Yue hesitated for a few seconds and looked at Du Bingyan’s office. Be careful to pay next month’s salary.
Wang Yue shook his head and smiled wryly. He pressed down in the elevator and went downstairs to get back to his job. The elevator door quickly closed, but when the distance between the two doors was less than a fist, Wang Yue’s ears moved.
There was a noise outside, a very slight muffled sound, and ordinary people would not notice that Wang Yue blocked the elevator door that was about to close with one hand with lightning speed. If the elevator door cannot be closed, it will automatically Opening it, Wang Yue didn’t delay and ran in the direction of the sound, but came to the door of the women’s toilet on this floor. Wang Yue put his ear on the door and knocked, and shouted inside, Mr.
Du, are you inside? No one answered inside, but Wang Yue I firmly believe that I will not make a mistake in my judgment.
There must be someone inside. He pushes the door and goes in.
There are nine toilets inside, and the other eight places are all open. Only the door in front of Wang Yue is concealed.
Pushing open the door, the scene in front of Wang Yue, a strong man, was taken aback. Du Bingyan was foaming at the mouth.
The small space in the toilet couldn’t accommodate a long-legged woman. She just curled up on the floor and remained motionless.
Du, Wang Yue, reacted quickly and quickly carried Du Bingyan to a spacious place outside. Wang Yue took a close look at Du Bingyan for a while, and was also fascinated by this alluring face. The fair, beautiful and delicate facial features are even more down-to-earth. The poignant beauty, especially the pent-up pain between the brows, makes one’s heart tremble. Fortunately, Wang Yue is an upright gentleman and would not take advantage of others’ danger.
He shook his head and approached Du Bingyan’s mouth for a careful sniff. Du Bingyan’s vomit contained hallucinogenic drugs.
It seems that she was not simply drunk, but was drugged by a villain. Wang Yue touched Du Bingyan’s forehead, which was very cold, and tried to pinch Du Bingyan several times. No response. I had to perform chest compressions on her, but Du Bingyan showed no sign of waking up. Wang Yue was a little anxious. It is usually difficult to take measures for such an abnormal situation after taking medicine, but now waiting for the ambulance to arrive, Du Bingyan probably has died. Wang Yue Kneeling on the ground, a method suddenly flashed in his mind, and then he put his hand on the back of his head an inch below.
There was an obvious scar as long and wide as a thumb. I could see a glimmer of light inside, and Wang Yue felt like he was getting an electric shock all over his body.