The black giant snake is fast that is the crack that opened in the earth Ji Han exerted all his strength he tore off the

Asking for a talisman, September 9, the Chongyang season, old man Lin walked on the official road, looking hurried and faltering.
He was wearing a gray linen jacket with many patches sewn on it, as well as the newly added holes in recent days. Half of his body would be buried in the soil. But the person walked hurriedly and quickly, and the wind was blowing under his feet, and there were large beads of sweat on his forehead, which flowed down to the back of his neck, and his clothes were wet. Looking at the increasingly clear mountain peaks in front of him, he buried his head and continued on his way.
The old man Lin came from Qiyun Town, hundreds of miles away, and trekked all the way. The broken thorns of the little thorns, that is, the mountain roads before the official roads are paved with blue bricks, made him miserable.
Fortunately, after driving hundreds of miles, the road is finally coming to an end.
Just looking up At that time, old man Lin saw the mountain whose head had been cut off, saw the square pavilion with four corners standing on it, and thought that the passing immortal master really didn’t deceive him, so he was overjoyed to see that the immortal master did not deceive me, my grandson, old man Lin Whispering while walking, his lips trembled, his skin was full of cracked dry skin. The old man Lin lived on the hillside of Qiyun Mountain in Qiyun Town.
His son died early.
The ghost ran away and left a grandson to live with him. A few days ago, his grandson fell into a serious illness and fell into a coma.
He invited doctors in and outside the town, but none of them cured him. Li begged the immortal master Tianzun to kneel down to the sky and kneel to the land of the Bodhisattva, hoping that some god would open his eyes and show his spirit to save his miserable grandson.
On the last day, when old man Lin was downcast, he met a man holding a compass and holding a flag pole outside the Taoist temple, wearing a suit Old man Lin, a Taoist priest in green cloth and black clothes, knows that most of these Taoist priests who walk around the streets are liars. The old man Lin asked him whether he had been haunted by a ghost or by an evil Taoist. The Taoist said in a veiled way that he couldn’t prevaricate it, and then he asked old man Lin for ten copper coins to perform a ritual ceremony, saying that he wanted to exorcise ghosts. It’s all on the grandson, don’t think about it, this Taoist priest is a cheating bastard, he just gave the money, it just so happened that when the Taoist priest was doing something, the grandson who was lying on the bed suddenly sat up straight and spit out a big mouthful of black blood When I came out, my eyelids opened, my lips moved, and I called out, Grandpa, and then he fell down abruptly, the child, Old Lin, knelt down beside the bed, watching his grandson, his heart trembled, and the old Taoist priest was hit by a sudden attack The scene was startled, panicked, hurriedly put away the peach wood sword, packed up his luggage, and was about to leave. Old man Lin grabbed the Taoist priest’s sleeve, hoping that he would perform another ritual, and maybe the ghost haunting his grandson could completely get rid of the Taoist priest and pushed Lin away.
The old man’s palms had lingering fears, and he said, “The origin of this ghost is too big for me to handle.
If you really want to save your grandson, go to Nanhua Mountain hundreds of miles away.” There is a Taoist temple on the mountain.
I heard that the Taoist priests there are very capable.
You only need to ask for a talisman to ward off evil spirits from them.
Your grandson will be saved.
After saying that, the Taoist priest left in a panic and went straight to the town. The Taoist priest planted several stumbles on the fast road, and every time he stumbled, he would look at Qiyunshan with a panicked face, thinking in his mouth that if he walked too much on the waterway, there would always be wet shoes. This is a hell of a hell, old man Lin failed to stop the Taoist from leaving Go, but remember what he said, go to a Taoist temple on Nanhua Mountain hundreds of miles away, and ask the Taoist there to ask Zhang Fu to keep your grandson safe and sound.
The old man changed his grandson’s clothes and threw the blood-stained clothes far away. He went to the town to find Mrs. Chang, a tailor, and begged her for a few days. Take care of his grandson, don’t need to follow him all the time, just watch him two or three times a day Auntie then headed to Nanhua Mountain in her hand. She passed by mountains, waters, and asked questions.
After walking for almost four days, she finally walked into Nanhua Town and raised her eyes to see the majestic Nanhua Mountain.
Nanhua Mountain is much bigger than their Qiyun Mountain.
Soaring and soaring, you can’t see the boundary at a glance. Clouds are lingering on the mountainside. From time to time, black shadows fly to the top of the mountain. The speed is very fast, not like a bird.
The strange thing is that the head of the mountain has been neatly cut off and its head is gone. After being cut by a knife, the knife must be so huge. Thinking about it, old man Lin felt that the world was astounding, and he felt great fear in his heart.
Looking at Nanhua Mountain, he also felt great fear. Nanhua Mountain suddenly seemed to be a giant with a bad face in front of his eyes.
Moving his body can shake his old bones to pieces, but old man Lin is still determined, with firm eyes in his sunken eye sockets, he walked to the foot of Nanhua Mountain, found the intersection up the mountain under the guidance of others, and walked all the way up. Nanhua Mountain has built a plank road. Although the mountain road is steep, it winds down and is not rugged.
It’s just that the mountain road can’t be seen at a glance.
There is a square pavilion on the top of the mountain. This is not a Taoist temple.
The beams and ridges are topped with golden tiles, which are dazzling and dazzling under the golden light of the sun. It seems that a layer of gold is laid on the top of the pavilion. There are wooden railings around the pavilion, and the material cannot be seen.
I can’t tell what kind of stone bench it is.
On the stone bench is an incense burner that emits purple smoke and a faint fragrance. There is no one in the attic, and there is no one around.