The big coffin screamed badly in my heart and it was too late to persuade Brother Sen not to use too much force so I

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Wedge night walks too much, and you will inevitably run into ghosts. I accidentally obtained a strange Fengshui book during a business trip, but I was forced to lose my job because of it. I rented a set. I live in a cheap house, but I never imagined that there is a terrible past buried in the ground of this house.
The portrait of a woman nailed into the coffin. The skinned corpse in the coffin. The inside story on the snow-capped mountains, the mystery of the hunter, the feeling of witnessing Ling Chi’s torture came one after another.
All these eerie horrors originated from this haunted house built on the ancient tomb.
The mysterious haunted house has left me with lingering nightmares since then.
It is an inadvertent painting of my experience. People walk ghosts and hit walls.
When you realize that you are lost, you may have stepped into the gate of hell with one foot.
So remember that there are no people behind you, and you can walk alone. The following is my personal experience. A True Story Chapter 1 Xian Pizi My name is Feng Yixi I have always thought this name is very strange Yixi Yixi Doesn’t it mean that I will die? I asked my parents why they gave me such a name and my father said you This baby keeps having nightmares.
That year your uncle came from the countryside and took your horoscope.
Not long after he returned, he brought a very good fortune teller to the house. I asked this name again, is it okay? My dad asked me if it was okay. The loud and foreign-looking fortune teller also said that he was destined to be with you. Changing to this name can save your life. From then on, I I have never understood why a weird name can save my life, but I figured out one thing. Name me this half-immortal old guy who lives in Longhu Mountain in Jiangxi. The common name is Zhang Daolin, and most people call him Zhang Tianshi was already an old man in his fifties when he named me. I secretly remembered that I always had to find a chance to ask him. Now I have encountered some troubles, and these troubles have to be talked about from a period of my childhood experience. When I recalled this experience, it was related to my dreams.
Ghosts hit the wall. Dreams are naturally strange and bizarre.
When I was young, I asked someone, did you ever dream of a dead person? Then the person hesitated for a moment. A big pile is tangled together and piled up in a big pit, and you are squatting by the pit. The man smiled and patted my head and said, I am a kid thinking about some messy things. Is that what I ask? Because when I was a child, I had the same dream several times. A person ran into a pine forest.
It was a huge forest. Under the gloomy trees, there was always an old man squatting on the ground, picking up those pine cones and pine needles, and kept arranging them one by one. The shape of the villains I read in order like reading a comic book, but I have never understood what these villains are doing.
It’s just that the old man’s pose is very realistic and interesting, so I’m very happy every time I read it.
The old man is very kind. Smile and say it’s fun, let me tell you what these villains are doing So every time in the middle of the talk, the old man will look at the sky and say worriedly, “It’s almost time, I have to go, don’t forget what I said, the old man stands up and walks, I will follow behind and walk a few steps in front A big pit appeared. The old man jumped into the pit as if he didn’t see it.
When I chased after him, I saw that the pit was full of all kinds of dry corpses. There were hundreds of them, old and young.
The miscellaneous things piled up into a big pile, and I immediately cried out in fright. I woke up from the dream and cried.
When I woke up, the sky was always dim, and my parents were still asleep. I had no one to take care of me. I just stared at the window and hoped that the sky would light up.
Woke up, muttering about no skin, no skin, so many people, no skin, those corpses in the pit, all of them have no skin, I am deeply impressed, except what the old man said, the dream is forgotten when I wake up I don’t remember anything.
My family is a worker in a third-line factory. Because of national defense needs, many military factories were relocated to deep mountains and old forests in 1958.
It is said that it is for safety, so the place where I lived and studied since I was a child is such a valley far away from the city. The children from the factory in the ditch can take over as workers after graduating from high school, so the style of study in high school in my family has never been very good, so my parents asked me to go to a high school in the county to see if I can get into a university.
I went to a high school in the county to study, and it was close to my hometown in the country.
The year was 1986.
The style of study in this county’s key high school was just right, but it was completely out of my habit, especially when I was in high school, thousands of troops rushed onto the single-plank bridge, and the pressure was extremely high. One night, I couldn’t stand the tired evening self-study, so I slipped out of the school gate alone and wandered around. The high school I attended was in the Qili River in the county town.
Uncle Wu was working there as a cook. Seeing that I was walking around, I was about to reach the headquarters of the regiment. It was a moonlight day. I thought I might as well go to Uncle Wu’s place to make do for the night. Then I suddenly found a white rabbit in the middle of the road. It’s cute lying there motionless, I wanted to catch it on a whim, who knew I ran after it, I stopped and the rabbit stopped for a while, we both ran away from the main road and ran into the river ditch until we reached a building A fairly new tile-roofed house stood in front of me and followed the white rabbit into an empty house. The rabbit jumped into a hole and couldn’t find it. That’s when I realized I was lost.
It was far away from the headquarters of the regiment. I can’t see clearly, I’m a little hairy in my heart, but I’m not scared yet, I’m struggling to identify the direction, and I can’t remember which land I’ve landed in.
It was originally a moon land, and at this time, the night has become starless and moonless.