The beautiful woman is also this woman he was seriously injured he wanted to kill him Jiang Feng made himself open his eyes trying to

Thick dark clouds covered the dim moon, and the extremely dark night exuded the quietness and spookyness of the night, and the howling of wild beasts came from the distance from time to time. A few people came in twos and threes on the fence near the battlefield defense line, looking at the light leaking from the outpost, the corner of the headed person’s tight mouth loosened slightly. It shows that he doesn’t welcome human beings. Gu Dongping’s mood unknowingly fluctuated. After checking the password, he took a picture of his face and led his followers into the defense line.
As soon as he entered, he could clearly feel the popularity. Although the lights in the distance are not bright, they are enough to make people feel happy. People feel the warmth.
What is different from the past is that Gu Dongping’s team encountered a giant wolf, which not only increased the risk of the team’s encounter, but also made them come back later than usual.
Only then did Gu Dongping taste what the veteran said.
The feeling of home can only be felt when you have truly experienced such mental journeys as trembling, trembling, carefully praying secretly, etc., you can relax, take a breath, loosen your tensed cheeks a little, and don’t always have to keep a calm expression.
How unfriendly is the battlefield at night? How reliable the resident is. Brothers are gone.
Today, I slaughtered the giant wolf. I went to the tavern to drink and eat. Today, after being shocked, I rest for two days. Gu Dongping laughed and pointed at the wolf on one person.
Pi said that before today, he couldn’t say these words, now he is full of heroism in terms of tone and demeanor. Brothers are born to die to have wine today. Who cares what will happen to him tomorrow? As soon as I went out, there was a lot of cheering. This time, when I went out, only one person confessed to being outside. If I hadn’t thrown some weights in the middle of the day, I don’t know if I can come back later in the day. For these fighters, they are ready to fight. Prepare to die and come to this battlefield. How many people can leave alive? Either live brilliantly or die happily. I’m afraid I’m just afraid of death. As the saying goes, a good soldier is raging, a general is raging. The young man who leads the pack is Gu Dongping himself. Standing on his own early until he felt that his body training was approaching the peak, he had the idea of ​​moving to the battlefield. He used to be a spring hunt and an autumn hunt, and he could see blood. He was more of a rivalry with his peers. It’s hard to condense into one strand, it’s really a breakthrough, and it’s just a flamboyant fist, embroidered legs, Gu Dongping is not too tall, he is not old, and he has no glorious deeds.
He just arrived on the battlefield. The soldiers recruited in the past few days rely on the name of the Gu family, but now he is covered in blood. There are freshly dried blood scabs hanging on the face, and green cheeks are a little more ferocious and mature.
The growth of martial arts is only fighting.
The fastest personal growth is also fighting. The winner takes all and the loser is dead enough.
Crazy Zhiwei tidy up for a while and come together. I greeted everyone and agreed on a time.
Gu Dongping specially invited Hu Zhiwei who was with him today. It’s dangerous, but being able to face the powerful clan on the battlefield makes him very rewarding.
Well, Hu Zhiwei is a little dazed.
He and Gu Dongping are good friends. The two met in the Gu’s Martial Arts Hall and chatted very well. At the beginning, the two often sparred. Dongping wants to practice on the battlefield, he took the initiative to reveal that he also wants to participate, the two have a good relationship, they can fight side by side on the battlefield, and they are acquaintances, Gu Dongping is naturally happy to agree that the Gu Family Martial Hall is used by the Gu family to cultivate talents, attract talents and become famous, as long as they are innocent and pay the tuition fees They can all accept the guidance of martial arts, and those who have some basic enlightenment can go further and sign some kind of agreement with the Gu family to obtain the training of the Gu family. Hu Zhiwei is born in a martial arts hall, and he is much better than ordinary fighters. He has the heart of recruiting and doesn’t treat him like an ordinary person.
After a few days of fighting, the team went smoothly. Today, we ran into a tough battle. Gu Dongping just thought he hadn’t adjusted yet, and he called out for confirmation, so he went to the statistics department to record the harvest and earn money.
There are four types of military education in this world. The first is family education, also known as family studies.
If you develop well, you can become a private school, such as the Gu Clan Wutang, which can only be obtained by a middle-ranking family. The second is martial education. Join a martial art to gain rights and obligations.
The third type of education is imperial education, the most famous is the three major military schools, but the threshold is too high, and ordinary education is provided by each city lord. This is called the imperial school, but the level is limited. The fourth type is military education. As long as you join the army, you can You can get internal promotion system.
The common ones are these four types, such as master-apprentice inheritance. Family education is relatively small. Normally, the journey of an ordinary person is about twelve years old before the imperial school or sect education enlightenment to obtain basic knowledge and then join a certain There are several options for family private education until the age of sixteen. One is to directly join a certain family, which is also the purpose of the family’s private education.
You can also join the sect, and you can choose to join the army. Those who don’t want to take risks can choose freely. Many choices seem good. Among them, the hard work can only be realized after going through one sentence.
There is no free lunch in the world. After registering, the staff of the statistics department handed over the form to Gu Dongping. He read it to confirm that there was no problem, signed it, and swiped the ID card in his hand.
The value he saw jumped.
He smiled slightly. The cornerstone of the Daxia Empire’s rule is the military merit system. There are several types of military merit. The most important is military merit, followed by the merit of governing the world. The taverns here are not just selling alcohol, as long as you have a big wallet, you can get all kinds of services here, from material to spiritual or from physical to spiritual, and you can have a hair with the maids here