The bear shook his head as if he didnt care and said monk as long as you dont marry Yuan Qings sister for a day

Because he is not a person of this world at all.
A transmigrator is his identity. When he transmigrates, he transmigrates to other people and becomes a famous family.
After transmigrating, he also transmigrates to become the protagonist, or even someone who is a bit famous, or even a passerby. He will always be popular, but he transmigrated to the foot of Zhongnan Mountain.
The name of a small village is very bullish, and the name of Chen Daniu is called Da Niu Da Niu, because the famine a few years ago killed him.
The owner of this body also burned his life because of a high fever. Once he crossed over and resurrected, he recovered himself and Daniel’s memory His original name was Chen Yunfeng, he was 26 years old, he was an orphan, he was an unmarried migrant worker, he was an earthly worker, and he died of depression on January 25, 2015 after watching the latest version of Condor Heroes, which was filmed by director Yu.
Because the little dragon girl with the two big chicken legs on the small steamed bun was depressed to death, she was a loyal fan of the sculpture, and finally couldn’t bear this strange thing, her heart broke The so-called sad and tangled emotional story made him quickly understand that he had broken into the world of sculptures that probably belonged to the great director’s falsification. The brave and straightforward Lu Wushuang, in a world where so many beauties exist, he immediately relaxed his mind Let Xiao Long Bao let Yang go over and hug those female partners, he will save and let that boy Yang Guo eat the leftover Xiao Long Bao Drumsticks went from him to Chongyang Palace and calculated that Yang Guo still has nearly half a month to arrive. If he wants to completely subvert this completely degenerated world of sculptures, he must have a strong power. This world is a world of martial arts, so he needs to learn it.
Powerful skills.
What powerful skills are there in the world of divine sculptures? Apart from the Nine Yin Manual and the Nine Yang Manual, the other ones that may appear are the Kung Fu of the Tianshan School, but now he is just a farmer’s boy. You can only go to the water pool behind Zhongnan Mountain to find the remaining Nine Yin Scriptures. Chen Yunfeng, who is now Chen Daniu, managed to sneak into Chongyang Palace in order to find the Nine Yin Scriptures he wanted by detouring the water pool from the forbidden area behind the mountain.
What he is waiting for now is to wait for Guo Jing to bring the hero Yang, who is not responsible for provoking beauties everywhere, to arrive. As long as that guy arrives just as Huo Dou and the others attack Chongyang Palace, he will have a chance to enter the water pool and copy the Nine Yin Scriptures. Coming down, Chen Yunfeng was sweeping the floor in a trance.
Not far away, a Taoist priest in his thirties shouted loudly, “Daniu, hurry up to the Buddhist scriptures pavilion and help Zhen Zhibing move those scriptures. These scriptures haven’t been flipped in the sun for more than ten years. It’s been a few days.” You are responsible for posting this guy’s Chinese character face, unfortunately, he has a pair of triangular eyes, which makes him look very eagle. After going up the mountain, Chen Yunfeng carefully investigated and found out that this is Zhao Zhijing, one of the supporting roles of the divine sculpture, a fan of the divine sculpture. It is said that Zhao Zhijing is despicable, but now Chen Yunfeng thinks about it carefully, this person does not want to destroy the world for himself, he is not planning to seek all the benefits for himself, even the benefits of the Condor Hero, he wants to take possession of it, of course that makes him sick To death the xiaolongbao has been ruled out and this guy said That Zhen Zhibing was not even a trick at first, but he became a foolish rapist when it was said that Jin Dada reversed the case for Yin Zhiping. He actually took Xiaolongbao as a fairy beauty when they met for the first time. Yang Daxia, who grew up with Xiaolongbao, is justifiable. They all say that Xishi is in the eyes of his lover. There is nothing wrong with thinking his aunt is a beauty, but this guy also thinks Xiaolongbao is a beautiful fairy.
Hui Fa Dian fell in love with Xiaolongbao When Chen Yunfeng was reborn, Li Mochou had already slaughtered Lujiazhuang.
As for the trend of overturning the verdict in this divine sculpture, he didn’t want to study it again. What he wanted to do was not to make the beauties sad in the future and let Xiaolong Bao took her Yang Daxia to dawdle, and he took those beauties to feed the big cows, did you hear that? Hurry to the Buddhist scriptures pavilion to help Zhao Zhijing see Chen Yunfeng staying in place with a broom, and continued to shout Chen Yun The wind gave him a jolt, and then he remembered that now is not the time to think about those things, he is now a handyman who is here to make money, don’t be diligent, Zhao Zhijing, who is the most nonsense among the sculptures, might cause him a lot of trouble, and I’ll be right now I’ll go to Daoist Zhao for this month’s salary. It’s been a long time since I said I’ll go down the mountain to buy some cakes and come back to honor you.
That’s all right. Zhao Zhijing waved his long sword, turned around and said, Chen Yunfeng smiled, turned around, walked through the main hall, and walked to the Sutra Pavilion behind the Chongyang Palace.
A young Taoist priest aged seventeen or eighteen was carrying wooden Then he put all kinds of Taoist classics in the box to dry in the sun. He hurried up and said with a flattering smile, oh, how can you do such a thing as Daoist Zhen? You hurry up and rest these scriptures, I will dry this Zhen Zhibing Zhang Dazhong has a face but a solid body. It is said that the seven-star swordsmanship is good. Among the younger generation of Chongyang Taoist priests, he is also a small master who forms the Seven-Star Sword Formation. Is it really so unique? Zhen Zhibing has been carrying the wooden box for a long time. At this moment, Zhao Zhijing rang. Asking Chen Yunfeng to help is purely intentional to make him depressed.
But this Zhen Zhi The handle is not a good bird. Hearing what Chen Yunfeng said, he patted the wooden box next to his hand and said, Big Niu, I have moved out all the scriptures in the Buddhist scriptures pavilion, so you can turn them in the sun. When the sun is about to set, you can pretend Okay, let’s move in. I’ll go and see what the masters and uncles have to do. If you’re busy, I’ll tell Brother Zhao to try to get you a raise next month.
Chen Yunfeng’s body is not yet fifteen years old. Although he is tall, he is not very strong