The barb on the body blushed and said no regrets before he even finished speaking he was kissed by the emperor mouth touching mouth and

Wild rice is sweet. If you start from the dragon, you will be severely burned by the gentleness concealed under his majestic appearance, and you will be gently touched by the loneliness hidden in his cold eyes.
His happiness and anger will be unpredictable. Give up your future, always obey, always be in awe, always look up, and always wait to be arranged Until one day you understand his love, do you still have enough courage and strength to taste that little bit of sweetness? Plot summary Strategizing, ruthless, lonely, the bitter emperor takes a fancy to the little shadow guards around him. But he is very shy and secretly in love with both of them Neither of them believe that you actually love me He looked at his shadow guard carefully.
This is a thin and tall young man with clear eyebrows and broad shoulders.
The part of his skin exposed outside his clothes always showed a strange whiteness. At this time, he was injured and lost a lot of blood, even his lips were lost. Under the light of the bright fire in the cave, he looked even more fragile and pale, as if he might fall down at any time. He had a quiet temperament, silent and non-aggressive.
Just looking at his appearance, it is hard to believe that this is a powerful warrior.
The second time he drew his sword to block his body and saved his life, including the moment just now when the tiger pounced on him, he used his body as a shield to block the fierce claw for himself, and the tiger cost the shadow guard.
For a long time, each of us has been slightly injured, and his shadow guard was the most seriously injured. The tiger grabbed his entire back and left four deep blood marks. It was this grab that made Rong Yin start. Pay attention to this shadow guard.
There are more than 20 shadow guards around him.
Many people see him. Although he looks familiar, he doesn’t know his name.
He always pays attention to keeping a distance from the shadow guard.
Although this one has been with him for many years. But he has never put all his attention on this shadow guard like today, just because the clothes on the back of the guard were torn off by the tiger, revealing the black underwear inside, which made him unable to understand.
It has been more than ten years since I arrived in this ancient Ryukyu Dynasty.
I have mastered the local customs, customs and etiquette.
The Ryukyu Dynasty Shangxuan black is the exclusive color of the royal family. Ordinary courtiers even use black with a piping, which is considered to be an arrogance. The whole world can wear pure black as an inner garment like this.
As far as he knows, there is only one person wearing it, and that is himself.
Why does his shadow guard wear black on his body, and he himself doesn’t know? What’s the matter? Black color is right color. Even he, the emperor, only wears black inside and outside at grand ceremonies, not to mention the guards around him.
Why does this person wear black color inside in a grandiose way and looks quite calm? Of course, he can’t be regarded as really calm. As soon as he found that his clothes were torn, he panicked. He protected the wound and didn’t move for a long time. He didn’t get up until someone handed him a piece of clothing to put on it, but no one came to explain to him. Full of doubts, Yin sized up his shadow guard over and over again.
He was wearing the guard’s uniform. An extra coat was put on over the clothes to cover the wound on his back. At this moment, with lowered eyebrows, he was carefully shaking off the soft mattress, spreading it thickly, and putting the brocade quilt aside, and then he walked on his knees. Retire and kneel at the entrance of the cave to wait on this kind of hunting activities in the mountains. As a rule, it is not allowed to take palace servants to serve. The shadow guards have always taken care of the daily life, food, and closeness to the emperor. Yin thought silently for a long time, his mind went blank, he had no impression of this shadow guard at all, he was always accompanied by a team of shadow guards. The cost of martial arts training is sent to the palace to be trained by the imperial court.
Once you pass the selection to serve the emperor, you must swear allegiance to the king for ten years.
Serving the emperor, the emperor personally taught him how to cultivate and retire.
After retiring from the palace, no matter whether he joined the army or government, he was promoted much faster than others Only the Imperial Shadow Guard only executes imperial orders, does not involve in government affairs, and has no interest in any faction. Therefore, successive emperors rely heavily on this one, who seems to be by his side for almost ten years.
The injury on his back has obviously not healed well. Healed the blood that was slowly oozing out and stained his coat red. In such a position, he couldn’t reach him and needed help from others. Rong Yin couldn’t help but slowly frowned.
After beating the tiger, many shadow guards brought some.
Injured, he deliberately stayed in place for an hour to let everyone heal and rectify, and temporarily decided to spend the night in the woods to allow enough time for the injured to rest. It should have been almost two hours since we camped here. Why hasn’t anyone cared about him until now? His unusual attention was soon noticed by the shadow guard.
Yin thought for a while and said, come here, the shadow guard quietly stepped forward and knelt at Rong Yin’s feet, Rong Yin moved his fingers and said that it would be disrespectful to turn his back to the emperor. After a while, Rong Yin put his hand on the other party’s shoulder and forced him to ask for your medicine. His rare approach obviously shocked the other party. The moment his fingers touched Rong Yin felt the other party’s nervous screen. He stopped breathing, his muscles collapsed as hard as a rock, and it took him a long time to get a response to his words