The banquet was gone Wang Yang walked crookedly because he was so emboldened by alcohol he finally returned to the village committee and felt a

Source 80 e-book uploaded in Xiuzhentang Time Word Count The passionate little village chief met the village tyrant and was abused to become a scumbag.
It is said that if you survive a catastrophe, there must be a future. Fucheng does not lie. Xiao Guangren, the guardian of the law, has all his golden fingers leading the villagers to the road of prosperity and prosperity. But what’s going on with the peach blossoms blooming everywhere on this road? Don’t tempt me, I’m a person who can’t help being tempted.
Chapter 1 The village bully is playing tricks, Li Defu, can you go or not? Wang Yang Seeing the contemptuous Li Defu, he pointed his nose at him and shouted, “Oh, our new village head is getting angry, but I just won’t leave. What can you do to me?” Looking at the dozen or so villagers behind Li Defu holding hoes and poles, Wang Yang felt a headache for no reason, but as the village head, he wanted to rule Li Defu’s village no matter what.
Thinking of this, Wang Yang took a step forward. Shouted to Li Defu, I am the village head of Xialong Village, I have the right to distribute the ownership of this fish and shrimp farm, Li Defu, I will ask you one last time, will you withdraw the grass, Li Defu cursed angrily, a little impatient, and immediately used it to the people next to him After a wink, a dozen villagers with hoes and poles immediately surrounded Wang Yang and the three yard watchers next to him. Seeing this, Wang Yang’s face was so gloomy that water would drip out Li Defu, what are you doing, Wang Yang? I can’t believe that Li Defu dared to do anything to him, the village chief, so blatantly.
Hey, he just wanted to give the village chief a bath on such a hot day. Li Defu didn’t have the slightest bit of fear, and waved his hand to let those dozen people do it, but Li Defu did too. In any case, Wang Yang is also the village chief. It’s not good for him to make a big mess. Of course, it’s okay to teach him a little lesson. The dozen or so villagers with hoes and shoulder poles didn’t even come to Wang Yang when they heard Li Defu’s words. The faces of the three people beside Wang Yang turned pale with fright. Wang Yang couldn’t help crying in his heart.
He didn’t expect these people to listen to Li Defu’s words so much.
It seems that Li Defu’s ability to drive away the previous village chief and stay here safe and sound is enough to show that there is someone behind him.
You guys are good at it.
Immediately jumping into the river and reporting a letter, Wang Yang also saw the reality clearly, and immediately regretted his recklessness, tilted his head and said something to the three men, after which Wang Yang stood upright and watched the dozen or so people approaching the three men. After a while, he turned around, jumped into the river with a plop, and quickly swam downstream. Li Defu seemed to have no intention of targeting them and let them swim away. When the dozen or so people forced Wang Yang to the river, Wang Yang jumped into the water without any resistance. He is not a god. Resisting is futile, but he can’t swim, so Wang Yang struggled violently as soon as he entered the water. It’s just his bones that prevented him from calling out for help. At first Li Defu and the others were still watching the show, but when Wang Yang’s struggle became weaker and weaker, Li Defu panicked and hurried Insisting people to go into the river to save them, he didn’t expect that Wang Yang could not swim, but at this moment, a ray of light suddenly flashed in the river and disappeared. Into the eyebrows of Wang Yang who was not struggling, but Wang Yang didn’t know about it. His mind was full of regret and unwillingness.
He didn’t expect to come to Li Defu on impulse to trouble him, but he wanted to bury himself here. The scenes in the past are also like movie clips.
The same thing keeps popping up in his mind from when he remembers to when he went to elementary school, middle school, university, and his parents who supported him to go to school, and the indifferent picture of his ex-girlfriend when he learned that he was appointed as the village head of this small village after graduating from university. After these clips, a person suddenly appeared in Wang Yang’s mind, Zhao Xue, the beautiful woman who was appointed as the village party secretary almost at the same time as him, but was dissatisfied with him in various ways. Wang Yang didn’t know why he thought of this woman before he died.
It is right to say that I should hate her, but now I am worried that she will also be murdered by Li Defu.
Wang Yang doesn’t know if it is an illusion. Before Wang Yang’s consciousness completely disappeared, he vaguely heard Zhao Xue’s anxious cry, he wanted to work hard to open it.
He looked to see if Zhao Xue was coming, but found that he couldn’t open his eyes, as if his eyes couldn’t control him, and then he completely lost consciousness and fell into a coma.
When he woke up again, Wang Yang was lying in the county hospital, which happened to see him wake up.
The nurse told him that Wang Yang had a needle in his hand and an oxygen tube in his nose. The nurse came in to check Wang Yang, then pulled out the oxygen tube and said that your body is fine.
As soon as the nurse went out, Wang Yang couldn’t help being surprised. In fact, he woke up a long time ago, but he couldn’t open his eyes, and his consciousness was very clear.
What surprised him was that he was frightened by the things in his mind just after he regained consciousness. With a jump, Wang Yang was concentrating on the information in his mind.
When he woke up, he found that there was something more in his mind.
A book called the law of life. Communicating with animals and plants to help them grow. In reality, words that can only be regarded as jokes kept ringing in Wang Yang’s mind, and what surprised Wang Yang was that he felt a sense of familiarity from it.
Wang Yang has been immersed in his mind as if being drawn by something.
The whole body is like a sponge, absorbing the sudden information crazily until the nurse led a doctor in again, Wang Yang escaped, and returned to God Wang Village Chief, your body is fine and you can leave the hospital. The doctor looked at Wang Yang’s eyes. There was a hint of surprise that couldn’t be concealed. He held back his hesitation several times, but Wang Yang secretly laughed in his heart.
Of course he knew what the doctor was surprised at.
He remembered that he was obviously about to die at that time, but now his body was so comfortable that he didn’t need to think about it. Knowing what the laws of life are doing, it’s a good thing anyway, people didn’t ask