The back of Tong Tong’s head feed Jiang Tong turn around why are you so red why is the temperature not high Jiang Tong pulled

The author Yao Sanqing Chapter 1 The atmosphere in the private room is high. The phone vibrates. Jiang Tong doesn’t care about it until someone pokes her to remind her. Then she takes it and walks outside.
The deafening sound effect is blocked.
There are a lot of people in the aisle.
It took a long time to turn on the screen before the phone was connected Min Chen’s unique deep voice came from there, simple and straightforward, where is Chen Tong lying on the railing and playing outside with friends at night? For young women of a certain period of time, this point is really not too late, even the nightlife has just begun. He said the address Jiang Tong slightly frowned. Why can I check the time at night? Let me go home early Jiang Tong didn’t say a word Min Chen’s voice was even lower Is it possible that you want me to drive from house to house looking for house after house After glancing at the screen and putting the phone in his pocket, he continued to stand in the lobby thinking about something Lin Li just came out and saw her surprised, the next person was so stupid, go in and play, I answered a call and she said where are you going? I’ll be with you in the toilet. The two of you avoid others and follow the signs.
Lin Li asks who is she calling? We all know that Min Chen and Jiang Tong are typical childhood sweethearts who live across from each other.
Due to Jiang Tong’s complicated growth background, the Min family took extra care of her. Over the past ten or twenty years, it’s almost the same as a family. Min Chen manages Jiang Tong.
It’s very strict and makes people fantasize, but Jiang Tong is extremely disgusted by this conjecture, so Lin Li can’t say anything more, she nodded, I’ll leave later, Lin Li sighed leisurely, and patted her sympathetically, how are you doing It’s really not ordinary.
Jiang Tong shook his shoulders, can you say something about me? People in the society are still being managed by your brother next door like a cricket.
You have a long face.
Jiang Tong punched her directly and got out of here within 20 minutes. I didn’t answer it, put it in my pocket, picked up my backpack, and greeted people. Under Lin Li’s schadenfreude gaze, I walked out. In the corridor, someone was smoking, someone was making a phone call, and there were young couples. Waiters in uniforms shuttled through the hall with trays.
A certain Korean song is playing on the screen. The girls are twisting their enchanting figures and dancing alluringly. Jiang Tong goes downstairs and walks out of the gate. A row of taxis are parked on the side of the road in the busiest part of the city center.
Under the neon lights, people come and go. The car was parked on the opposite side, clean and translucent, pure black, just like his people, cold and alienated, it was the hottest summer time, and the air was hot at this point.
Jiang Tong ran over and quickly got into the car.
The smell of perfume and soothing music surround Min Chenyi Holding the steering wheel with one hand resting on the forehead, squinting at her seat belt, he said the tone was a little cold, without any ups and downs. Jiang Tong turned to look at his sullen white embroidered shirt and black trousers. The silhouette of the man came to him with a belated reaction.
This man seemed a little unhappy. You haven’t been home yet. He responded muffled. Who’s offending you? Quickly flashed a bit of aggrieved child, why do you care so much? He frowned and told him to fasten the seat belt.
Jiang Tong pouted and didn’t bother with that issue. He put his hands behind his head, raised his chin, and let’s go, let’s go.
What can you do with such a small road? Your driving skills are not foolish.
Min Chen stared at her coldly for a while, and finally leaned over to tie her tie in person. This scene has happened many times, both of them are used to it, and the distance is very close. You can see Jiang Tong’s fair neck in the range, and you can smell her unique smell Seeing her gaze wandering over her face, she finally said that you are not allowed to drink outside in the future. He heard no Jiang Tong tapped the car window with his fingertips, but there was no response.
Min Chen raised his hand and pushed her head, emphasizing his tone. He slammed into the car door lightly.
Jiang Tong’s temper that he had been holding back just now was crushed in this collision.
He turned his head and stared at him.
What are you doing? I’m not sixteen or seven, can I do things? Properly raise your wrist to show him the surface, look at what time it is, and then point to the street full of beautiful teenagers in fashionable clothes, and say, sister is older than them, okay? I still think I’m disobedient and asked to be so tall, it seems to be angry, the chest is violently heaving, the long and narrow Danfeng eyes are no longer as lazy as a cat, they look black and bright, and a small black hair on the top of the head sways with her movements under Min Chen’s lens Her eyes trembled, her eyes swept over her pink lips that were tightly pressed because of anger, she quickly sat back, started the car and drove out, Jiang Tong turned her head angrily to look at the rapidly receding night scene outside the window, and made no further sound along the way. Shuttle between the brightly lit buildings, finally drove into a certain community, passed a few detours, stopped on the alley, Jiang Tong opened the door and got off the car without turning back, ran into his own gate and slammed the door loudly to vent his dissatisfaction with the surrounding landscape lights With the gentle light shining on the beautiful greenery, Min Chen opened the car window and looked up at the second floor of the small bungalow. After a series of lights were turned on, he turned the car and drove into his garage. With the light on in the study, he pulled his collar and went in to use the desk for work. There were two missed calls on the phone. He opened it to check and another call came in the next second.