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Since the battle of Xilian Mountain a hundred years ago, the Dao and Demon sides have suffered heavy losses.
Over the years, they have reached a tacit agreement not to interfere with each other.
What kind of monsters and ghosts are there? The evil cultivator who has no eyes on the road bumped into a few monarchs and immortals and walked all the way. Should we take a break? After finally walking out of the forest and walking to the foot of Xilian Mountain, a voice broke the calm. The birds in the forest were startled.
San Jun Qingqiu turned around and saw that the disciples following behind hesitated for a long time. When he spoke, he seemed a little embarrassed. After he finished speaking, he glanced at Jun Qingqiu’s face and couldn’t help but blushed a little, daring not to look up again.
The young fairy Changjun Qingqiu, who is like a pine crane and a bright moon, is very famous in the cultivation world. He was born in the world’s largest Qingyue Sword Sect.
Not to mention that he has already reached the stage of alchemy at a young age. He is a well-deserved proud son of heaven. What is even more striking is his appearance.
Jun Qingqiu has a face that even female cultivators would eclipse. Like everyone else, he is wearing the blue mist white shirt that the Qingyue Sword Sect is accustomed to wearing. The disciple who opened his mouth had a gentle temperament, his heart beat faster, and he saw the handsome fairy turned his head, his phoenix eyes paused, and glanced behind Jun Qingqiu.
After hearing the voice, Jun Qingqiu understood. His body was stained with mud, and everyone was a little tired, but after he turned his head away, he didn’t dare to look at Jun Qingqiu. He forgot that although these new disciples had embarked on the path of self-cultivation, their cultivation level is still low now. Will not be able to keep up with him After the doubts on his brows dissipated, Wen Sheng said that everyone looked tired, and I didn’t worry about everyone’s health. After these words, everyone’s eyes lit up.
Jun Qingqiu paused and added, now stop where you are and rest for a while After a while, Senior Brother Helian’s team will rush over to join us. Sure enough, after his words, everyone stopped happily. Thinking that Jun Xianchang is not only good-looking, but also has a temperament like a gentleman without making things difficult.
The new disciples can’t help but admire them even more. After hiding under the shade of the tree, the weather quickly cooled down.
The disciples finally slowed down and were able to speak. One of them took a sip of water, glanced to the side, and said in a small voice. He had heard that Junxian Changxiu is the Junzi Sword.
He is gentle and dignified. Today, it seems that it is true. Fortunately, we chose to follow. Jun Xianchang practiced and he was relieved when he said the last sentence. This time, the Qingyue Sword Sect brought new disciples down the mountain to experience. All the real people above Jindan will come. They originally wanted to choose to become the higher Helian real person, but they saw Junxian’s long face couldn’t help but come here, now that I have arrived, I feel that I have made the right choice.
If it is at the place of the cold real Helian, they will not dare to talk, let alone rest, so I have to resign myself to my fate. The little fat man is here.
Under the tree pile, the other people couldn’t help but nod their heads in a low voice, but their voices stopped when they were talking The Demon Venerable in Kuronghai also coveted the last sentence. They deliberately lowered their voices so that Jun Qingqiu could not hear the discussion. Who in the entire cultivation world does not know that the Demon Venerable Xie Chiyuan loves the most beautiful woman in the world, Jun Qingqiu? It is said that the portrait of the Immortal Elder is still in the sea of ​​dry glory, and he has publicly said that he will take the Immortal Immortal Jun away as his wife. The dignity of a sword cultivator cannot be humiliated, but the Demon Elder is arrogant and unscrupulous. What he has done in the past few years has the face of the Qingyue Sword School.
It’s all green, but there’s no other way, in order not to provoke the Dao Demon war again, I can only hold back my anger and hide Junxian’s head tightly.
When traveling in the past few years, I let the killing god He Liancheng personally protect Junxian’s head for a few years. A new disciple was very sympathetic to the Langyue-like Jun Xianchang. He quietly glanced at the other party’s charm and quickly looked away. The discussion over there was very quiet, but with Jun Qingqiu’s cultivation, he could hear him holding the sword and turning his head. Then he shook his head and felt helpless.
In the past few years, since the demon venerable spoke in Kuronghai, many people who saw him would talk about it. Even the senior brother was very careful about him as a sword cultivator because of this matter. Jun Qingqiu felt a little sad when he thought of this, his thin lips slightly pursed, his jade-colored face was a little obscure in the half-light and half-dark leaves, until he heard that the senior brother had arrived.
Jun Qingqiu, who was waiting in the forest, didn’t notice a gray shadow quietly falling on the tree when the sky suddenly darkened.
It carefully hid its eyes and peeped at a few people. After seeing the gentleman sword beauty under the tree, his eyes suddenly paused.
This is Jun Qingqiu, Gray Bird squinted his eyes. His Majesty was taking a bath in front of him. He was here to visit for his Majesty. Is there anyone around who did not expect to see it? Jun Qingqiu, the person whom Demon Lord has been looking for for so long, happened to be right in front of his eyes, and there was nowhere to find him. It seemed that these people are camping here and won’t leave for the time being.
If we tell His Majesty the news Your Majesty will be happy, the gray sparrow and gray bean eyes are full of excitement. After confirming Jun Qingqiu’s position, he turned his head and looked at the other party. Then he took a deep breath and left carefully like the other ordinary sparrows on the tree.
While the person is still with him You must tell Mozun as soon as possible. The gray sparrow moved softly.
The people below didn’t know that there was a gray shadow on the tree just now.
Even Jun Qingqiu, who raised his eyes, didn’t notice it.
After leaving at this time, the little sparrow flew away from the foot of the mountain in one breath. After walking through the jungles of Xilian Mountains for a while, I finally found a water pool not far away.
The water pool is not far from the place where several members of the Qingyue Sword Sect were talking. Don’t dare to disturb Your Majesty, if a lowly Demon Attendant like Gray Sparrow would naturally dare not disturb Your Majesty at this time