The ape spirit was shocked even though he understood that the immortal is not the point but a starting point but the cultivation level of

From then on, the cultivator officially became the master of the mainland. Thousands of years later, the primeval forest located at the northernmost tip of the mainland was called Wanyao Forest.
At that time, a large part of the demon clan came from here, so it was named Wanyao Forest.
In front of the forest, there is a huge bottomless chasm. The chasm is hundreds of feet wide and stretches endlessly. In the depths of the chasm, there is a strong wind blowing all the time, and the whining sound is like howling ghosts, so it is named Howling Valley.
No one knows how the Howling Valley is.
It is said that it was formed before the war between monsters and monsters.
The wind blowing from it is even more untouchable. Back then, there were immortals who were arrogant and tyrannical and tried to break into the wind. As a result, halfway through the flight, they were torn apart by the wind. Even the fairy babies were No one dares to break in without escaping, and the existence of the Gangfeng also has a cycle. Every hundred years, the Gangfeng will disappear for a year, and the cultivators rely on this year to enter the Ten Thousand Demon Forest to slaughter the demon clan.
After the clan hides, cultivators can achieve very little.
Sometimes even a little monster can’t be found, so they can only find some monsters to vent their anger. After all, monsters are also monsters who cultivated here.
At this moment, the forest of ten thousand monsters is still quiet and clear, the sky is clear, and the birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant. It’s all so beautiful.
Occasionally, there are one or two roars of beasts and the sound of birds flying away in fright.
In the depths of the Wanyao Forest, at the entrance of an inconspicuous cave, there is an old man sitting on a stone, looking kindly at the monkey in front of him. The old man has white hair. Scattered casually behind the back, the eyebrows often hang down to the shoulders, the face is full of traces of time, only the eyes are shining like stars, and the body is wearing a simple coarse cloth, which has not been washed for many years, and the original color cannot be seen, and if you look carefully You can see that there is a tail behind the old man.
It is obvious that this kind-looking old man is actually a monster who was killed by a cultivator and then quickly looked up at the blue sky. His eyes were flickering and he didn’t know what he was thinking before he lowered his head for a while.
He turned his head to look at the monkey again, and the little monkey also met the old demon’s eyes, tilted his head, his big eyes were full of doubts, he always felt that the old demon was a bit abnormal today, the old demon reached out and touched the monkey’s head, smiled kindly and said ape spirit You have been by my side for so many years but I have not done anything for you. Are you very dissatisfied that the little monkey seemed to understand the words of the old demon? He raised his hands and jumped around with his whole body, opened his mouth and yelled. I don’t know what the old demon is talking about.
But he seemed to understand, hehe smiled and said that the little guy was dishonest again, paused, raised his head and looked into the distance, his deep gaze seemed to see the invisible airflow rising into the sky through the sea of ​​trees, and continued to talk about the wind in Howling Valley In another ten years, I will stop spitting, and I don’t have much time for this old bone. It seems that I have to hurry up. After finishing speaking, I looked at the eyes of the ape spirit again, full of concern and a trace of reluctance. The ape spirit heard this sentence.
He started to yell again, but his expression added a hint of panic, jumping around the old demon and jumping up and down on him, obviously this seemingly ordinary monkey has a high IQ and understands the meaning of what the old demon just said.
The demon sighed but no longer cared about the ape spirit. Shouting and shouting, he slowly stretched out his hand, and suddenly a strong pressure pressed on the ape spirit, causing the ape spirit who was jumping to sit on the ground, his eyes full of fear, he really couldn’t figure out the old man who had never been angry with himself Why is the demon so rude to himself today? Looking at the big hand that is approaching, think about what the old demon just said just now, don’t you wait for the ape spirit’s little head to think more? The old demon’s big hand has already grabbed the ape spirit’s head. The energy of the sea flowed into the ape spirit’s body along the old demon’s big hand. In the next second, the ape spirit found that his body was not under his control and sat down cross-legged. What is the demon doing? As soon as he found out that he had lost control of his body, he instinctively wanted to resist, but his thin body was no match for the old demon. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t regain control of his body, and the ape spirit kept going. While trying to regain control of his body, a hot stream came from the palm of the old demon. At first, the ape spirit only felt a stream of water as thick as a little finger revolving around his body like taking a bath in a hot spring. He quickly fell in love with it. The whole person is immersed in this feeling and forgets that he wants to regain control of his body.
The originally terrified eyes gradually calmed down. Gradually, the water flow gradually thickened and the temperature gradually increased.
After a while He felt that he was in boiling water, and the intense pain came from his limbs, causing his entire monkey face to contort because of the pain. He wanted to scream out, but found that he couldn’t, and this energy was constantly flushing in the ape spirit body, and now every minute, every second.
For the ape spirit, life is like a year, and these things are not over.
Just as the pain is already dying, another powerful energy enters the ape spirit’s mind, which suddenly makes the ape spirit pass out. Looking at the old demon at this moment, the whole body is emitting a weak light. Ziguang is obviously the so-called demon power.
Although this power is insignificant to him, it still makes the ape spirit suffer a lot. The sky gradually darkened, and the old demon slowly withdrew his demon power and looked at the fainted ape.
Ling came with a satisfied smile, but the old demon who had done all this seemed to have aged a lot.
His original bright eyes dimmed, and the white hair on his head also lost its luster.
The next day, the eyeballs of the ape spirit moved. The first thing he felt after he became conscious was a burst of pain coming from his brain, which made him cry out.
Fortunately, the pain didn’t last long and then slowly disappeared.
Afterwards, he stood up and shook his head.
The drowsy mind became clearer a lot, and a lot of things appeared in the mind.
When the pain in the mind disappeared completely, a refreshing feeling came from his body, which made him stretch his waist, and suddenly there was a crackling sound like fried beans.
You finally woke up.