The ambition of this son is extraordinary Wei Shao secretly commented in his heart pretending to be disdainful on the road the shaggyheaded child you

Look at how bored you are and see how far you can learn how to cook on Baidu Encyclopedia.
I am born to be useful. Zhao Zheng doesn’t care about other people’s eyes at all, except for the package of gunpowder at home. He really wants to blow up those gangsters.
During the various actions, he first crossed over and inexplicably became eighteen years old. In fact, he discovered that this world is an inexplicable different world.
I sang in the fields.
Ignore the eyes of others.
The right to pursue happiness.
From a world that eats people with a knife to a world that eats them raw, so I finally became king Uncle Tao and Xiao Wu took out a bundle of new hemp rope and grabbed two handfuls of hay from the fodder and bundled it carefully. When the strength was weak, he said to a man next to him who didn’t wear a bun, Zhao Zheng, come here and help me pull the rope and do everything. Xiaowu took out a piece of Hubing and handed it to Zhao Zhengdao to eat. I know you haven’t eaten enough for lunch.
You look thin and belly, but Xiao Zhaozheng is not polite. He grabbed the Hubing and gnawed it. Let me tell you the story of that monkey. Last time he was nothing but Bi Mawen, the Jade Emperor would have let him go. He would have known that the pancakes were not for nothing.
In a rage, he dispatched 50,000 heavenly soldiers, what kind of material are you? What the hell is this place? Zhao Zheng was lying on the forage cart, holding a piece of round jade with a black swallow pattern, looking at the sun, but no matter what angle he looked at, it was useless. He was still in the original place.
The ground has not moved, the damned jade pendant, Zhao Zheng wanted to drop it countless times, but he couldn’t let it go. This may be the only thing he brought from his hometown.
Ten days ago, the Zheng family’s convoy bought it from Gaoliu City, 30 miles northwest of Jidu, Yan Kingdom. The goods returned to the south and found Zhao Zheng naked in a river valley, holding only this piece of jade pendant in his hand. I don’t know where I am. After listening to Tao Yuan’s story about saving myself, Zhao Zheng thanked him and stayed in the motorcade as a handyman to repay Tao Yuan’s life-saving grace.
He has been awake for five days.
Zhao Zheng finally got rid of the headache but misses his hometown.
The feeling is getting stronger and stronger, kids, don’t be idle, come here and take the master’s car out, there is a lot of noise in front of the convoy, but the Zheng family’s master’s carriage is stuck in a mud pit, and the pottery garden greets everyone to go and lift the car.
The cars in the convoy are divided into three types. One is a truck with side rails for transporting fodder, pottery and lacquerware, the other is a passenger car with a small cover for the leader to sit in, and the last is the luxurious carriage of the master of the Zheng family.
Although I have never masked my face in the five days since I woke up, the scent from the outdated luxury car has not gotten out of the car.
Carrying the shaft of the car from the back and lifting it up vigorously, in the gap, Zhao Zheng peeked into the car to see the quality of this ancient beauty, shouting to the sky, as if he heard Zhao Zheng’s inner voice, a gust of evil wind suddenly blew the curtain on the window It was lifted to reveal a slightly terrified pretty face. Its face is as beautiful as jade, which makes thousands of Hong Kong sisters icy and beautiful.
How many Internet celebrity goddesses Zhao Zheng stared blankly and subconsciously called out.
The beautiful woman in the car smiled like Gu Pan.
Throwing Zhao Zheng into the honey, suddenly he gave a soft drink, Deng disciple Zhao Zheng regained his clarity, and looked again, the curtains had already been put down, and he tried hard, one or two, the car came out, the shaft creaked, turned and drove forward, Zhao Zheng smelled the vagueness in the air Xiang Xiang smiled and followed Xiao Wu back to the end of the team, lying on the forage cart, listening to Xiao Wu singing an unknown song, Zhao Zheng’s thoughts flew to the sky, this is a strange time, so strange that it looks like a random dream.
Zhao Zheng asked Tao Yuan that the princes and nobles of this era knew that the king of Yan State was Ji Xi and the crown prince was Yan Dan. It turned out that it was at the end of the Warring States Period that the number of years for King Yan to ascend the throne was calculated. Zhao Zheng calculated that the future Qin Shihuang is only eleven years old and should be still in Handan As a hostage, the reality is cruel.
In this era, there is no country of Zhao, three states of Jin, Han, Wei, and Zhao. At this time, although the power of the king of Jin has been emptied by the three great clans of Han, Wei, and Zhao, in name he is still Wang Chunqiu or Zhao Zheng of the Warring States Period. From that moment on. Constantly pondering, but the chaos is more than that.
People in this era eat rice balls and drink porridge with vegetable leaves.
It is obviously the way of eating before the Qin and Han Dynasties, but the knights in the caravan step on their stirrups and Taoyuan uses paper for bookkeeping.
What’s more, Zhao Zheng wiped the toilet with toilet paper, it was so messy, Zhao Zheng felt that his brain was not filled with brains, but paste. Maybe this was just a dream, but Zhao Zheng couldn’t wake up anyway. I should go.
Where Qin State is still the strongest Zhou royal family, it is enough to say that the Zhou royal family has not declined since King Ping moved to the east.
It feels like the world is going downhill.
King Zhaoxiang passed away the year before and his son An Guojun succeeded to the throne because King Xiaowen didn’t die for three days after ascending to the throne like in history, but he was so dizzy that he was treated as a puppet by the conservatives of Qin State.
The most important thing is to figure out how I got here Thief God you like to tease me so much Facing the west-slanting sun, I muttered silently, looked at my immature hands, and said, but there is one thing I have to thank you, Laozi, for returning to my youthful appearance in high school, my mother, Laozi, I’m sorry if I don’t ride the horse this time The car suddenly jolted and stopped, Zhao Zheng was caught off guard and hit his head on the railing, what did he do? Xiao Wu, do you have a driver’s license? Zhao Zheng rubbed his head and raised his head, but saw Xiao Wu pointing forward with a pale face. The reading experience of the first chapter of the first chapter to the Warring States II