The afterimage rushes into the group of pirates she is cold and bloody she is no longer merciful her hands are soft and frightened she

Everyone in the whole valley knows that she likes him. He only waited until he was ready to marry Junwan, but he left without saying goodbye for two years.
The person who occupies an island is the strong man of the East China Sea, and the one who can win the title of owl is the best among the eight barren and six hemispheres of the East China Sea. There are only ten people in the entire East China Sea who are lucky enough to receive this title. Huo Jinxiao entered the East China Sea at the age of eighteen and became famous at the age of twenty. In five years, she became famous as the only female sea owl in the seventy-two islands in the East China Sea. She is called Jin Xiao. About this article Su Shuang grows up. The male lead is gentle and loyal. Please don’t ask for evidence, thank you, dog blood, other minecraft to be discovered, tags, cool text, upgrade, strong woman, the favorite of heaven, search keywords, protagonist Huo Jinxiao, supporting role, Wei Dongci, Qi Wang, Wu Shaomi, other navigating women, childhood sweetheart, sunset rose, leaving the author has something to say Let me wish you all a happy Dragon Boat Festival. Comments in the first chapter will give you a red envelope, and every comment in the next chapter will randomly drop a red envelope.
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I love everyone. The trees on both sides of Ming Valley are still shrouded in the light of the light, the mist has just begun to dissipate, and the fish belly appears in the sky.
Qingming, suddenly there was a sound of horseshoes from the end of the valley, rolling over the gravel ground, shaking slightly, birds in the forest startled, fluttering their wings, and leaping into the sky Galloping from the end, the girl in red who was sitting on the horse leaned over and lowered her back, screaming continuously, and in the blink of an eye, the horse galloped to the end of the fish intestines. At the end of the road, there was a cliff at the end of the cliff. Stopping in front of the stone carving of the valley for a while, the girl let out a coquettish cry again.
The maroon horse turned into a stream of fire and raised its hoofs, and flew out of Yungu. The nearest outside of Yungu is Qushui City. There are hawkers yelling in the streets and alleys, children are crying and shouting endlessly, the small town is full of fireworks, the girl in red dismounts at the west of the alley, the alley is too narrow, and riding a horse will hurt someone, so she leads the two sides of the alley instead, concentrating in surprise Even though Da’an’s eyes are gradually opening up towards the people’s customs, women who ride horses and ostentatiously through the city like this are still rare after all. Those eyes that are retracted after just a few glances are not unfamiliar faces. Many people in Qushui City recognize her.
She will meet every once in a while.
Come here from Qushui City to visit the people who live in the house at the end of West Lane.
Sometimes they come alone, sometimes they come with a boy.
The boy is the son of the owner of the house. He is studying art in Yungu.
He comes back every month to visit his widowed mother.
The girl sometimes comes with him. When she came, there were her smiles inside and outside the house, making the gray house look like it was alive. The neighbors said that the young man brought his little wife back to let the widow enjoy the happiness. The widow never should.
It’s just a laugh.
Later they knew that the girl was also a child of Yunguli, so young, so they didn’t dare to make fun of it.
Later, they remembered that the girl looked at her from the time she was still a little girl with a bun It’s been ten years since she grew up to be a tall and graceful girl. The last time she came here, she was still wearing a little girl’s bun. This time, her hair is already in a bun. It’s obviously just after Jiji. They know that she has a very famous name, Huo Jinxiao and Huo Jinxiao. You are as beautiful as a girl, so don’t go in and see that they have already moved out.
The owner of the two-entry house at the end of the west alley is an old woman in her sixties. She is locking the door with a big copper lock. Just three days ago, the little man came back to pack his luggage. Seeing that his mother left overnight, the rent of this house was settled by the old man When I come back, I don’t have a sound.
If I come back, his mother still lives with me.
If I don’t come back for three years, I will rent this house to someone else for three years.
Look at you, you look beautiful, you don’t look like a fool, don’t be a fool, if a man leaves, he will leave, don’t even think about it, don’t look forward to it, go back and find your lord to arrange another marriage, don’t delay your youthful old woman Seeing her pity, she persuaded Huo Jinxiao Leading the horse, I turned around alone and heard the old woman’s broken thoughts.
Which woman can afford to spend three years? Alas, Yungu Mountain Villa is built on the mountain.
Although it is summer