That’s why you and your mother are still alive Su Ziyue smiled even though She has a pair of invincibly beautiful eyes that are extremely

Decline to pick up the list.
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For some people, the coexistence of dog blood and thunder should belong to the wrong three views.
For specific circumstances, refer to my past texts. All names and place names appearing in the article are purely fictitious.
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Jinjiang editor commented that Su Ziyue and Jiang Yi chose to break up peacefully after dating for two years. They thought they would go their separate ways because they had a child and decided to spend their lives together, but Su Ziyue concealed her family background from Jiang Yi from the beginning.
The company is in crisis, and the Su family and the Xia family are at odds.
Su Ziyue meets Xia Yuting, who stole her first love in college, and learns from her that Jiang Yi is one of the culprits who helped the Xia family and put the Su family in trouble.
The turbulent truth is hidden in the peace.
Although the plot is a bit slow, it is unexpected and at the same time it feels excusable.
After knowing the final truth, readers have a sense of sudden understanding of the foreshadowing ahead. It is worth watching. Su Ziyue has no choice.
Taking the elevator downstairs is not because there are too many people waiting for the elevator. There are not many people in this hospital. Some time ago, someone exposed on the Internet that the various examination fees of this hospital were all called sky-high prices, so a large number of netizens cursed and said that they would never die in their lifetime. If you don’t go to this hospital for treatment, but the hospital’s statement that all the equipment is the most advanced equipment in the country is ignored. No one cares whether these equipment are the latest or the most advanced. They only know here. The fees are outrageously expensive, so most people really don’t choose to go to this hospital for medical treatment, so although there are still people queuing up for examinations in various departments, the number of people is really small, and it will not appear crowded. Su Ziyue chose to come to this hospital because it has few people. In fact, this hospital The decoration of the hospital is very comfortable and makes people feel peaceful.
The attitude of the nurses and doctors is also very good.
For example, the doctor who examined her looked at her with a smile after seeing the results of the examination. Little girl, you are pregnant.
Being a mother at your age is the best way to give birth. After giving birth, her figure recovered very quickly, but it was different from the doctor’s smiling expression.
Her expression was still light, just like she was to others, she was like a pool of crystal clear water. Shanzi then smiled at the doctor, nodded his thanks, and walked out. The floor she was on was not higher than the one who chose to take the stairs and her choice, so she didn’t meet a fellow person. She could only listen to the thud of her high heels. The sound echoed slightly on the wall.
The doctor’s words made her lose her mind, and she should think about what to do. When she was young, she liked to read those tragic stories.
There was a misunderstanding between the heroine and the heroine.
The heroine was leaving. After the male protagonist got pregnant, after the male protagonist left, the child was lost due to some reasons. Many years later, the male and female protagonist met again. The male protagonist learned that he regretted what happened at the beginning. At that time, Su Ziyue felt that such a bloody story deeply poked her heart.
It seems that the feeling of grievance to the extreme can make life magnificent and beautiful, so I like to understand the grievance of the heroine with empathy, and she My friend Ye Xiaoxiao criticized her, Su Ziyue, you have such an idea, but you are living too happily.
People who live happily do not really understand the so-called setbacks and grievances. There are many difficulties in life, but I never think that all I see are those who have survived the hardships of life. Those who have not survived are still wandering and struggling in the mud. At that time, Su Ziyue didn’t think much of what her friends said I even feel that my friend’s words are too firm. Why do I think that people who have no experience must not understand the idea of ​​rebellion? I want to look forward to those grievances and setbacks. If Ye Xiaoxiao knew that the experience she once wanted very much was to be abandoned by a man she loves very much. I don’t know if she would want to scold her to death.
She just wanted to feel it. The feeling of broken love is so painful that she thought that such a life should be good.
Later, she realized all the feelings and had to admit that people who live in happiness are ignorant and puzzled by many definitions. She pinched the list and thought about whether she should find a time to come and abort this child. She didn’t have that great plan to give birth to a child by herself, and she didn’t love another person that much.
Giving birth to each other’s child as proof of love The child was her ex-boyfriend a month ago They broke up peacefully There was no quarrel or dispute, and the breakup was her own proposal.
Life is really bloody.
She is pregnant and the child is with her.
The ex-boyfriend who broke up coincides with the uncomfortable grievances she imagined in the past, but she herself hates it to the extreme.
She remembers that Ye Xiaoxiao scolded her for being a stupid woman who wanted to use her own abortion as punishment for men. The idea is stupid. The body suffers.
It is the woman who is injured.
The psychological and physical pressure that the woman has to bear is also the woman herself. A man with a conscience feels sorry for a man without a conscience.
He claps his hands and walks away. This kind of behavior that hurts himself is actually right. The man’s punishment is so ridiculous that Su Ziyue suddenly felt that her best friend could really see the essence of things, and she used to fall in love with the miscarriage story, how keen was she on self-torture? She had already walked down the stairs and she walked out of the gate.
Groups of watered flowers, plants and trees are shining with a large piece of crystal, reflecting brilliant colors.
The greenery in the hospital is very good, and there are not many people.
The road is very quiet. She walks slowly on the path, and there are layers of trees on both sides. covered the bright sun