That’s why I feel guilty okay Dongfengs expression is too bright Came over the screen looked at Hua Furong gave a thumbs up very good

The author Fifty-Nine Nights copywriter Hua Furong, who has perfect skills in wearing dreams, advocates a successful career, love slowly, one step at a time, from good-looking and tall to being an actress, the life is really beautiful Do you like me? Do you like me? Do you like me? Fu Rong Huo Ziqing’s supporting role Hua Dad Hua Mom He Jingjing Liu Jiang interviewed Hua Fu Rong was wearing a long suspender dress when she went downstairs at exactly 5:30 in August, the blue sky lightened up, and there was a babbling Peking Opera Tsing Yi singing “Farewell to the King” in the room Ji Xiaoluo cymbal pot plus clapper dubbing Hua Furong’s forehead instantly woke up Hua’s mother brought a pot of porridge in the kitchen and put it on the dining table Liu Photography said that you start shooting at nine o’clock today, sit down and eat, isn’t there three and a half hours left? Furong looked at the wall clock on the wall holding a bowl of porridge and looked at the superior with blank eyes.
My dad hadn’t gotten up yet.
The Hua family’s diet has always been light and regular. Glaring at Hua Furong, your dad came back at four o’clock in the morning and just fell asleep.
Today I sent you Hua Furong wrinkled her nose and carefully glanced at Hua’s mother. Did you wash my dad’s clothes? What’s the matter? A chopsticks of small green vegetables came into the bowl of Hua Furong, and the small vegetables leaked out a little oil.
Hua Furong frowned and hurriedly picked up the vegetables Just make yourself better. What you said last time is to interview the actors. The real and fake mother Hua. Hua Furong took a look. She is really not big or small. For a supporting role at this age, someone came to find someone Liu Photography said to give me a hand and let me go to visit. Mother Hua sighed, how old are you now? I usually shoot two magazines because of our Hua family genes.
Acting You are not born in a major. It’s good to drop by and don’t miss out on your studies. I know that no matter how busy you are, Hua Furong will not leave behind her studies.
She buries her head and drank the porridge. She responds in a hurry.
Regarding the gene credits mentioned by Hua’s mother, she expresses her silence. Chopsticks Cai used to have good conditions at home, since everyone is interested in filming, why don’t I want to inherit her strengths? Being a drama actor is really not enough, so acting like a drama is better and easier. Young people nowadays really don’t understand that white porridge is boiled over a low fire.
The fragrant and thick lotus flower hibiscus scooped up a bowl and added half a bowl for mother Hua.
The two mothers and daughters ate quickly after the meal. Changed clothes, put on makeup, Hua Furong casually wiped her mouth, got in the car, leaned the seat back and fell asleep, Hua’s mother only opened the car window a little, waited for the weather and city road conditions to be broadcast in the car, and then simply turned off the radio.
From Huajia to Liu Photography The filming location is not too close, but I walked early and the road was unimpeded. After 40 minutes of driving, I arrived at Hua Furong. After being woken up, my eyes stared straight ahead in a daze.
Mother Hua got out of the car for a long time and waited for no one to come down to see the time. Eight o’clock Seventeen points, as a person who pays attention to life, he is the one who dislikes procrastination and lateness the least. What’s the matter? Mother Hua opened the car door and looked at Hua Furong. My eyes are all straight, I haven’t slept well, but I’m not feeling well.
Hua Furong’s body trembled suddenly, her eyeballs rolled around, and she hurriedly took off her seat belt and got out of the car.
It’s fine.
Hua Furong shook her head and grabbed her hair.
Mama Hua nodded inscrutably and calmed down. No worries. Next week, Mom will be on a business trip to Hangzhou for two weeks.
You will also follow me.
School will start in September and there is still homework left. Let’s talk, Hua Furong lowered her eyes and pursed her lips.
It might be time to watch it. If the interview fails, then abduct the child and go on a business trip, so as not to be fooled into the entertainment circle by those exquisite lace pictures when I am too busy.
The small tentacles of the flower hibiscus on Hua Furong’s body are very sensitive. When the red light turns on, I no longer pretend to be dazed.
My short legs hopped up and down to catch up with Mother Hua’s footsteps.
Mom, you’ve been here before.
Mother Hua got off the car and went straight. Leading the way ahead seems to be familiar, so it’s easy.
Next to it is the National Theater of Jingnan. Your mother, I know where the flowers and plants are with my eyes closed. Daohua’s mother looked at the video of the little girl who just hit her shoulder, and she was very sad. How did your child grow up? It’s just a little radish.
Yuan Longping was so mad after being raised for more than ten years. Hua Furong eric I am so big, did you give birth to me? The poor-mouthed Hua mother clicked her tongue.
The little girl has such no sense of humor. How can a sense of humor compare to you guys who have a face full of flamboyance? Who is Hua Furong, who had a weird meal, and suddenly discovered that this mother Hua seems to be a capable person? Mother Hua has liked traditional dramas since she was a child, no matter what kind of opera she is very good at, but since Hua Furong was born, she has lived in the capital. It is logical for her career to develop.
Mother Hua has put in a lot of hard work in Beijing opera. A small model like Hua Furong, who was introduced by her cousin to take some photos as a joke, naturally made Mother Hua become a manager.
If there is no such a person A capable person can lead the way, how can it be so easy for me to earn pocket money? A child with a mother is like a treasure.