Thats the hope of Panshizhai Chapter 1 Cut the weeds and eradicate roots The low sound of guns tore everyones heart The officers and soldiers

We were able to come up with such an idea when cooking noodles in a pressure cooker.
Now I can’t remember who came up with the idea.
How hard it was at that time.
At that time, the bicycle that was rewarded by the company had several fights with the people from Heart. A man with a vicissitudes of life casually leans on the sofa and recalls the past.
They have just passed their thirties, which is considered the best golden age in a man’s life, but they always have a strong sense of crisis.
The feeling of the past is even deeper Liu Chang patted the laptop next to him Yang Zi You are considered successful and you have a position You have a house and a wife gave birth to you a pair of twins I am still living alone and the whole family does not worry about Yang Zi’s eyes but There was a little more mist. His fingers lightly slid across the glass of the coffee table. This is my first love. It’s been 12 years since we graduated, we’ve been at the same table for 15 years, that’s right, exactly 15 years, Liu Chang has only returned to this city for 15 years, if he can go back That’s great! Yang Zi immediately exposed Liu Chang’s purpose.
If you can go back to the past, it must be because of Xiaoling. Don’t worry, I will arrange you two at the same table. It’s over.
Liu Chang shook his head, thinking about it. If I can go back to fifteen years ago, I want to do more things, such as the incident at Teacher Wei’s house, and if I can travel back like a novel, there are indeed many pasts that he wants to make up for. For a while, Liu Chang Thinking about it again and again, but Yang Zi followed the words, right, what about Mr. Wei is still there, but I think you and Xiaoling have changed so much after traveling back fifteen years It’s earth-shattering, 150 years, 150 years, 150 years, 150 years, Liu Chang suddenly became interested What will happen to 150 years ago? He did the calculations.
150 years ago, it was 1862, no, no, he still knew from his background in modern history that the Hunan Army had already begun to besiege Tianjing in this year. Baliqiao has become a humiliating past, and an unequal treaty has been imposed on the Eastern Empire.
His voice is loud. It is not much fun to wear the Hunan Army, but it is too difficult to wear the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, whether it is Li Xiucheng, Chen Yucheng, or the young king This situation can’t be reversed. There are still more than 30 years left in the Sino-Japanese War, but Tsarist Russia has already cut off so much land. A few years in advance is the right way. Sincerity is nothing to say, besides, he also likes to read such historical novels. In the past few years, it will be an era of turbulent times. Heroes will emerge in large numbers, which can be regarded as the last peasant uprising in Chinese history.
Liu Chang, on the other hand, backed down, even if I could travel to this era People like Taizu told Nixon very clearly that hard work in life is nothing more than changing a small piece of land around me. If I go back, I might not even be able to change myself. It was a lot of fun meeting the two of us even though they were both half buckets of water, but in the end Liu Chang still summed it up in one sentence, it was nothing more than wishful thinking. We couldn’t even change our own destiny. He rejected Yang Zi’s plan to send him back to the hotel. It’s been a few years since I’ve been here, the changes are not small, but I can go back even if I walk, I’ll just make a phone call, but in the night wind, he thinks back to his topic, how much can I change through time travel, this land is now the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom War On the old battlefield, both sides used blood and life to compose one after another elegiac songs.
The night wind did not extinguish his passion, but gave him more ideas. At least he could change himself.
Strictly speaking, this era is not A good choice. This is a major change unseen in three thousand years. This is the last peasant war in Chinese history, but this time the peasant war did not give birth to a dynamic new dynasty.
Instead, it evolved into a freak like the so-called Tongzhi Zhongxing, which seemed to be thriving. Under the challenge of the small country of Fusang, the Dynasty unexpectedly slipped into the endless abyss, and then endlessly humiliated himself.
If he could have such an opportunity, maybe he could do something.
He suddenly found himself lost. Yunzhou is a small city, and he has his own. haven’t been here for many years