Thats right even if he ran away four years ago and now hes dumped hes still saying good things for her and if thats the

Copywriting You are the ocean in my heart and I am the butterfly that lands in your palm. Don’t be too kind to me lest I promise you with my body. Don’t blame it. Just blame the meeting too early before you have time to think.
The editor of Huanxi Enemy commented that the eccentric deaf girl meets the abstinent black-bellied male protagonist, it is destined to be a love without complaints and regrets. When love becomes an eternity that cannot be erased in each other’s hearts, no matter how many twists and turns you go through, I will be with you.
My Silent Oath of Love You are the Buddha and I am the devil who made you break the precept The emotional interaction between the colorful two people is sincere and interesting, and I can’t bear to put it down.
As the plot deepens, this soul-stirring relationship makes people feel so sad The grass-roots troops started to clean up early, no one dared to make a problem at this time.
In the small building of the base headquarters, several officers of the joint logistics department were arranging the office for the upcoming chief. Stay at our base for a few days.
Our leader asked me to prepare a big apartment in the guest house. I’m afraid he came to our base this time for an inspection.
In fact, it’s for preparations for him to take over as the next commander. I talked to people from the Political Department last time.
After eating, they said that rumors have spread from the top, and we will wait for the Military Commission to appoint a commander of our fleet.
We have never had such a young commander. Do you think Qin Guoguo will follow up this time? When Qin Guoguo, everyone suddenly silenced Qin Guoguo Anyone who knows Qin Jiashu knows that Qin Jiashu loves his daughter like his life, and he takes his precious daughter with him wherever he goes, even when he is in the army for inspection.
The strange thing is that the upper echelon also acquiesced in his actions, and no one raised any objections to this. Many people have guessed what Qin Guoguo’s identity is and why she can even go to some important military bases, and even some places that have been designated as restricted areas. Qin Jiashu’s pet daughter is too outrageous.
As the youngest major general of the navy, Qin Jiashu He is an all-powerful figure, his promotion history and his relationship experience are equally talked about, so it is difficult for his daughter to think that she is not famous, and it is hard to say that Tan Guoguo is very beautiful because her mother was a famous beauty in the circle back then. Guoguo has a weird personality and is an annoying little devil. It is because of her father’s status that everyone dares to be angry with her.
All in all, she is a somewhat mysterious girl.
Many people have heard of her, but not many people. Seeing her true face, the rumors became more and more mysterious.
Some people even said that she was actually Qin Jiashu’s illegitimate daughter, so Qin Jiashu’s wife would divorce him. Otherwise, how many women would be willing to divorce such a superb husband? Cars with military license plates are galloping on the winding road.
The leader is an Audi. The pass on the car is too conspicuous, so although passing through one after another, the city center is unimpeded along the way. The area is getting farther and farther away. Guoguo looked out the window not far away, the sea is wide and the sky is blue. He rolled down the window and watched for a while. I poured a glass from the thermos and drank it.
On this hot day, iced orange tea is the best thirst quencher. Daddy, do you want to drink the Guoguo I made myself? A sip of sweet and sour with astringent taste is really good, right? Guoguo smiled sweetly Qin Jiashu returned the cup to his daughter, it was delicious The most unsparing thing for the eldest father is to praise Qin Jiashu.
He knows his daughter’s temper with a faint smile. He looks out of the window at the beach not far ahead, surrounded by a group of people who are making a fuss.
I don’t know what they are doing.
Stop over to see what Qin Jiashu told the driver.
After contacting the cars behind, they quickly pulled over and stopped. Seeing her father getting out of the car, Guoguo also curiously followed her down and habitually held her father’s hand. The father and daughter walked towards the group of cars that followed them.
Several officers in navy uniforms got out of the car and followed the chief and approached the group. Only then did they realize that there was a tourist who was diving nearby and was stuck on the reef because he was not familiar with the terrain.
His friend Xiang The police asked for help.
It’s a pity that the place where the man dived was too far from the shore. Even one or two policemen with good water skills couldn’t rescue him. The method is that the police have already contacted the nearby troops. They are rushing here, but it will take at least a quarter of an hour to come here. What should we do? He has been underwater for half an hour, and his physical strength is almost exhausted. The reef in this area is full of waves.
It’s not suitable for tourists to dive.
Who told you to come here despite dissuasion? Another policeman scolded Dao. They said that they had sent someone over, and when everyone was anxious, a speedboat suddenly appeared on the sea surface. After a while, the speedboat sailed to the shore and got off three people, one of whom was wearing a life jacket and looked very weak. He got off the speedboat. Guoguo looked at them and listened to them talking with the group of people. It turned out that this frail looking man was the tourist who got stuck on the reef, and the person who rescued him was the executive officer in the nearby waters.
The members of the Marine Corps Amphibious Reconnaissance Squadron on the training mission immediately became interested when they heard that it was the Amphibious Reconnaissance Squadron.