That’s all nonsense Huang Jiong You can go to jail just by snorting just take care of your stinky mouth Ye Kongshan laughed and made

Where is Pan Haitian today? Jin An, Chu Xidao and other Kyushu creators sincerely recommend content introduction.
Kyushu Dark Son is a novella composed of four series of stories with Ye Kongshan and Cen Kuang as the protagonists. With a pure heart, she wanted to integrate into the social life of the human race and become a real person, so under the careful arrangement of her elders, she became the partner of the famous arrester Ye Kongshan. With Ye Kongshan’s astuteness and Cen Kuang’s unrivaled mind-reading skills, teachers and friends have solved many suspicious cases one after another, and unknowingly developed a love for each other.
For a living, he has published several science fiction novels under the pseudonym Rainy Night Butcher.
Since then, he has created fantasy novels, focusing on Kyushu world works. He has created Kyushu works with more than 2 million words.
There are stand-alone books of heroes. The spirit wanders between rigor and illusory. It is good at touching the heartstrings of readers with humorous and humorous text and deceitful and changeable suspense layout.
Participated in the screenwriting of the martial arts comedy movie Daojianxiao. Among the authors in Kyushu, I probably have the worst conscience because I always like to bypass the setting. In my opinion, setting too much on the novel is like dancing with shackles.
The shackles are clinking, and the method of circumventing the setting is cautious at the beginning, and trying bit by bit is like teasing a strange cat with dried fish.
I don’t know if this fat cat will lie down comfortably. I’m on your knees, and I’ll still be so upset that I’ll scratch your face.
Later, I finally found out that the cat was completely asleep, so no one cared about me at all. The analysis is like this.
The editors may not be happy to see the design. It will definitely be thrown aside. There are so many people who write about Kyushu. There are too few people who can write a few manuscripts.
It is not easy to get the threshold card. It is almost impossible to survive, so Tang Que is certainly hateful.
In order not to let the magazine open the skylight, let him mess around with his temper, so six or seven years have passed since I started messing around, and the method of circumventing the setting is becoming more and more proficient like a thief stealing a wallet. The so-called circumvention It’s just a crowning statement, its essence is to throw away the setting and throw away the setting to let the novel return to its essence. Naturally, some people like it and some don’t like it, but for me, I can see that many people don’t know much about Kyushu’s setting or don’t understand it at all. Readers can enter the world of Kyushu from my novels without any obstacles.
That is a very gratifying thing. I have always said that I do not seek to build the world, to trace the map, or to perfect the magic book, and not to be left in the historical chronology. Follow your own footsteps and just want to be a dead storyteller. Honestly tell the story.
Since the setting is thrown away, I can only work harder on the novel itself and try to find a variety of different themes. I have been asked more than once that you have written so many Kyushu fast 3 million words, do you feel tired, do you feel that you can’t continue to write, frankly no, I think Kyushu is an infinite and vast world, and you can expand it into a novel with just a few elements at your fingertips. Presenting a variety of different flavors, this world should not be limited to the dynasty’s hegemony, but also have more perspectives and more different things. So one day I suddenly wanted to write a horror story that happened in Kyushu, and I began to imagine a gloomy morning. An unremarkable small inn, a bizarre and bloody tragedy, a chilling horror legend, this is just the beginning of a horror story, it is not enough, because it also needs a strong Kyushu atmosphere, to become a story that can only happen in Kyushu, so I introduced it again The element of charm I always thought that the most romantic race among the six races of Kyushu is the Meizu.
This race can extend many expressions.
This is the novel of the same title as the Son of Darkness, and it is also the first story in the series.
After that I have written nursery rhymes God’s Punishment and Flower Passing with the same protagonist one after another.
Among the various series of novella I have written, I especially prefer this series of suspense, thriller and horror. It is only the skin and heart of these stories that is the ultimate mystery hidden behind the darkness.
The topic of love, hatred, family, gratitude, and all emotions may be the source of tragedy or the beginning of hope. People struggle with endless desires and finally get lost and awakened in desires.
This is my favorite novel, and it is also what I want to write and have been writing. The story of the Son of Darkness in the novel begins with the Meizu, and then other races such as Yuren, Merman, Heluo, etc.
appear one after another.
This is also a hobby of mine when writing Kyushu novels.
The two races are the most beautiful, or they are the most in line with the daily aesthetics of people on earth, and they are also the most suitable for readers to self-substitute, but only these two races are not enough.
I like to spend pen and ink on other races to try to describe them. Live their hearts, their love and hate, different racial personalities and thinking patterns can collide with very intense sparks, which can be seen in this novel. The two protagonists in the novel are the policemen of Qingshi City, so all the stories start from Qingshi, a small city with a thriving livestock trade, started, but the clues of each case often involve other cities and other geographical elements. This is another hobby of mine.
It is impossible to describe the whole picture of Kyushu through a novel. But we can show more features of the world as much as possible Astronomy, geography, race, humanities and history