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Undead Cold Orphans Practice Flow Chapter 1 Great Grandma Black Cloud Rolling Thunder Thunder Lightning Lightning Pasture Cold Wind Screaming Neighboring Blowing Wind Amid Paper Money Floating White Sails Agitating the Lonely Desolate Forest Twisting and Shaking Wanting to Prove That I’m Still Alive Even the Towering Demon Lord Comes into the World The mountain that suppresses all things trembles in the strong wind, booming, thunder flashes, lights up the sky, tears the sky in half, the sky shakes, the ravine whimpers, withered leaves rustle and fall, at this moment, in this dark mountain, a soft light faintly appears, accompanied by bursts of rush The panting sound of whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Guangming vaguely noticed that this person had short blond hair, and the pale blue eyes were flickering with panic.
He was extremely frightened and exhausted, as if thousands of ghosts were chasing him, and they were about to pull him into the bottomless ruins. God is coming soon.
It should be almost here, huh, as long as we reach the village, we should be able to survive. The blond man trembled and muttered, but the more anxious he became, the more he couldn’t breathe. In the end, the soles of his feet went soft and he fell hard to the ground.
A dog gnawed on the mud! The oil lamp in the car also flew out, and the fire suddenly went out, and the surrounding area became darker and darker. It was really not light, and his whole body was dirty, but he didn’t even wipe the mud on his face, got up on his elbows and continued to run, but just as he took three or two steps Suddenly, misty voices came from the tenths of feet, hehehe, twisting the flower rope, the grandma peeled off the skin and cut the flesh, pulled the thread to hook out the shape, the second doll cramped, and then the doll recited nursery rhymes. It’s a pity that in this barren mountain and wild mountains and the amazing words make people feel creepy. The man’s face is pale, his eyes are round and his pupils are dilated. The extreme fear makes him almost collapse.
His steps are obviously messy, and he keeps falling, getting up and falling again After climbing up, the speed suddenly dropped a lot, which is caused by weak legs.
Hurrah, even so, the man is still desperately rolling and crawling forward, rushing forward to turn over the flower rope. Gradually, the sound is getting closer and closer, as if it is approaching. In the ear and far away in the sky, the menacing aura is like coming from the true god of hell, bless me, he is only a little bit closer, but he is desperately rushing forward, but there is still a considerable distance from the destination Hahaha, turning the flower rope, Rao’s finger knot, in the end, the man pulled out of his arms in despair A black object came out, although the eyes were full of extreme reluctance to the point that tears flowed down, but he still gritted his teeth and threw it into the grass next to him. At the same time, he hid behind the old tree on the other side and squatted with his hands over his mouth. In the dark, the continuous sound of footsteps clicked, clicked, and the sound was subtle.
If you don’t listen carefully, you can’t hear it at all.
It’s as slow and regular as an old lady with small feet, but every step is like a desperate drum beating on the man’s heart. He covered it desperately.
His mouth and eyes stared in horror, he held his breath, his whole body trembled uncontrollably, but the footsteps reached the other side of the old tree, but the footsteps stopped abruptly, as if they had disappeared out of thin air. Everything is an illusion. It is so quiet, it seems that even the wind is holding your breath.
How dare the man move around, just squatting like this until his legs are numb, and he desperately endures the passage of time for more than ten minutes without any movement. Standing up courageously, he slowed down his legs for a long time before he could take another step.
If it takes longer, the two legs will most likely be scrapped.
Here, he quietly poked his head in front of the tree, and there was no figure. Shouting God, the man took a breath as if relieved, and then he relaxed. At this moment, the corners of his eyes endured The feeling of being reborn after the catastrophe could not stop rolling down. He took a step forward and seemed to want to pick up the things he hid, but just when he took two steps, suddenly a dry and wrinkled palm suddenly appeared on his head. Stretched down and hooked his neck, the originally quiet sky and thunder flashed again, illuminating the earth.
On the branch of the old tree above the man’s head, there was actually a thin and haggard figure hanging on the branch of the old tree. With the light of thunder dissipating, the dark forest regained its calm.
For a moment, the man’s screams burst forth, the sound of tearing bones, the sound of bone breaking, and the sound of cutting and cutting mixed with the shrill and painful screams, the horrific fear and pain were rippling, and the bloody smell permeated the earth. With his voice, the ravines and mountains around him also rustled.
Trembling, as if thousands of evil spirits and ghosts were disturbed, followed by all kinds of mournful wailing, one after another, there was not a single sound that could be made by human beings, like broken tiles, desperately scraping the iron basin, scratching the heart and lungs intermittently for several minutes, before the sound gradually fell silent. Rao finger-knotted grandma peeled the skin and cut the flesh and pulled the thread to draw out the shape. The second doll cramped and then deboned. Chapter 2 Dimen Village The next day the sun came out from the cloudy clouds and the smog shone.
A flock of fine-wool Dexter sheep gnawed on the weeds on the ground, sometimes bleating and howling in a low voice, suddenly roared and shouted, and rushed to the distance to release the sorrow in their hearts.
The old man whipped up to the sky and sang loudly Wrinkles on the face of the old man outline the painful years Looking at the desolate land and the towering mountains surrounded by mist, although his accent is strange but has a unique charm The body has long been bent by the weight of the day.
Fortunately, although he is old, he still looks energetic. Going home, he looks at the dilapidated village curly-haired old man beside him and sighs. Quite bustling except for the spread of millet in the corner, more than a dozen boys and girls are striding forward, their thin bodies trembling slightly, lined up in four rows. They have different skin colors, but yellow skin is still the main one, and their immature faces are full of innocence. The temperature is freezing cold but even so