That child is from Yelu Jiayangs blood Sister Rong Yu shook her head Im afraid I cant protect him whether he cant protect him or

The lonely smoke in the desert, the long river, the afterglow of the setting sun, the afterglow of the setting sun sprinkled on the mother river, the river surface shimmered with golden light, a few geese chirped across the sky, it sounded like mourning, Rong Shu put down the car curtain and sighed quietly, no matter who sat in the carriage for more than one hour The mood will not be good if you go to the moon or on the road to marriage.
Besides, she is not the original body. She came here more than a month ago.
This is a world in a book.
The novel is called Zhu Yan.
The story of Jinghe’s three years, the heroine Zhao Yanxi attended the palace banquet, the emperor, the generals and the prime minister all looked at her with red eyes, and then the three of them loved her in every possible way. The eldest princess, Rong Shu, is the white moonlight of the three of them. If Zhao Yanxi is the person next to her, it will be clear, but Rong Shu is no longer in Shengjing. Champion Hou blew the wind on the roof all night, the second son of the prime minister’s family was drunk, the new emperor was talking in his sleep, shouting at the emperor’s sister, don’t go, I thought life would go on like this, but Jing and the seven-year army conquered the Northwest and returned to the eldest princess After she came back, it was a series of love-hate entanglement.
After Rong Shu returned to Beijing, she framed the heroine again and again Life is happy and happy.
This is all about Zhu Yan. The road ahead is long and life is unknown. Rong Shu also heard that the leader of the Wuer tribe, the king of the Northwest Grassland, is eight feet tall, has an ugly face, and behaves like a savage.
She has no noble sentiments to sacrifice for the great Chu. I just feel that I am jumping into the fire pit, if there is another way, she will leave without saying a word.
Unfortunately, the person who did not see off her relatives is the champion Hou Xu Jingxing.
The ten miles of red makeup represent Da Chu Rongshu. Live a good life in Shanghai and return to Shengjing alive in the future.
She will never get involved with the hero and heroine. Although she has been in the carriage for more than a month here, she has made sufficient preparations and kisses. The majesty of the eldest princess is still on the way.
After passing through many cities, she asked the two maids on the Jinting and Jade Stairs to buy a lot of things.
Rice noodles, seasonings, vegetables and fruits, Rong Shu, who can’t think of anything on the grassland, bought them all. The blogger who explores the store has eaten all over the country. If he encounters something particularly delicious, he will find a way to reproduce it.
He has practiced a good cooking skill. With a touch of worry, they have been with Rong Shu since they were young. Now Rong Shu has gone to get married and has followed them without hesitation.
April is supposed to be the season of warm spring and flowers blooming, but the weather gets colder and colder as you go north. The noble ladies should have a spring banquet now, right? Their princesses are far away from their homeland. Jin Ting took out an exquisite woolen blanket from the carriage cabinet and said softly, Princess, it’s getting dark and it’s cool at night. How long did it take to get to this road? The original body walked for more than two months and she walked again. I have been watching the sunrise and sunset every day for more than a month, and now I see the long river in the desert. The white moonlight that I haven’t seen for many years is no longer the person of the past.
The little love is Xu Jingxing’s white moonlight.
How can he take her far away? An old man who is far away from the grassland? Blankets are piled up on the wall of the car.
There are few people here and you can’t buy anything here.
You can stay here for seven days.
Seven days later, in April, the grassland just saw green and snow-white sheep standing or lying down, grazing grass, and brown-yellow cattle. Looking at it from a distance, it’s just small dots.
After walking more than ten miles, you can see large fences and brown-gray tents. Every spring, the Wu’er tribe looks for new grasslands to feed cattle, sheep and horses. Nomads always live with water sources.
The grazing land is excellent, the pasture is tender and juicy, the spring is warm, many ewes and mares have cubs waiting for autumn, the lambs, calves and foals grow up, and they have more confidence, but this year there is no need to start a war years ago Wu’er and Chu fought like a broken bamboo, Wu’er and Chu lost steadily, although Wu’er grew up on horseback, all of them were brave and good at fighting, but if there was a war, there would be casualties, and Wu’er’s people didn’t like war.
The princess got married and came here and promised to not pay for the war for 20 years to provide for recuperation. Wu Er is far away in the northwest, but I have also heard a lot of rumors about this eldest princess. Can shoot a hundred meters away and take someone’s head, it can be said that the princess is married, since the marriage ceremony is well planned, otherwise Da Chu thinks they are barbarians who only know how to fight, so it’s time for Princess Jinyang to go to Wuer Nima excitedly I went to the Wang Tent, but the faces of the people sitting in front of the Wang Tent’s book case didn’t show the joy of getting married at all. Nima hurriedly put away his smile, but he was big and laughed just now and was too happy. He raised his head so that the smile didn’t close in time, and it hung on his face like crying Get out, Nima shrunk his neck, Wangshang Dachu’s wedding ceremony is coming soon, you should get ready to welcome Yelu Jiayang, Guan Benwang’s fart, these five words were spit out one by one from thin lips, anyway, Nima understands Your Majesty is very unwilling to be married to the king, Nima said that Princess Jinyang has a beautiful face and looks like a fairy, why are you still not willing to go there? posture