Thank you on his behalf Neidan Zhang Bei who accepted Fengya has become much calmer I don’t need your hypocrisy and good intentions I have

The title of the book is My Boss Is a Wolf Author copywriter Zhang Bei, the wolf king president who tried to use economic means to rule mankind, but because of his harsh treatment of employees, he aroused the ancestral monster catcher employee Hong Fan’s mischief and revenge. Please watch the hilarious inspirational drama of the white-collar catching demon master wolf demon president He breathed a sigh of relief when he received an offer text message in the room. He thought he was about to go back to his hometown and become a vagrant. Unexpectedly, at the last moment, he finally found a job in this city. My classmate Hong Fan felt that he was much luckier.
The company he passed the interview with was Langwei Group, which has been very popular recently. Although the salary during the trial period was not high, it was said that once he became a full-time employee and worked hard to work overtime, his monthly salary would exceed 10,000. At a young age, he will definitely be able to become a high-paying class through his own struggle. When he was full of confidence, people in the classmate group ridiculed the news that he had found a job, saying that places like Langwei are not treated by people, even if it is Fuji. I’m not afraid that as long as I can endure hardships, I will definitely buy a house and a car in three years. Hong Fan is unconvinced. Although Hong Fan is an out-and-out dick now, I heard from his grandfather that his family used to be very prominent in exorcism. The aristocratic family is only after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, this industry has declined.
Only Hong Fan’s grandfather passed the exorcism method to Hong Fan from a young age, saying that it is an intangible cultural heritage.
Maybe it will become a national cultural protection object in the future.
I won’t admit this kind of strange power.
After all, not everyone can see ghosts and monsters. In fact, as the pace of human expansion is getting faster and faster, there are fewer and fewer real monsters. Make a name for yourself in the city and have a real decent job instead of being an old farmer who lived in seclusion in the mountains all his life like his grandfather. Hong Fan bought a decent suit with the little money left, and went to work in good spirits Unexpectedly, on the first day of work, the department he was in only arranged for him to do some trivial work and even clean up.
He was like a small stone on the side of the road.
He has a tense expression, and Hong Fan has done some investigations on the Langwei company.
It is said that the company’s discipline is very strict and the bottom is eliminated, so every employee is under great pressure every day, and the company’s creed requires employees to unite like wolves and fight like wolves. The employee handbook received by Yongmeng Hong Fan has more than 100 disciplines, including clothing and hairstyle terms. This company is simply a fascist concentration camp. Hong Fan felt it on the first day of work, but something unexpected happened.
Not only this one thing, it is said that there was a staff cultural public display event in the afternoon, everyone put on uniforms for the event, even Hong Fan was no exception, wearing a wolf spirit and fighting spirit He and the employees of the department went to line up outside the company together.
There were thousands of people in the queue, some were holding colorful flags, some were shouting slogans, and some were carrying slogans.
Everyone walked towards the downtown square in a mighty manner.
The tall Hong Fan was temporarily arrested. I was selected as the flag bearer and followed the team to the square. I saw that the square had already set up a luxurious stage. The leader sat on the stage.
The employees formed a square formation and began to show their corporate culture to the citizens. What is the performance and chorus? Bored, Hong Fan held up the flag and secretly observed the leaders on the stage.
He saw that sitting in the middle of the chair was a tall man wearing a neat suit and an elite posture. Zhang Bei, the company’s biggest boss, entrepreneur Zhang Bei, saw the boss, Hong Fan’s expression became a little strange.
At this time, more than a thousand employees in the square lined up in a neat square after the performance, and then made an astonishing move. Seeing them kneel down in unison, then clasped their fists high above their heads and shouted in unison, thank the boss for giving me a good job, hehe, human beings are such lowly creatures with no self-respect, and they can surrender to this world sooner or later with just a little profit. Zhang Bei, the president of our wolf family, smiled in satisfaction and whispered to the secretary next to him, Daoist Shang Weiwu.
The goal of the wolf king who escaped from the seal in vain to revive the supremacy of the monster clan, especially the wolf clan, is to rule over human beings. Dear friends who like wolf presidents, the civet cat’s Sina Weibo is in progress. My boss is a wolf.
Please follow my Sina Weibo.
Let’s repost the lottery together.
Chapter 1 Why does Hong Fan think the boss of the company is strange? Because Hong Fan is from a family of exorcists, he has inherited the family’s excellent genetics since birth. His grandfather has specially trained, so he can tell at a glance that the boss is obviously a wolf monster.
What surprised him is that even if he saw monsters with his grandfather when he was a child, they were all little monsters in the mountains. The president of the company is a monster, and what’s more, the vice presidents and managers around him are almost all wolf monsters. It is obvious that Wolfway Company is a monster stronghold, so many monsters gather together, it must be no good, even if we don’t check now.
If there is evidence that they have done bad things, they will definitely not do good things in the future. Judging by the bullshit corporate culture they do, you will know that these monsters and wolves are ambitious. Hong Fan guessed it right.
President Zhang Bei originally came out to conquer the world with the heart of dominating the world.