Thank you it’s all gone now Bai Xue was afraid that Zhou Mu would be disobedient quietly pulled the corner of his clothes and told

Zhou Mu shook his head, Cheng Baixue’s inner monologue is too good, she is a good-looking person, after a month’s salary was less than 10,000, Baixue came to Zhou’s house and accidentally knocked over a vase in the corner.
Is the broken vase expensive? Zhou Mu is not expensive. It was auctioned the year before last. The corners of Cheng Baixue’s mouth twitched at the conference You are a big liar Praise her for being cute, and she only dares to think that she is being polite. She is not as good at studying as Cheng Yanyang, but she also worked hard to get into a prestigious school during the college entrance examination, so she got what she wanted, but the four years of college are almost over, and during this time, she is always taught by the professor. In the dormitory, Bai Xue, who just received a call, was changing clothes.
Hao Keai, who was beside her, poked her head and said, “It’s really strange that you don’t study well.
How can you be treated like this?” The professor wants you to go to her home to discuss your graduation thesis.
Women, I will definitely think that there is a problem between you.
After packing up, Bai Xue took her mobile phone and went out before leaving. She smiled, compared her gestures with victory, and said that there is no way. Who made me an obedient student that is rare in a millennium? Professor Yang is my bole Cheng Baixue has never been to Professor Yang’s house. Today is the first time she took the subway, changed buses, and finally found the place for half an hour. She once felt that she had found the wrong place, but the address in her hand was indeed the same as the one in front of her eyes.
A large house looks like a building in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with a tall walled courtyard. She can see the shadowy trees inside just by standing outside the door.
The professor lives in such a place, which is beyond her expectation.
Bai Xue stood watching for a while and was about to ring the doorbell.
When the phone rang, it was Professor Yang who pressed the connect button. Before she had time to speak, she heard a hurried voice over there. Baixue just went out temporarily because of something.
You should be here soon.
The servant is on holiday today.
There is no one at home. I haven’t locked the gate, you go in first, wait for my side to finish speaking, then hang up the phone, before Bai Xue can even say a word, and the servant Cheng Baixue murmured while looking at the large house, but it’s the same If there is no one to take care of it in a large place, weeds will grow everywhere. It is not like a haunted house. She is a clever person. After entering the door, go to the main house in front.
There is a long winding road. The green grass on both sides of the road grows close to the ground, which is very beautiful.
She heard the professor say that no one here dared to walk in so boldly today, but what happened after she pushed open the door of the main room? There was a man sitting on the sofa in the living room. She saw the shadow and followed closely Closing eyes and yelling that a thief suddenly broke into a stranger’s house.
After seeing the owner of the house, the villain called him a thief first. She felt that the people over there stood up, she was afraid, thought the theft would be impossible, wanted to kill someone, hurriedly yelled, I didn’t see you, I really didn’t see you, put your things down, let’s go, I won’t call the police, Zhou Mu, who just took two steps I’m seeing who’s coming After that, he stopped walking, a flash of doubt flashed in his eyes, and then it gradually became clear that she was the girl that Aunt Xie had said she would introduce to him.
No wonder the mother just checked the time and hurried out with a mysterious expression If you don’t know what to say, then this is her arrangement. Zhou Mu thought about it, then shook his head and sighed in his heart that his mother is really more and more like the empress dowager of Xie Zhan’s family. Cheng Baixue and Zhou Mu called her coldly.
Someone called me, “Hey, there are only her and the thief in the room. How does the thief know her name? She can’t be so famous. She has never appeared in newspapers or on TV. She occasionally does good deeds and has never left a name.
” Open her fingers a little, she carefully looked at her uncovered mouth, her mouth was wide open, this, this, this thief is actually very handsome, now Cheng Baixue’s fingers are completely removed, she is still standing in the entrance, so there is a certain distance between the two of them.
All of a sudden, she really saw the thief’s face in her eyes, and it would be too late to leave, but since she was standing close to the door, she still had a chance to run away, but at this moment, the soles of Bai Xue’s feet seemed to have roots Look at the tall and tall man over there, Zhou Mu saw that she was not afraid anymore, but stared at him vigorously, and asked her what to do now that you saw my face, I can’t let you go, his voice was pulled Back to Baixue’s thoughts, her lovely face gradually turned white, Cheng Baixue looked at his face with sharp edges and corners, completely indifferent, plus the black-rimmed glasses he was wearing, since she couldn’t see clearly, his eyes also believed that there was no way There won’t be a trace of a smile, he is really a thief.
Hearing what he said just now, Bai Xue felt a lot of distress for him and it’s a pity that he must have no choice. Otherwise, who would want to sneak around? See if you didn’t steal anything, let’s go, I will definitely not call the police, as long as you don’t steal anything in the future, otherwise, if you meet some bad guys, you will definitely call the police and put you in prison.
She said it so seriously, how could Zhou Mu not be as good as she said? I wish, anyway, Mom’s cooking has always been terrible, and the servants are resting today.
He is indeed the thief who is going to leave. When Cheng Baixue approached, she realized that the thief was so tall. When she passed by her, she would feel an inexplicable sense of oppression, so that’s it. At Professor Yang’s house, she let the thief go and looked back to see that the thief was no longer outside the door, so she suddenly remembered one thing, it was a pity for him, and she forgot to ask him why he knew his name, and on the other side Professor Yang stood in the alley for more than an hour in order to spend more time with his son and his favorite daughter-in-law, but she was not willing to go back.
Then her obedient student called and said that she had to go back to school first, so she went home and went back indoors.
It’s empty, my daughter-in-law is gone, and even my son is gone