Text of Ten Thousand Peoples Life Chapter 939 New Book The Divine King of the Heavens Has Been Released New Book The Divine King of

Chapter Wedge, Chapter War Qi, Continental Road, Three thousand people can become emperors, the way of battle is called the way of battle in the ancient times In the inheritance of battle, the way of fighting has surpassed all other ways in the world. This is a continent with the main tone of cultivating fighting spirit. Fighting and fighting for victory and defeat. Honor and blood are staged all over the mainland all the time. The whole continent is filled with blood and fighting spirit. Tianlong Zhanmeng In a certain house, a baby’s cry suddenly pierced the dark night sky and gave birth at the door. A middle-aged man in his thirties was running around anxiously. When he heard the cry, he finally let go of his frowning brows and smiled. Swish into the room, and at the same time, an extreme red light appeared, like a blood-colored long knife, whistling in the far north. Disappointingly eclipsing the stars, two points of light are the most dazzling, like blood dripping in the red light, swift as a meteor, the space shatters along the way, seems to be plundering in a certain direction, the light is getting more and more bright, countless people are still at the pinnacle of martial arts The characters all have feelings in their hearts.
Let’s look north at an ancient place in the Tunyue Empire. A white-haired old man tremblingly looks at the red light and mutters to himself that the blood light of Beiming reappears. Did it stir up the heavens and the earth? On the top of the tower of the Baizhang Imperial Palace of Fenghua Empire, an old woman who still survives her splendor stared at the red light with clear eyes.
The waves flowed and trembled all over. Standing beside her was a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl. Her eyes looked curiously at the fleeting blood light and asked the old man what those two drops of red light were. The killing blood light answered her with the solemn voice rarely seen in the old man. At the same time, the sage in Tengzhou Holy Land roared and raised his arms and raised his feet. The whistling shakes a mountain into pieces Who got it? The demon emperor’s inheritance wants to compete with me on the road to becoming emperor. The Holy Land of Qingjiao The old sage is crying.
The heroic spirit of the Dragon Kun demon emperor has finally appeared on the top of Jigu Mountain for three thousand years.
Some old people Stroking his beard and laughing, the sky above his head is shattered, and we should finally go down the mountain. This day, countless martial arts peak figures flew all over the mainland, trying to find the place where the blood light fell, but the speed was as fast as lightning. The whole sky is full of blood clouds, no one knows where the brightest blood light is, so there is no trace for them.
The blood light is at its peak at first, and then quickly fades away, but no one noticed when passing by the sky of Tianlong Zhanmeng Two tiny beams of light swept down from the sky thousands of miles away at lightning speed, and directly sank into the body of the baby from Tianlong Zhanmeng. The middle-aged man in the room was holding the baby, and he was so happy that he looked to the left. On the loving bed was a good-looking middle-aged woman, about thirty years old, seeing the painful expressions on the faces of the man and her child had already turned into a beautiful smile and a look of happiness, Brother Xuan Just now, did you see two very bright blood lights flashing across the beautiful woman lying on the bed? Suddenly she looked out of the window with some doubts and asked her husband, didn’t you feel too much pain at that time, did you have hallucinations? The middle-aged man felt distressed.
Glancing at his wife, he smiled and comforted him. There are two words in the young master’s hand.
The midwife’s eyes flashed.
Suddenly, she pointed at the baby’s palm.
There seemed to be blood on the pink palm, and she gently opened it.
Seeing that there is a word in each palm, the left hand is Ling, the right hand is sky, the blood-colored red letter is like a dragon swimming in the shallows, flickering and stern, our son was named Ling Tian by God, the middle-aged man stared blankly Hehehe laughing, although this incident happened a bit strangely, but luckily nothing ominous happened, the safety of the mother and child was his greatest comfort.
I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep.
Two drops of blood glow lurked in the depths of the child’s body, faintly resembling a dormant dragon. With the child’s breathing, it slowly united with it. Thirteen years have passed, and the baby at that time has also grown up.
Hundreds of teenagers gathered neatly in a spacious square in the martial arts training ground, and the qualifications of the warriors were fifth and lower. A thick stone pillar more than ten feet high stood high in the sky, shining a dazzling red light, and the eight characters flashed. Standing against the pale face of a young man in front of the stone pillar is the grown-up Ling Tian.
This thick stone pillar, more than ten feet high, is a unique battle pulse test tablet in the Battle Qi Continent. It can test a person’s battle pulse aptitude and future success. Cultivation talent and war pulse aptitude are divided into five grades, and each grade is subdivided into upper, middle and lower grades.
Ling Tian’s fifth grade and lower grade of war pulse qualification is already the weakest level among warriors, and it is slightly stronger than civilians who cannot cultivate. The tester next to Ling Tian, ​​who is qualified as the fifth-class low-ranking warrior, looked at the boy coldly, without the slightest pity Unexpectedly, this waste’s war vein aptitude is still fifth-class and inferior. It seems that the position of the patriarch should be changed. Right, I think our Zhou family is very likely to replace the Ling family as the new leader of the Tianlong War League.
Ten young people from the previous generation have reached the fourth-class mediocre aptitude. It is said that when Ling Tian was born, he was born with a vision, and he was the son of our lord. I thought it was so powerful.
It turned out to be an embroidered pillow.
It was just a coincidence, maybe he offended the heavens and was punished? The twittering of teenagers in the square made Ling Tian’s little face even paler.