Tell Sister Lin to beat you up when she wakes up—Sister Lin you have to believe me it’s not me it’s this man who did

Mo Lan sighed dejectedly in her heart. Seeing that the ward of sister Hui Lan was in front of her, she patted her face with one hand, no, she had to cheer up.
It was her sister who was suffering, and she came to comfort her.
The ward where Hui Lan lived was this. The home is called Beloved Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, the highest-level presidential suite.
Huilan’s husband, Xiao Qingsheng, is a city committee member and director of the mayor’s secretary office. The land was almost desperate, and finally the dean found Xiao Qingsheng to solve the problem. Every time Hui Lan conceived and gave birth, she would go to this hospital for treatment.
The dean, director, and professor of medicine here treated Hui Lan as the supreme VIP, but they couldn’t stop her. Huilan lost her child three times. In the corridor outside the ward, there is a row of flowers and flower baskets left by the guests. It can be seen that Huilan’s popularity is very good, and ordinary people can push open the door of the room than Molan.
Between the hospital bed and the door There is a glass screen in the middle to form a small hall, and this small hall is filled with all kinds of gifts and flowers.
A nurse wearing a pink nurse uniform is arranging flowers in a blue and white porcelain hexagonal statue. Lan came in.
The nurse raised her finger to her lips and booed. The patient had just fallen asleep, so Mo Lan tiptoed closer to see what flowers were in the vase.
She saw a large bouquet of lilies and the gypsophila that set off the main flower.
The director said that Mrs. Huilan liked Lily the most. The nurse explained that Lily Molan shook her head in her heart.
Among the sisters of the Fu family, she belonged to sister Huilan. They all say that they love Lily the most.
Across the glass screen, they heard a slight cough and a virtuous voice asked who is here, sister, it’s me.
Mo Lan hurriedly agreed to go around the screen and walked in. It’s you, Mo Lan got up from the hospital bed Hui Lan, who was on the upper body, called her sister to sit beside her and talk. Mo Lan moved a chair while the nurse was helping the patient put on her coat. She sat down beside the patient’s bed and carefully looked at the patient’s face. The spirit is not bad. Mo Lan asked her brother-in-law distressedly, why didn’t he come to accompany you for a minor operation? After the nurse walked out, Hui Lan held her sister’s hand and asked in a low voice, I haven’t told the old lady about it yet. The old lady refers to the oldest mistress of the Fu family, Mrs. Fu.
The old lady disciplines all the sisters of the Fu family.
Speaking of Huilan and Molan, they are not real sisters, but cousins, but as long as they are all the ladies of the Fu family, they were all young.
It’s between Fu’s family and his elder sisters who are close relatives.
The old lady is old. I can understand if my sister doesn’t tell the old lady, but what does it have to do with your brother-in-law not coming to accompany you? Mo Lan asked seriously Hui Lan only smiled at her as a younger sister Very smart.
Among a group of sisters, she is the best in her studies, but she often makes the most common mistakes of scholars. Everything is too serious. The nature of your brother-in-law’s work is different from that of ordinary wage earners.
Busy Molan listened to this and asked softly, sister. I understand brother-in-law, yes He and I are husband and wife Hui Lan is a light but firm husband and wife. Mo Lan chews on this word.
Elder sister and brother-in-law are a beautiful couple in the public eye, but she always thinks there is something wrong. Hui Lan seems to be interested in observing her sister’s expression Speaking of Mo Lan, I heard that the family is arranging a marriage for you. Is there an arrangement? Eyes only looking at the white sheets, she remained silent Hui Lan said thoughtfully, what do you think of marriage? Marriage Mo Lan raised her eyebrows, thinking it was strange for her sister to ask this question Oh, how long can love last? One day is probably not enough for ten years, half a year, and I hate it for too long.
When Hui Lan sighed, her eyes had no focus, as if drifting aimlessly in the empty air. Is it the same thing as marriage? This book, which Mo Lan can’t explain clearly, sings the praises of great love.
Many praise marriage, but few often say that marriage is the grave of love.
But now she is longing for marriage in her heart, so she bothers her family. Arranged blind date with a stranger. She is passionately in love with someone, longing to enter the palace of marriage with that person. After all, Huilan is older and has more experience. Looking at her sister’s distraught expression, she can guess something.
She gently turned one of her younger sister’s hands over and used her nails to lightly and clearly draw strokes on her palm. When her sister finished drawing, Mo Lan whispered the word Fu on her palm. When I married your brother-in-law, I thought to myself That’s the word. Of course, I, like you, didn’t think about anything before that.
I just thought that marriage and love are as simple as a simple thing. If you fall in love, you love each other, then you hate each other, and then you leave.
Mo Lan, you know our Fu family. How did you raise your daughter? Mo Lan raised her head and looked at her elder sister, the Fu family raised their daughter as a child. The daughter of the Fu family is no worse than the man of the Fu family, and even worse than her daughter when she goes out. Huilan read every word solemnly and forcefully. Sister, abandon your unrealistic fantasy. You must first understand that you were born and raised by the Fu family.
If there were no Fu family, you would have received a better education than ordinary people since you were a child. If you want to get a job and want to study, then continue to study.
Mo Lan frowned slightly and said, I never think that I am a pampered young lady. I have a part-time work-study program. My grades are all made by sweating myself.
When I compete with others, I will never report myself.
Your family is when you feel that your excellent family is holding you back, but have you ever thought about the time when you went to the university to interview for a job because you didn’t have a good relationship first?