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Chapter 1 Falling into the Underground World Kane suddenly opened his eyes, coughing violently and blowing up a large amount of dry dust. It was pitch black, but he thought he was not blind because he vaguely saw the blood and dirt hanging on his eyelashes.
Outline of condensed fragments Didn’t I die in the earthquake? Where is this place? He muttered his chapped lips.
The cries of adults and children echoed in his ears. It’s frightening and struggling to get up from the ground, but a heart-pounding drama is involved. The pain is twisting and whirling in my chest, my head is bleeding, my lungs are feeling dizzy, it’s like a bomb has exploded in my ear, his eardrums are bulging and buzzing, and the memory left by this body begins Fusion is like a spoonful of white sugar sprinkled into boiling water, thrown away and rolled down by the boiling water, and finally squeezed and melted by a powerful external force because of the incompatibility, creating a foreign soul, a world that is both strange and familiar, Runeterra The most dangerous corner of the Rima Continent, the ignorant villagers of Icacia have lived in this cruel desert for generations, without realizing that the danger has quietly spread to their feet. There are countless void creations in the ground, and they carry an insatiable hunger.
Always ready to bring and dissolve the undercurrent in the depths of the earth.
Scattered villages seem to exist on the hourglass.
When the sand and gravel flow out to reveal the huge mouth of the abyss that swallows everything below, no one can escape the final moment. It shouldn’t be so fast.
The child’s unintentional pranks lead to destruction.
Kane is the original owner of this body. He is only ten summers old, and he is at the most playful age in his life. If he was a little older, it would be easier to notice that something unusual was happening in the village.
The wandering strangers ask the villagers for tribute every day to sacrifice to the dark power in the ground. The daytime in the desert is too hot. Kane and the children in the village can only go out to play in the shade of the night.
That night they met a column from a nomadic tribe. The goat bought here as a sacrifice, driven by some inexplicable childlike insanity, the girl traveling along, Kesha, cut the rope and let the animal go to show off to his friends the exquisite dagger that was the only one in the family.
It was a birthday present from Kesha’s father when she was eight years old.
In this barren village where there is nothing, every time it is taken out, it will arouse the envy of the friends, but no one would have thought that this would be the beginning of a nightmare. When the new moon comes The cult saw that the sacrifice was unprepared and in rage it awakened the void and replaced the necessary sacrifice with a foolish life The earth began to tremble and a scorching flash pierced the sky The children fled and fled The bedrock of the earth cracked a deep valley and swallowed the whole village with all its people It went down, leaving only the twisted stone pillars as black as night, piercing through the yellow sand of the desert, Kane fell to the ground and died, the foreign souls who died in the earthquake occupied the body that was still intact, now my name is Kane, but Kane is the last What he accepts is not that he came to another world, nor did he become a ten-year-old child, but that he was involved in this deathless thing, and he was not even qualified to continue living. What he played in this matter was just one doesn’t even have a name The passers-by, except for Kesha, all the people in the whole village failed to survive in the end. The survivors were buried in the ruins and trapped underground.
Their lives died out one after another within three days.
He was angry.
Why did he give him hope and then make him despair? Chaos and fear made him unable to move, but the remaining sliver of rationality allowed him to seize an opportunity in the dark and quickly calm down.
Wait, Kesha Kesha should also be trapped underground, can he survive as long as he follows her? The straw seems to be in front of my eyes But when Kane reaches out to grab it, he hesitates No I can’t do this Now we’ve just fallen not long after Kesha hasn’t symbiotic with the void My appearance may cause a butterfly effect If it doesn’t She won’t live long after completing the symbiosis, so Kane temporarily gave up struggling and lay limp on the ruins to recover his strength. He knew that the first three days of falling into the ground would be safe at least. Those void monsters wouldn’t find out so quickly. The cries for help gradually became clearer, it hurts, help me, mom, where are you? I’m so scared. Hearing these cries for help, Kane suddenly remembered the biological mother and biological father of this body, but he immediately forced himself not to think about it, not to torture himself. If the spirit that is already fragile and almost collapsed knows how cruel and desperate the underground world is, it will not talk about helping each other and living together. There is no food here, only monsters. Ordinary people without special abilities can’t last long here. To starve to death is to become a monster’s ration. He cannot be bound by morality, benevolence, and blood.
He must make the most rational decision.
Don’t take any action.
Don’t change anything.
The one-ten-thousandth probability of survival is already in front of you.
Missing it, the only way to rest quietly is to recover from the wounds and preserve the strength. Only then can we catch that sliver of life after three days.
Although the thoughts in his heart are almost heartless, human nature still drives him to move, but when he got up, he was almost fainted by the stabbing pain in his chest. Finally, he was able to give up this idea with a little relief. Sorry, I want to be saved, but my physical condition does not allow, and even my breathing is in pain. Kane resignedly followed the dialogue with his conscience and closed his eyes again. Lying in the ruins, waiting for him to get used to the pain, he kept silent, as if he was dead, he deeply engraved the feeling of powerlessness at this moment in his heart, and it was the first time that his soul, which was originally indifferent to the world, had such a strong strengthening. At this moment, his fate was powerless. Only by becoming stronger can you change your own destiny. Under the cruel law of the void, the weak can only survive by becoming ruthless, and kindness is a charity that the strong can give.
Can anyone answer me? When Kane is constantly comforting himself