Taste the salty taste and at the same time worry that Gouzis stomach wont be able to stand the two of thems small movements Hei

Chapter 1 The village head crossing is still the head of the village Dongxuan country, Sanxing Village, Qingshan County, near the border. One of the small green brick courtyards in the village head, Gu Jinxiu heard the noise and at the same time felt his head hurts, his back hurts, his chest is swollen The person was beating hard, it was painful, who was beating her? Gu Jinxiu stretched out her hand and pushed the person away. Hearing the sound of ouch, Gu Jinxiu sat up immediately, and what appeared in his eyes were blue bricks and gray tiles, and then turned his head to the right to look at the comb.
A young woman with a bulging belly in an ancient bun stood aside and looked at her with an angry face.
She had never seen this person in her memory. At this moment, another voice suddenly sounded, “You finally woke up.
If you even you Something happened too, how do you want your mother to live? Hearing these excited and concerned words, Gu Jinxiu’s body trembled, looking forward to the right, and saw a plainly dressed woman with a slightly vicissitudes of life, who was watching her with concern. When Gu Jinxiu came, his head exploded like a burst of memories that did not belong to him. Gu Jinxiu’s eyes were full of uneasiness.
For a while, he couldn’t accept the fact of time travel and was immersed in his own thoughts.
Oh, she just graduated from the Agricultural University and went back to the village to work.
The village head, two families in the village had a quarrel because of a wall that was so wide. She went to pull the frame and was smashed by a brick that fell from the wall. The original owner and she encountered a similar thing.
There was a dispute at home because of the position of a courtyard wall.
The original owner stepped forward to pull the frame, but was pushed by the eldest son of Uncle Wang’s family and hit the wall. The stone on the wall rolled down and smashed.
Where did it get smashed? Mother, look at the husband, who was stunned.
Will he be stunned by the stone? The Wang and Li families who suffered a thousand dollars, we must not let them go.
They dare to hurt the village chief.
If we don’t give money, we will go to the Yamen to sue He’s going to He’s Taoist, Liu, you give me some peace, the life of the big guy is hard Fat three months ago, the original owner’s twin brothers fell off a cliff and searched for a long time, but they have not heard from them. They actually let the original owner’s woman disguise as a man to replace her elder brother as the village chief, and pretended to be her elder brother to receive the maternity subsidy.
This is a big deal now.
She became the original owner, but it was a pity that at night Gu Jinxiu had already accepted her new identity, and she was very worried about pretending to be the village chief. After saying that, the weak Gu Jinxiu fell asleep in a daze with confusion and hesitation about the future. Early the next morning, Gu Jinxiu told the Village Chief He Dao Niang that I don’t want to do it anymore. Orphans and widowed mothers also refused very simply Jin Haoniang disagreed, and then Mrs. He said helplessly that your sister-in-law is seven months pregnant and can’t do anything. Mother only knows needlework and can’t support the family at all.
If you rely on what your father left behind We can only live together for a year at most, so we can’t live without the village chief. Gu Jinxiu knows that it is difficult to convince her mother that she is not the village head, after all, she will lose two sources of income when she recovers her daughter, but she will be able to use her modern knowledge to live in this different world like a time-travel novel written by others. In time and space, Dongxuan Kingdom can make a fortune and earn much more than these things.
You don’t have to worry about your identity being exposed and you will lose your head.
Gu Jinxiu wants to speak, but Liu gets ahead of him. We are living a tight life, and soon there will be another mouth in our family. Our life will be even more difficult. If you don’t think about me and mother, you have to think about the child in my belly. This is the only blood of your Gu family. Gu Jinxiu is irritable.
Seeing the chattering Mrs. Liu frightened by her harsh words, Gu Jinxiu raised the corners of her lips and smiled.
She really thought she was stupid and didn’t know her purpose.
During these three months, the original owner didn’t understand anything in front of the village chief.
If he can’t handle the matter, if it weren’t for He’s helpers, he might be kicked out, and Liu also took advantage of the original owner to hide He’s benefits from it. At this time, He asked sharply that you are not the village chief, what do you say? What can I do? It’s true that the original owner is thin and weak.
I can’t lift my hands.
I can’t carry it.
I haven’t even learned embroidery skills, but Gu Jinxiu opened his mouth to say that I am no longer the original Gu Jinxiu.
It will be a long time. Not wanting to be regarded as a monster, she quickly shut her mouth and became irritated.
Gu Jinxiu told Mrs.
He that she wanted to go out for a walk, so she left the house under Mrs. He’s instructions.
The cold spring has not left, a gust of spring breeze blows, Gu Jinxiu gathers up her clothes, lifts her feet, and walks out of the house. Not far away, she sees farmers in simple clothes with sallow complexion, going to do farm work in the fields.
Some are carrying hoes, and some are carrying burdens.
When some people met her with a basket on their backs, everyone greeted her one after another.
Gu Jinxiu nodded slightly. This scene reminded her of her backward hometown, and she felt very sad. It’s a pity that she traveled through time before her dream came true. I don’t know if I can go back and think about it in the future. Thinking about it, she looked at the village where the smoke was curling up and smiled. She could realize her dream here and at the same time prove that she has the ability to earn money to support her family. Wouldn’t it be possible to resign from the position of village head? Gu Jinxiu turned and walked towards the entrance of the village. Going to the county seat to inquire about the situation and look for business opportunities. At this time, two people rushed over, one of them pulled Gu Jinxiu’s arm, and said at the same time, the village chief, come and comment on me.
Gu Jinxiu, whose thoughts were interrupted, looked at her and blocked her The two people in front of me remembered in the blink of an eye, aren’t these two families arguing over the courtyard wall? They said helplessly that you haven’t quarreled clearly about the position of the village chief, obviously he is the one-person village chief of my family.