Task Xiao Yiruo murmured there are only six floors in total where can he hide Walked down the wooden ladder inspected stroked his chest with

The task is jogging for an hour and eating a whole bowl of snail rice noodles.
The reward for buying a lottery ticket must be five yuan and limit one bet.
The status has been completed.
The next check-in is in June.
Dong’an City has entered summer ahead of schedule. The three-story building next to Dong’an TV Station is Dong’an Radio Station Xiao Yiruo is staring at the computer in front of him from a corner of the office. From the perspective of others, he seems to be working hard, but he is actually looking at the transparent online game dialog box in front of him. This appeared inexplicably after drinking too much with his colleagues last night. Coincidentally, after drinking, I happened to run home. After ordering a takeaway snail powder, the button turned gray and showed that it had been clocked in.
Generally, I start planning ahead of time and submit my resume in March, because there are not many competitors before the graduation season.
I was lucky enough to enter Dong’an Radio Station for an internship. If the one-year internship period is good enough, I can become a full-time radio station affiliated with Dong’an TV Station. The latter is the parent. The company belongs to the third-line satellite TV in China, so I can only say that it is average, otherwise Xiao Yiruo has no chance to look good, he is better than ordinary people, he is 1.
78 meters tall, and he is not quite a model.
The only specialty is basketball, point guard, and dribbling. Counting one to two originally thought it was a dream. When I got up early in the morning and brushed my teeth in front of the mirror, Xiao Yiruo called out in his heart. The system dialog box appeared again, and he swallowed all the foam from the toothpaste. Was it a dream? Xiao Yiruo, who reads novels and blockbuster movies, is excited and about to get rich. When he goes out to work, he happens to be passing by a lottery shop. He spends two dollars and randomly typed a set of numbers to verify that he didn’t expect this. The lottery is going to win five million! A voice came from the side, Xiao Yiruo didn’t look back and knew it was Du Peng, who was also an intern in the stage Let’s start at the sound of midnight, Brother Peng, do you think this lottery ticket is real? If you don’t want to be in power and support sports, then do you think people have superpowers? Xiao Yiruo turned around and looked at him. The young man Du Peng patted him on the shoulder. I believe in power. As long as you have money, you can do whatever you want, or he pointed at himself.
There is a photo of a star on the table who looks like the first-line star An Zhen, that is also a superpower.
Have you encountered any strange things in the past two days? With a system, Du Peng was stunned, there is something special.
I’m very hungry today. Don’t be kidding.
Xiao Yiruo was relieved. You were kidding first.
Look into my eyes, Xiao Yiruo calls out the system, look at each other, what do you see, I see insults After a long while, Du Peng was dissatisfied with the big eyes. As for what, I’m a straight man, I don’t mean it. Let’s have a drink tomorrow weekend. Du Peng suggested that we had drunk too much yesterday. Sorry, I worked overtime with Du Peng yesterday, and drank a few glasses of white wine when we had supper in the middle of the night.
Great habit, thanks to Du Peng leading the way, I didn’t get scolded a lot.
I didn’t say anything to you. I forgot that the graduation season is here. Du Peng said he understands which restaurant needs me to drop you off. Carrying yourself is enough, and one more person is not afraid of going on strike halfway, and you won’t be on the way. You are not in the west. I’m going to Donghua Hotel. It’s okay to pay alone. Xiao Yiruo smiled and said, I remember you are from the Department of Broadcasting, right? Seeing that it’s time to get off work and it’s the weekend, Du Peng starts to pack his things quietly and prepares to leave. Dongguang is incomparable to you going north.
People in their twenties have nothing to do with a famous university. It’s just a stepping stone to see what we do are exactly the same.
This is the main reason why Xiao Yiruo likes to play with Du Peng. He is very simple. He went to the north, but the well-known radio and TV university in the country didn’t give much preferential treatment after he came in. It probably has something to do with his image. After all, the host is too fat for the scene.
It’s not good, the two of them were fishing here one sentence at a time.
Seeing that the time came to 5:50, they thought they could get off work properly. The screenwriter sister Xia came in.
Du Peng, Xiao Yiruo, and the two got up and went downstairs Going to do a favor.
The materials arrived.
Unified moved to the logistics department to find out.
Sister Xia watched the other party leave Du Peng and sighed.
Why don’t you come early? Let’s go. The elevator is used too frequently. It took an hour to deliver all kinds of materials and finished the work. The logistical management in charge of entry and exit is not helpful, and I keep looking at the watch to urge them.
Can the two of you keep silent? Watching each other walk into the elevator and close the door Du Peng couldn’t help spitting out what the hell! The officer really considers himself a leader.
I’ll kill you later. Don’t know Xiao Yiruo like him.
Patting the dust off your body, you shouldn’t be wearing a white shirt today. It’s fine now.
You don’t need to go back and change your clothes. It’s already late. If you go back home, it will be over. Hurry up and go downstairs and say goodbye to Du Peng. Xiao Yiruo isn’t waiting. The bus reached out and stopped a taxi and went straight to the hotel. The waiter led me down to the private room and opened the door.