Tang Yusen got into a taxi He took out his mobile phone to call Han Baoqi and the phone beeped for a long time before he

Marriage protagonist Han Baoqi supporting role Tang Yusen Tang Yan Other editors commented on Tang Yusen’s career success Han Baoqi also has her own job The two have been married for six years and have a daughter.
Although the marriage life is bumpy, it is also very enjoyable. However, because the best parents-in-law are not The young couple was asked to use test-tube babies to give birth to sons and grandchildren, so the hot-tempered and stubborn Han Baoqi resolutely filed for divorce.
After the divorce, Tang Yusen took his daughter alone and deeply realized his wife’s hard work in the past six years.
He deeply regretted and decided to chase Han Baoqi back. The character creation is very realistic.
Although the plot design is not a climax, it is close to life. It is very watchable and easy to resonate with readers. The bathroom light is broken again. At first, it was flickering and flickering for a few days.
After a few days, it simply went on strike. My friend said old-fashionedly in the bath that it’s inconvenient for my mother to have no lights. I don’t know if I should rub the bubbles on my body or my butt.
If I dare to rub the bubbles, I still have to stare at Han Baoqi and roll my eyes so I don’t see her through. Your mother, I’m not holding a flashlight for you. It’s not that the light illuminates the front and can’t illuminate the back Tang Yan twisted her small body, which is only over one meter in size, but it’s best if you rub my body Tang Yan stared at the steamy, dark bathroom and said, Mom, don’t give me milk tonight, or I’ll have to go to the toilet in the dark in the middle of the night. The milk is evaporated milk and not sweet. The brat has hated it for a long time. If you are short, don’t you want to play with you? Milk is the key. Xiaoyu is a small friend. A classmate in the kindergarten loves to share everything she eats and plays with. But recently, she has sex with her classmate, Cheng Meimei.
The reason is that they are similar.
Higher than that is the dwarf, Tang Yan is distressed. Didn’t I drink bone soup tonight? Forget about wetting the bed, just wet the bed.
Listen to what a five-year-old child said? Han Baoqi silently drove the child back to the room. The light is indeed very inconvenient.
The weak light source of this old-fashioned flashlight alone is not enough. When the light started to flash last week, Han Baoqi told Tang Yusen that he needed to change the light bulb. He didn’t agree or refuse.
He dragged it on for ten days.
After taking a shower, Han Baoqi directly put the flashlight and the newly bought light bulbs on the dining room table, so it’s obvious, right? If he comes back in the dark in the middle of the night and doesn’t change them, he will definitely call him to look good tomorrow.
The next morning, Han Baoqi wakes up on time at seven o’clock, and the air conditioner is whistling. With the wind blowing, the chubby guy next to him slept sideways to the end of the bed, and the saliva flowed on the sheet, and a large area was wet.
The stinky man who came back last night was shirtless and took up half of the bed. The quilt obliquely covered his waist. There is no hair below his thighs, his head is slightly sideways to the window, and the morning light shines in and hits his pretty face. His peaceful sleeping face looks younger than his actual age, not at all like someone in his early thirties.
The picture of a sexy handsome man sleeping on his side Han Baoqi stared at him, especially in his dream, he just got out of the room and went to the bathroom door, subconsciously turned on the switch on the wall, and everything was in the bathroom under the dim light Usually it’s just that the light is not on, your uncle ignored such an obvious hint Han Baoqi rushed to the dining room angrily, and sure enough the flashlight on the dining table is still there, but the light bulb has disappeared. Is this called destruction evidence? Han Baoqi ran over hurriedly, only to see Tang Yan sitting on the floor, pouted with aggrieved mouth, Han Baoqi didn’t step forward to help her, hugged her chest with both hands, helplessly said, “My daughter needs to grow eyes when going to the bathroom, that’s because it’s too dark, the kid didn’t cry, the fact is The education method of going to the Tang family is that if the child falls, he has to get up by himself Tang Yan is also used to standing up automatically and consciously Han Baoqi then bent over to rub her buttocks and comforted her, but the meat is not painful Tang Yan pouted Complaining about why mom didn’t change the lamp, you should ask your father Han Baoqi squeezed his soft buttocks before stopping I don’t think you can count on your father, his reputation is bankrupt Even the daughter knows that her father is unreliable Han Baoqi hum With a sound, he picked up the laundry basket on the side, separated the clothes from the adults, stuffed them into the washing machine, put the children’s clothes in a basin, and rubbed them with his hands. Tang Yan dragged a small stool to the sink, stepped on it, and took her own toothbrush and toothpaste.
That’s it. At the end of the day, as usual, Han Baoqi finished rinsing, the kid was still using his toothbrush, pulling out the water from the faucet, no playing in the water, she left a warning, went to the kitchen, took out the big meat buns from the refrigerator, threw them into the pot and steamed them Last night the rice cooker made an appointment to cook the porridge, scooped it into two bowls, turned on the fan to cool it down, got up in the morning, there were a lot of tedious things to do, and after everything was finished, I went back to the room. A fleshy thigh leaned into her father’s ear and whispered something Tang Yusen responded with a few words, “Hmm, yes, I’m still sleepy, I haven’t opened my eyes yet, hurry up and put on your pants, we’re going to be late, Han Baoqi put his hips on his hips, pretending to be angry, Tang Yan is slow Hugging the clothes and rolling to the bed, my mother helped me put on my own things. She was actually full of anger. The bathroom light was not changed. I wanted to use Tang Yusen to clean it, but my daughter was here. Tang Yan said childishly that I would not What to wear? Last week, you won the first place in the kindergarten dressing competition.
Mom doesn’t love me anymore. I hold you and read it hundreds of times every day.
When I love you the most, you always responded.
Han Baoqi squeezed her daughter’s apple face Then I went to the closet and took out the clothes and quickly changed into them.
The child has to arrive at the kindergarten before 8 o’clock. She usually wakes up at 7 o’clock and has breakfast in the morning.
She needs to do laundry at 7:40 o’clock and go out at 7:40. If Tang Yan procrastinates or there is a traffic jam It is inevitable to be late, so Han Baoqi will be very irritable whenever there is an unexpected situation, just like today, the child dawdled in the room for 15 minutes and still hasn’t come out Tang Yan