Tang and it wasn’t cold so he stood by the bed and quickly took off her sweater and trousers leaving only the autumn clothes and

Not only that, but she also has to deal with the whole family’s in-laws, Ruan Qingyue, who abuses scum, and is so tired that she wants to leave, but her cold, sullen husband is considerate and warm-hearted, and she can’t move her legs at all.
My daughter-in-law is coming home to sleep.
Here comes this article, the sweet heroine Su Shuang has space to welcome you into the pit.
Chapter 1 has passed through. Ruan Qingyue opened her eyes and stared at the dark mud wall and roof covered with newspapers.
She closed it again unwillingly. She remembered that she hadn’t closed her eyes for two days and one night. After undergoing several operations, she fell asleep on the sofa when she returned home, so she must be dreaming, but after a few seconds, she opened her eyes and saw the dilapidated roof just now. Ruan Qingyue lamented and had to accept that not only Die from overwork and have passed through the fact that dilapidated mud houses paper wooden windows are placed on the table ceramic cups with words of great men printed on them and the portraits of great men on the wall plus the rough cloth she covered with blue and white torn All of Hua’s quilts told her that she had returned to at least forty years ago. Ruan Qingyue suddenly let out a low cry of pain, because at this moment, countless memories of the original owner appeared in her mind, making her head swell and ache like countless tiny needles.
After piercing into her temple, Ruan Qingyue’s face turned paler after receiving the memory of the original owner, and her expression was very ugly, because the original owner felt aggrieved and useless But it is very different.
She has always had the temperament of revenge and never suffers, but the original owner is a soft bun that anyone can knead. She ran out of food, and her family was poor because of the fact that this is not the case. The original owner was not fat before she was ten years old, but later she got a disease and after recovering, she became fat even after drinking cold water.
Her body was ten years old. She got fatter like blowing a ball, and then she tried her best to eat less and work more, but she still couldn’t lose weight My younger brother’s family spent all the money to see a doctor. When the original owner was eighteen years old, his younger brother fell ill again and had no money to see the original owner’s parents. They couldn’t afford it, so they discussed it with the original owner.
She got married and took the gift money to see the doctor. Agreed, but the original owner is fat and has a bad reputation of being gluttonous.
He couldn’t find a good family. In the end, he had no choice but to marry the youngest of Lin Fugui’s family in the next village. At least he was a soldier. The bride price was not much, and he could help the elder of the Lin family.
The third is called Lin Hongrui, who served as a soldier outside and did not come back.
The original owner worshiped the big rooster and married to the Lin family.
He has never seen what his husband looks like. After marrying for half a year, the original owner is like an animal working hard during the day.
I don’t have enough to eat, and I’m still being scolded by my mother-in-law every day. I’m lazy and stupid. I don’t have any status.
Yesterday, the original owner was working in the rain.
I had a fever this morning, but I’m still working sick, but I don’t want to have time after cutting the grass in the morning and feeding the pigs. The original owner was slapped severely by her mother-in-law after breakfast, saying that she had stolen eggs.
The original owner anxiously argued that he did not There was stealing food, but the mother-in-law immediately decided that she was holding a broom and beating her all over the yard.
The original owner had a fever and was angry and aggrieved. He fell down and passed out, and then she passed through.
Ruan Qingyue was furious when she learned about these memories.
Half-dead was beaten half-dead just because of the original owner of an egg.
In the end, she was pissed off by herself.
Although she was an orphan in her previous life, she grew up in a bad environment and sometimes starved, but she never felt so suffocated. Ruan Qingyueyi Time has completely merged into the emotions of the original owner, her eyes widened and she panted like a bull, she really wanted to rush out and fight that wicked mother-in-law, but in the end she had no impulse but closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths to calm herself down slowly.
Read the text to remind that although this book is a chronological text, it is fictitious and does not imply any real political issues. Please also know that the heroine was called Ruan Qingyue before the time travel. Obstacles wait for the heroine and the heroine to get the certificate. After the chapter, the heroine feels that after integrating here, she will be called Ruan Qiuyue. The last article is really sweet. Welcome to collect and welcome to the pit. Update new books every night. I need to grow up. Please vote for it and support it very much Thank you Chapter Chapter Evil mother-in-law has no nostalgia in her previous life.
Since she has become Ruan Qiuyue, she must live here well.
She can’t do things that are not good for her just because she gets angry for a while. The fact that she was a doctor in her previous life and knew medical skills can’t be easily revealed Ruan Qingyue frowned and recognized that the voice was the original owner’s evil mother-in-law Wang Lanxiang. She immediately closed her eyes and continued to pretend to be unconscious.
She was so hot that she was sore and her limbs were weak. It was difficult to get out of bed, how could it be possible to go out to work? The door was pushed open with a slam. Wang Lanxiang came in cursing, swaying her little feet from side to side. When she walked to the bed, she slapped Ruan Qingyue’s arm and shouted, “Don’t pretend to be dead, get up and do it.
” Although the living Wang Lanxiang is a little hunchbacked, she is still 1.6 meters tall. Her skin is dark and her hair is tied into a bun. Most of her people are thin and thin.
In addition, her eyes are often slightly squinted. I spent time doing farm work, but I did a lot of housework at home, and I practiced my strength. This slap was very powerful.
Ruan Qingyue greeted her ancestors in pain from the bottom of her heart.
On the face, she frowned in pain and hummed twice. don’t open your eyes