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The author, Ice City Demon Jade, passed through the hooligans and actually crossed the myth of how the hooligans were made The protagonist of this book is not coquettish, but we really don’t like princesses and saints.
Let’s see how our protagonist snatches back his beautiful mother from the devil, how to avenge his grandparents and destroy powerful enemies, how to dominate the world step by step from waste. Let’s pay attention to see how the hooligans are galloping in another world Chapter I am optimistic about you Oh, the bustling city’s lights, feasting, green singing, dancing and peacefulness have nothing to do with Aaron Long has a strong body and is very righteous. He was recommended by some hooligans as the boss, nicknamed Brother Long.
In fact, Aaron himself knows that this so-called boss is actually Mao. Living a life of drunkenness, today Aaron took his younger brothers out of the bar drunk as usual, going to a small alley to go to a massage to spend the protection fee just collected from the bar Aaron got dizzy from drinking When I was in a daze, I heard someone arguing in front of me, surrounded by a lot of people, the younger brothers shouted and went over to see the excitement, and pushed away the crowd. Those who saw these drunken bastards avoiding Aaron were very proud.
Passed through the separated crowd and walked to the front, Aaron folded his arms and asked loudly, what’s going on, what’s going on on Lao Tzu’s site, at this moment, a gangster who made a clear inquiry came up and said that Brother Long was When the old man fell down, he bumped the headlights of this car. The owner didn’t want to get off, so he beat up the old man. All the onlookers were condemning the owner of the car who beat him up.
If you fall down, you have to fall on someone else’s car. Isn’t this self-inflicted? You see, this car is worth at least a few million.
With a bang, Aaron, who didn’t feel anything at first, suddenly gave the talking bastard a mouthful and hit the bastard. I was stunned there, Brother Long, you, you, Aaron said you are so rich, I don’t believe in evil today, as I said, I walked towards the owner of the car who was beating someone, only then did the gangster who was beaten react and hurried forward Pulling Aaron eagerly, he said Brother Long, let’s not interfere.
You see, this car is obviously not something that ordinary people can drive. We don’t need to offend anyone because of an irrelevant old man, and it’s someone we can’t afford to offend. Aaron throws it away. The gangster who pulled him said that I just can’t bear the sight of people who have a few stinky money and pretend to be like 2.
58 million. In fact, if Aaron is sober, he will not be so impulsive, because the cruel reality for so many years has already made him Numb from the heat of blood, but today Aaron drank too much. The outburst of hatred for the rich for many years made him feel justice. Still kicking vigorously there, the old man Aaron who had curled up into a ball finally came In front of me, I told you to stop, you couldn’t hear me, I pushed the car owner to the side, and the unprepared car owner was pushed by such an inexplicable push, and fell directly into his own compartment, screaming, remembering that the car owner was being lifted up Aaron, who was beaten by the old man, was taken aback. Aaron thought that he would be forced to be struck by lightning so soon after he pretended to be so fast.
He looked up and saw that it was a car getting off. A seductively dressed woman saw the owner of the car fall to the front of the car.
Lifting up the car owner, our car owner’s face was just scratched by the windshield wiper, and blood flowed down like a ghost.
Our beauty was frightened.
What is it? Sobbing in a low voice, Young Master Fang, are you okay? I’m worried about you.
The owner of the car named Young Master Fang wiped the blood off his face and touched the corner of his mouth that hurts.
He twitched and said, “I’m not going to die, damn it.
I want to see who it is.” Such a bold man who dares to meddle in this young man’s business After finishing speaking, ignore the woman and take a step towards Aaron, boy, I don’t care who you are, now kneel down and kowtow ten times to me, and then scrape one of my own hands, I will let the past go and help the old man Hearing this young master Fang’s request, Aaron directly discarded the regretful and kind thoughts that had just arisen, rolled up his arms and sleeves, and went to that stop and asked me to kowtow to you, did you hit someone and give yourself to me? I’m so stupid, I don’t even look in the mirror.
Your face is longer than the face of a horse, and your younger sister Fang Shao. You should be called Chang Fang Shao to match your face. I couldn’t stop laughing. Fang Shao was always praised as a majestic face with the face of a high-ranking person.
When Aaron said this, Fang Shao completely went berserk. Boy, I will kill your whole family and you. I will remember Fang Shao first said to Aaron, then pointed to the crowd of onlookers and said Fang Shao’s bloody rage made him look very hideous and scary. Unknowingly, the onlookers were all quiet, so don’t put on your aura to scare people and kill my whole family.
Come on, I’m full. The whole family is not hungry, I’m afraid you won’t be successful Aaron has a look of love, Fang Shao also saw a few gangsters behind Aaron, knowing that he can’t get any benefits now, covering his face and saying, I swear by the blood tiger hall, if you can still see it Tomorrow’s sun, then we jumped off the Shenwu Bridge in the sky, got on the car and left without looking back, and left that charming woman behind. The crowd dispersed in an instant, leaving only the beaten old man, Aaron, and his little brothers standing there dumbfounded, and that woman, you can escape as far as you can, right? Fang Zaitian is the only son of the head of the Blood Tiger Hall. The woman who will definitely take revenge After finishing speaking, carefully look around, take a taxi and leave Blood Tiger Hall The largest local underworld once established, eradicated all other societies overnight