Taking her mobile phone Su Tang thought he was going to delete the photos hurriedly protected the mobile phone behind her back Shen Yi didnt

Many years later, Shen Yi told Su Tang by his pillow that when he saw her for the first time, his eyes lit up. That day she was wearing a bright yellow dress with a red face, as if she had stepped out of a Japanese animation. Which animation of Su Tang was Shen Yi? With a smile on his face, he gently compared the Chinese translation of the anime with sign language: Pokemon Su Tang divorced Shen Yi hurried to catch up with a sentence full of electricity Su Tang can’t leave the male protagonist Deaf and dumb One person took everyone’s medicine, so the others had no medicine A simple love story has nothing to do with crime or psychology Share a moment of silence without talking to someone without feeling awkward That moment you’ll know you’ve met the right person This is a man who lives in a silent world. It was a sunny day in early August, and the heat was still heavy in the evening. Yi was wearing a light blue shirt and gray trousers, leaning against a black car.
Su Tang had the illusion that this car was for sale. The driver who picked up Su Tang in the airport hall was Lao Chen and Su Tang walked up to Shen Yi.
Su designed this.
This is Mr. Shen Yi.
Graduating from a public engineering school stumbled, and the job has not yet been found. When Old Chen learned that she planned to find a job in several architectural design companies in the city, he called her Su Tang one by one.
Smiling very brightly, Mr.
Shen, thank you for coming to pick me up for grandma After reacting, he stuck his tongue out and quickly changed his words.
Thank you, the old Chen who was helping Su Tang put his luggage at the back of the car, laughed exaggeratedly as if he had heard some new joke.
Standing on the pedal, he looked back at Shen Yi in embarrassment.
The handsome man was still smiling like a car model. When he saw Su Tang suddenly look back, he even increased the sugar content in his smile by a few plus signs. Tang stared at God, old Chen walked towards the driver’s seat after putting away his luggage, poking out his bald head, with deliberately magnified curiosity on his face, he glanced at Su Tang at Su Design, Doctor Zhou didn’t tell you, Doctor Zhou belongs to Su Tang Grandma was a senior nurse in a private nursing home when she was young.
She wrote several books on special care and was well-known in this circle. After retiring, she was hired back as a consultant to that nursing home.
They are all called doctors and grandma. They only told her that someone would pick her up at the airport.
The person who picked her up was called Shen Yi.
He was a tall man in his twenties, but he didn’t tell her that he was a man with such a presence, and of course he didn’t tell her either.
Said he was a man who couldn’t hear? Ah, I don’t know if Shen Yijie doesn’t mind if she talked to him just now Su Tang sat in the car with a little guilty conscience Shen Yi followed in and sat next to Su Tang and closed the car door casually There was a very light smell on Shen Yi’s body, not the smell of perfume The smell that makes Su Tang feel very at ease. This smell is very familiar.
Su Tang couldn’t remember it for a while and couldn’t help but look at Shen Yi again, but it didn’t happen.
Shen Yi was also looking at the car model with her curious eyes on Su Tang. The face froze for a moment, as if realizing something, the smile faded, but it didn’t fade to the point of disappearing, Old Chen sat down in the driver’s seat and smiled meaningfully.
Doctor Zhou also said that you two are childhood sweethearts, isn’t it? Looking at Shen Yi’s sharp-edged face carefully, when she was three years old, her parents got divorced, each started a family, and no one wanted her. She grew up obediently with her grandmother and studied hard every day. At the age of twenty-four, she hasn’t had a decent relationship yet. Come out with such a big bamboo horse, let me just say, an excellent and beautiful girl like Su Design must have had eyesight since she was a child, how could she see a deaf person? Su Tang suspects that his Chinese level has deteriorated severely in France for three years, and he didn’t understand the old man for a while.
Is Chen’s words complimenting her or hurting her? So Su Tang didn’t answer.
After thinking about it, he took out his mobile phone from his bag, opened a new memo, typed a line, and handed it to Shen Yi.
You know me, grandma. Shen Yi glanced at the screen of the mobile phone. Then he looked at the person who raised the mobile phone in front of him, nodded, took Su Tang’s mobile phone, pursed his lips, and typed slowly under Su Tang’s words: “You can speak, I can read your mouth shape, but My Chinese is not very good, please speak slowly, if you are willing to speak English, I can read more accurately After thinking about it for a while, I realized that when Old Chen said those thorny words just now, they were really out of Shen Yi’s sight. Su Tang realized that this was even worse than speaking ill of people behind his back. Su Tang looked down at Shen Yi again. On the phone, brows frowned, I took the phone from him, I’ve almost lost my English, can I speak French? You and him don’t seem to be on the same side, Shen Yi was amused by Su Tang’s childish words, the corners of his mouth turned up My driver is on vacation, he is my stepmother’s driver Su Tang raised his eyebrows, you are Snow White, Shen Yi laughed silently The slender and clean fingers obviously relaxed. The typing speed is so fast that Su Tang’s eyes are dazzled. Is it because I am Cinderella’s stepmother who gave birth to a younger sister? Su Tang looked up at Lao Chen’s back. The white horse pulling the cart for Cinderella was changed by a mouse, right? Shen Yi smiled so much that he showed a row of white teeth and told him for me