Taking care of them I still said a word of hesitation but Xu Tian is not bad to us I cant you cant believe it

Qianjue Feng Xiao Xiao Yi Shui Han The author can’t get up on his knees The author kneels in front of the crowd and swears to all the readers of this book This is a story about a magician growing up in a different world Ninety-eighty-one Difficulties Finally became the general manager counterattack Gao Fushuai married Bai Fumei as the peak of life The story of reaching the pinnacle of life Chapter 1 Unexpectedly, are you okay Xu Tian feels as if someone is shaking his body I don’t know why he feels abnormal Exhausted, even trying to open the eyes is so laborious.
When I finally opened my eyes, I saw a girl wearing clothes that Xu Tian had never seen before. Her long hair was entangled in a strange way on her head, but it looked like a girl. It’s still very beautiful.
What is this place? Xu Tian asked with difficulty. This is the Beifeng Mountain Range, are you injured? Why are you lying here? Outsiders who come here to practice are not allowed in. This girl is a registered disciple Tang Yu who just came to Jiuzhenmen.
Originally, she shouldn’t be here. It’s just because the registered name who lives with her has accepted a sect task and asked her to help in Beifeng Taking something from the entrance of the mountain range, Xu Tian tried his best to sit up and looked at the surrounding environment, feeling strangely unfamiliar. He remembered that he was chasing a monster.
I can’t remember the matter anymore, Xu Tian doesn’t remember such a place as dangerous, Xu Tian’s keen perception senses that there is something moving nearby, and at this time, his mental strength has recovered a little, so he looks at the eyes.
The strangely dressed girl said, I’m fine, thank you, I’m leaving, then I stood up and walked forward, Tang Yu saw that this person was not dressed like someone from Jiuzhenmen, so he decided to follow him to see him What are you going to do when you come to Sad Wind Mountain? Xu Tian noticed that the girl was following behind him just now. He didn’t feel like he frowned, but he didn’t turn his head to stop him. As he moved forward, the dangerous aura was getting closer. According to Xu Tian’s past experience, the danger should appear immediately. So Xu Tian closed his eyes slightly and chanted the spell lightly. The surrounding fire elements frantically gathered in one direction and quickly gathered in Xu Tian’s hand, and then a burning fireball appeared in Xu Tian’s eyes.
Keeping the fireball in his hand so that he could attack at any time, Tang Yu watched from the sidelines for a while, then walked over to start a conversation with Xu Tian. Xu Tian chatted with the girl in a lukewarm manner. He didn’t reveal his identity The identity, but kept asking this girl about the Jiuzhenmen and cultivation level she just mentioned.
From her mouth, Xu Tian roughly learned about it. Some information about Jiuzhenmen and cultivation base Xu Tian doesn’t know where he is now, he wants to go back, but he doesn’t know which direction the way back will be At the beginning, I have been concentrating on practicing undead magic, but after reaching the first star, I can’t improve my rank.
Later, my parents discovered that his talent for fire magic is much higher than that of undead magic, so they let him learn fire magic. But the undead magic is the most harmful of all the magic, so Xu Tian didn’t want to give up practicing the undead magic, so he also became a dual-line magician, but the speed of learning two kinds of magic at the same time was much slower until now. Xu Tian’s undead magic is only one-star and six-level, and the fire magic he learned later is already two-star and zero-level. After being chased by her and asked so many questions, Tang Yu felt strange. I don’t know anything about the sect and cultivation base, so thinking about it, he is not a disciple of the Jiuzhen sect, let alone a direct disciple, then why did he appear in the Beifeng mountain range? Tang Yu, the more he thinks about it, the more he feels something is wrong.
Super Monster Beast, Su Feng Beast, I just arrived at the fifth floor of Qi training, come quickly and help Tang Yu, looking at an ugly monster with two people’s height and bony spine, retreating cautiously to Xu Tian’s side, Xu Tian looked in front of him The spirit of this monster also tensed up. He asked Tang Yu if this monster is very powerful. Tang Yu replied that the strength of a first-level monster, Xingfeng Beast, is comparable to that of a monk with a sixth-level or higher level of Qi training.
That’s not enough. Xu Tian took it for granted that his star level corresponds to it. Since it is the sixth level of Qi training, his two-star and zero-level fire magic should have no problem dealing with it. Let’s try what Xu Tian has already prepared in his hand.
The fireball was thrown towards the monster beast vigorously.
The speed of the wind beast was not slow. Xu Tian’s fireball didn’t hit it, but instead annoyed it.
Seeing that the fireball was dodged by it just now, Xu Tian sang again.
A new round of fire magic started, and the fire elements in the surrounding environment quickly gathered together. A fist-sized scorching fireball appeared in Xu Tian’s hand, and then he threw it towards the first-level monster with all his might. Be careful. Sufeng Beast swayed and hid, then rushed towards the two of them, let out a dull roar, Tang Yu drew out the white sword behind his back to meet it carefully a few times, and then was forced to retreat every time he practiced Qi. There is a certain gap in strength between layers. I am sure I can’t handle it, but Xu Tian, ​​although he can use the fireball, failed to hit it twice. Tang Yu thought she should launch the martial rocket and ask the steward in the door to come and save her.
Tang Yu stepped back. Tui Xutian’s attention was all on the monster in front of him