Taking care of Su Luolai as carefully as protecting an extremely precious piece of porcelain not only did all the household work but also started

Rebirth in the wilderness Surrounded by natural enemies How to survive against the trend Su Luo casts a sideways glance Disdain for things Natural selection for the survival of the fittest Chapter 1 Rain unexpectedly arrives in the night With both eyes, I saw a gap in the top of the head that was used to protect against the wind, and dense raindrops were happily pouring in through the tiny gap. With a weak sigh, Su Luo shrank his thin body inward, causing dissatisfaction all around.
The sobbing moisture made him unable to sleep anymore Su Luo looked up at the endless night, looking forward to the arrival of dawn, the morning after the rain looked extraordinarily refreshing, the sky seemed to have been washed, the tiles were blue and clear, and there was no trace of haze, carefully looking out from the black shed In the early morning, Su Luo sniffed the early morning grass fragrance, his indifferent eyes revealed a little joy, and looked around to make sure it was safe. Su Luo drilled out of the shed and completely bathed his body in the sunshine. The feeling of being wrapped in warmth made him feel Comfortably squinting his eyes, he was enjoying the morning light comfortably. Suddenly, his eyes dimmed. Su Luo raised his eyes in a daze, and saw a huge monster swooping towards him fiercely. Before he could react, Su Luo was thrown out by a force Su Luo rolled a few times in embarrassment on the ground, but was blocked by a short tree.
After struggling to get up, Su Luo finally saw the appearance of the huge monster. It looks a few meters away, its scarlet eyes are full of surly viciousness. At this moment, it is fighting with an equally huge lynx in a place. Constantly pecking at the bobcat’s back, the two beasts fought for a while, and they couldn’t stand each other.
The sudden sound awakened other sleeping creatures.
There was a rustling sound from the grass shed behind Su Luo. Several pairs of fearful eyes were coming out of the black shed. A gust of wind passed by Su Luo’s ears, and he saw a giant wolf galloping from the dense forest, throwing the prey in its mouth at will.
The giant wolf quickly joined the battle group, and saw him leap to death with a run-up.
He bit the raptor’s fragile throat tightly, and the raptor’s shrill cry was stuck back in the throat, and the fear of being restrained made it struggle hard. The gust of wind blown by the wings made Su Luo, who had finally stood up, fall back to his seat again.
However, this hopeless struggle was finally slowed down by the fatal wolf kiss. In the end, the bird of prey died unwillingly with staring eyes. The thrilling battle finally ended in victory. The cowards in the grass shed all came out of the grass shed at this time and surrounded the strange birds. They were curiously observing the dead bird carcasses, and from time to time, they made a weird cry of wonder because of a trivial new discovery.
Su Luo Speechless, he turned his eyes away and saw the prey thrown aside by the giant wolf.
A piebald elk had a big cut in its abdomen. The viscera in the abdominal cavity was scattered all over the ground. It looked very bloody, but Su Luo didn’t feel any discomfort.
Sensitively ran over, Su Luo ran towards the elk with a clear goal Ya Suluo struggled to bite off the pelt that was in the way, and greedily tore off a few pieces of good meat from the elk’s tough tendon, chewed it with relish, and ate half full before Suluo found that there was a dining companion beside him, but the other party was obviously Not very friendly, at this moment, he was grunting in protest at Su Luo, his blood-stained face matched with that weird noise, Su Luo ignored him and walked towards the stream after he was full, the stream was not rushing From time to time in the clear stream, you can see a few swimming fish quickly passing between the rocks, lowering your head, Su Luo greedily licks the clear spring water with the tip of his tongue, and is satisfied until the bloody smell in his mouth is diluted by the sweetness of the stream water.
He looked up at his distorted reflection in the stream, a blue-eyed lynx with pure black hair, his expression was indifferent, yes, in this life he is a lynx, Su Luo didn’t know what brought about his extraordinary encounter, he only knew that since After waking up from the car accident, the world in his eyes was completely different.
The humble dwelling, the strange companions, and the endless wilderness all reminded him that this was no longer the world he was familiar with. Unfortunately, this strange encounter did not bring any surprises to Su Luo. It was when he struggled to drive his limbs and saw his appearance in the stream, the feeling of fear and helplessness almost brought him into the abyss of despair, but this unknown new world did not give Su Luo much time to adapt to the cruel reality.
Su Luo had to force himself to quickly adjust his state of mind.
When Su Luo, who had been on a hunger strike for several days and was dying of hunger, finally pounced on the piece of raw meat like a wild beast, he would have been the same as before.
I bid farewell to Su Luo, I clearly remember that day, I chewed some sour carrion meat, the bloody smell in my mouth was both desperate and satisfied, no one would be responsible for my own life except myself, this was just days of starvation and near-death despair Everything taught to Su Luo, in order to survive, has become Su Luo’s goal and principle since his rebirth. He wagged his tail boredly, Su Luo shook off some emotions about the past from his mind.
Now he has no leisure to look back at the past in order to live. He still has a lot to do when he goes down.
Turning around, Su Luo wanted to go back.
Suddenly, he heard a scream of meow, and then a furry figure flew past his head with strong wind. Su Luo couldn’t help but stop. Bu looked up curiously, and saw the little chubby cat who threatened him just now drew a beautiful arc in the air and fell into the water with a plop, splashing a big splash. Damn it was splashed with water.
Su Luo cursed in his heart.
With a sound, the idiot who fell into the water bared his fangs angrily, watching the other party struggling in the water, without any sympathy in his eyes, the little chubby cat struggled hopelessly for a while