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On the west side of the Daxiong Hall in Shaolin Temple, there is a large hall called the Sixth Patriarch Hall. In the front of the hall, five Bodhisattvas are enshrined. The third ancestor of Huike, Sengcan, the fourth ancestor of Daoxin, the fifth ancestor of Hongren, the sixth ancestor of Huineng, and the six patriarchs inherited the same lineage. Huineng’s master followed Hongren, Hongren’s master followed Daoxin, and so on until the scene in the Bodhidharma hall. People call it the sixth patriarch.
Kneeling a monk, twenty-three or four years old, with clean white robes and unstained appearance, but extremely ugly, with cross-eyed eyes, upturned nose, protruding ears, and a row of domineering buck teeth, like a fence by a well. Ugly, absolutely professional and not perfunctory at all.
The monk’s face was as pale as paper, and there was faint sweat oozing from his forehead. He bent his body and put his hands on the ground, as if he was about to collapse at any time. In the past few days, he felt that his body was getting weaker and weaker, and he even lost the strength to speak.
Peeling and grasping can’t be grasped.
He also went to the hospital several times for examination. To his disappointment, there was nothing wrong with him.
He had a strong premonition in his heart that he was going to leave this world as if he didn’t belong to this world at all, because he often I will have the same dream and dream that he came from another world.
There are gods and immortals in that world.
It’s not the same as here.
The monk bowed himself down three times and was powerless.
The disciples of the Bodhisattva ancestors may be dying.
I feel like I can’t make it through tonight. Thank you. The Buddhist sect has taken in disciples for so many years. The disciples have no way of repaying them. They can only kowtow to the Prime Minister to thank the disciples.
The disciples wanted to go to the Mahavira Hall to bid farewell to the Lord Buddha, but the disciples thought that the Lord Buddha must be very busy with daily affairs, so he dared not disturb him. He could only whisper here about a few Bodhisattvas. Busy, please don’t blame me, this disciple is just a speck of dust in the world of mortals, who comes and goes with the wind, it’s not worth paying attention to, let’s die first and pay homage. You should be gone too, the monk was startled, looked around, but found that there was no one else in the hall, and wondered if it might be haunted.
Then I thought, this place is the most important place of Buddhism, except for perverts.
What kind of ghosts dare to be so arrogant and don’t want to live? People pretending to be gods and ghosts here to let the Buddha come out, the human way is me, monk Bodhidharma, quickly turned his head to look at the Buddha statue of Bodhidharma, he was shocked, only to see the Buddha statue seemed to be alive, the round eyes were wide open, and the golden light radiated from the Buddha’s body. The majestic monk could not believe his own Panicked in the eyes and hearts, the disciples of the Tao bowed their heads in panic. They didn’t know the patriarch’s spirit appeared, and they asked the patriarch for forgiveness. Bodhidharma said in a calm and unhurried manner. Patriarch saved me Bodhidharma Tao why monk Tao Disciple is out of breath now I feel like I will die at any time Disciple has been doing good deeds since I was born, but I was young and ignorant before I couldn’t restrain my greedy appetite Occasionally steal a little fish, but I have never done anything I hope the patriarch will clearly observe the evil things and give the disciple a chance to reform himself. The disciple promises to strictly abide by it in the future.
Pursuing the rules and precepts, with one heart, to the Buddha, and to the patriarch to save me, Bodhidharma said calmly, “You will not die. If this sentence came from the doctor’s mouth, he might still doubt it, but the Buddha in front of him, the Buddha who rules all living beings, naturally wouldn’t lie to him. The monk was overjoyed and hurriedly kowtowed to thank the patriarch for his rescue, but the disciple was puzzled, since the disciple would not die, why would he be short of breath? Could it be because of the imaginary condition, should we buy some tonics? Boni Bodhidharma said, you don’t have to force what you see, what you hear, what you feel is just a dream Dreaming of Dharma Dao I’m not talking about Zen words.
What you’ve seen and heard on earth is indeed just a dream of yours. The monk is confused. Master Dao is joking with his disciples, right? My disciples have been living here since birth.
I remember clearly how it is possible to have such a long dream. Besides, if this is really a dream, why did the Patriarch appear in my dream? Is the Patriarch also a fictional illusion created in my dream? Bodhidharma said that the reason why I can Appeared in your dream Because your dream was created by me, I exhausted all my energy and tore the void to let you have this twenty-year-old dream I have waited tens of thousands for this dream of yours It’s been a year, this is your dream, but everything in the dream is real Zhuang Zhou’s dream of a butterfly Is it your dream that made up this world or this world made up your dream? You will know the truth when you wake up, and the monk can hear it Some with big heads seem to be dreaming, and the side roads are misty and cloudy. Who will the disciple be when he wakes up? And who do you want to be Who you are you are a monk Dao disciples are getting more and more confused The patriarch expends so much effort to make his disciples have a dream What is the reason? Are you kidding me, my disciple? Everyone in the world prays for the Buddha to save the Buddha.
Why do I need to save Bodhidharma? Our real deity is not here, something happened and we came to this soulless land Monk Dao, where are you locked up? After Dharma Dao, you will know who Xiaobai Xindao is so powerful that even the Lord Buddha was defeated. This kind of god-like character can’t save himself, yet he dares to overestimate his own ability to save others how could it possibly save you