Take care of him Lu Qianshuang replied Dao Tao asked worriedly if your brother is okay is it serious Not serious Lu Qianshuang shook his

Chapter 1 Li Shen is the cub I brought with me Qianshuang is holding the freshly brewed milk tea in her hand, holding the mouse in her right hand and clicking the mouse lightly with her slender fingertips.
Just as she was about to start the qualifying match, Tao Dui pounced like Alaska Lu Qianshuang’s body and arm collided with the mug, and the milk tea in the mug splashed out a little.
Lu Qianshuang’s expression was a bit stunned, and his face gradually turned pale.
For you, this is trying to destroy my keyboard.
Sorry, Shuang’er, guess which team won this final. You guessed wrong.
You have to promise me a request. I don’t care about the game, it should be because the team won, hahaha I guessed wrong Tao Yuyue showed a sly smile Seeing her malicious smile, Lu Qianshuang had a bad feeling Shuang’er came to take the game Changed her name, Tao Duidui held her mouse, bought a name-changing card, and then changed her game to Li Shen, the baby deer I brought. Qianshuang silently watched her series of operations and sighed slightly, Li Shen. Who is your new fan? Didn’t you like that road god before? This time the World League Li Shen is shining brightly! Tao Dui’s tone is full of longing. It’s a pity that you didn’t watch it. Lu Qianshuang’s fair face has nothing The facial expression and tone are also very cold, I’m not interested, I’m not interested as soon as the voice fell, I was matched with Ren Lu Qianshuang on the first floor.
After she finished posting and saw no one replied, she thought that person probably acquiesced in Yasuo and then chose Nine-Tailed Demon Fox Shuang’er. It’s not appropriate for him to grab the position directly if he didn’t reply to you, right? Lu Qianshuang took a sip of milk tea and everyone finished choosing heroes and entered the game. Lu Qianshuang followed his teammates to explore the opposite wild area, and then Lu Qianshuang typed in the game. Li Shen is my cub. If you don’t play a first-level team, our lineup is not good. The second jungler in the national server, you know that the lineup is not good.
Come up and choose directly.
The fox frowned slightly when he saw this Lu Qianshuang.
He always felt that this looked familiar. The jungler chose a blind monk. Lu Qianshuang was a little speechless.
She was the first to choose a hero, so she can’t blame her, she didn’t say a word, she directly manipulated the character, returned to the captain of the middle lane, this person took your position, and seeing him, he is still your mother fan, very dissatisfied Li He stared at the computer screen seriously Junyi His cheeks exuded a cold breath, the bridge of his nose was high, and a trace of hostility flashed in his long and narrow eyes.
He said slowly, “Don’t be singled out.
” Li He was singled out in the middle of his sentence before he finished speaking, and he was taken out of the dormitory.
Lu Qianshuang took a deep breath, yes, something went wrong, yes, I can’t connect to my phone, Tao said to each other, Lu Qianshuang hurriedly turned on the hotspot of the mobile phone, connected to the hotspot with the computer, and then played the game again Qianshuang reluctantly continued to play the game. The opponent’s jungler came over. She pressed Flash because the network delay was not used in time, and Li was killed by the opponent again.
He really couldn’t stand it and was angrily typing in the game.
The second jungler in the national server, are you an actor or a bastard? An actor refers to a high-ranking person who takes money from the opponent and deliberately cheats the team to make the opponent win. Lu Qianshuang Want to explain but think about it, forget it Lu Qianshuang thought that apologizing should not be a big problem.
When the game was about to end, the person on the opposite side was talking on the public channel.
An orange, Li Shen, please add a friend. Chapter Adding a friend, milk is a bit cool. After a while, there was an exclamation, the hand holding the mouse was trembling, and she was ranked by Li Shen with such a strange name, it’s too embarrassing, yes, yes, it’s over for me, Lu Qianshuang swallowed, what’s the matter, Tao, yes, it seems that I have been ranked by you Li Shen Lu Qianshuang took a deep breath and I cheated him. The big crystal was destroyed and the game was declared over.
Lu Qianshuang lost completely. She saw two friend requests, namely the second jungler in the national server and the team destroyer. She pressed I agreed and wanted to apologize, but the other party first sent a message to come over to the national server, the second jungler, so hot, uninstall the game, let’s buy a king account, it should be quite expensive, right? Lu Qianshuang pursed her lips and wanted to marry these two Delete she just moved the mouse to delete friends Tao right right hugged Lu Qianshuang’s arm Shuang’er, don’t delete this is my only chance to get close to God Well, Tao said yes to rubbing Lu Qianshuang’s arm, but you can’t play in other positions except the support position.
Tao’s sparring is also good, but only support is good.
Other positions are like bronze. I love you Tao. Yes, yes, I will lend you my account number for you. After the spring league starts, I will invite you to watch the game live. The captain lost. Seeing that Li He was deducted the winning point, the corner of his mouth showed a playful smile. Captain, I will win again.
I’m about to push you out of the top ten in the national server.
I don’t know how the captain and I matched up to such a good person.
He said angrily that this person is still a fan of the captain. The fans are very curious.
Li He showed a mischievous smile and opened it. Named Li Shen is the game record of my cub. This person won ten consecutive victories and six rounds yesterday. Super God met us today and kept sending him to death.
He couldn’t stop laughing. He said coolly, maybe the big guy who picks his feet is deliberately disgusting. He played such a hot chicken, and everyone thought that the captain’s fans were so good.
Li He sneered and didn’t say anything.
Kill him with a smile