Take away the hand that covers her eyes and kiss the corner of her mouth Don’t be too stubborn Your thinking is not wrong People

My favorite author, Jing Feixue, copywriter Xiang Yue is nine years older than Xi Xi The two were innocent for many years, but they were taken down by a girl after many years Tags: City Love, Special Preference, Love War, Sweet Protagonist, Xi Xi, Xiang Yue, Supporting Roles, Many Other Sweet Pets The car behind didn’t seem to see his flashing headlights, and it directly hit him Pulled him back to the seat again, luckily the momentum wasn’t too big, the rear brakes were done in time, except that his chest hit the steering wheel a little sore, but he didn’t suffer any other injuries I opened the car door and got out of the car. It was still raining outside the car. There was no umbrella in the car, and the pattering rain and fog drenched my body, which was uncomfortable.
I got wet in no time. The car that hit him was a white Maserati, and he got out of it.
At that time, the owner of the other car also came down slowly.
It was a young girl in fashionable clothes, and Xiang Yue, Xi Xi, how about this? There is no need to call the police or anything.
Can you change the place first and talk about other things? Everyone got in the car and just got a green light. Xiang Yue turned the steering wheel in front and turned to Guangming Road. He stopped in the temporary parking lane outside the small square not far away. The girl named Xixi followed closely behind.
I think she is an acquaintance and won’t be embarrassed. This girl is much more active than just now.
As soon as she parked the car, she got out of her car and walked briskly to the Xiangyue car. She opened the door and got on the black Lamborghini’s co-driver.
You got your driver’s license, as soon as she closed the door and sat down, he questioned lightly, and at the same time passed the tissue in his hand over Xi Xi hehe laughed, took the tissue and wiped the rain from his face, but Gu Zuo said, what a coincidence today When I came back, there was no news at all. Didn’t it mean that I will stay in the United States for three years? It’s only been two years.
Did you bring me a gift? I didn’t even mention the car crash just now. It’s thick-skinned. It’s typical of Xiang Yue’s understanding of her. A guilty conscience Xi Xi is the daughter of a family friend who is nine years younger than him.
Because of the age difference, the two seldom play together.
Speaking of which, he and her brother Xi Wei are more familiar. I also guessed that she should be driving without a license, and with the driving skills I witnessed and experienced just now, if he ignored it, his conscience would be disturbed.
Don’t talk nonsense with her, just took out the phone from his coat pocket, Xi Xi was sharp-eyed, and he was always on guard when he saw that his brother’s name was displayed on the phone screen, so he quickly snatched the phone over and pressed it to hang up, feeling annoyed on his face but laughing with me just now The car bumped into your car without paying attention. It wasn’t intentional. Don’t worry, I promise to help you repair it. After the car lights are all replaced with original packaging, what a big deal! Why are you still suing? Xiang Yue smiled slightly and let me see your driver’s license Xi Xi My face was stiff and I wanted to say haha, but when I met his calm, penetrating eyes, I knew I couldn’t get past it, so I lowered my head and said in a disconsolate way that I haven’t got it yet.
I took the test in the first day, and I didn’t drive out casually.
There was something urgent, very urgent, very urgent. As for what it was, I didn’t mention it at all. I’m not a person who pursues the bottom line. I just disagree and said that even if there is an urgent matter, it’s okay.
You shouldn’t be driving without a license.
You are irresponsible to yourself and others. Xi Xi, I hope you can reflect on your mistakes.
Today you are lucky and you hit my car.
If it was someone else or a passerby, this matter can be big or small If it doesn’t work out, it will lead to tragedy.
Xi Xi knows that she is right. She dares not to refute, but it’s not because she is afraid that the man in front of her will sue her brother. If her brother knows that she is driving privately, he will definitely not let her go.
Sure enough, Huluo Pingyang was bullied by a dog. I know it was wrong. I promise not to be an example. I will never dare again. Looking at it, the watery face seems to be about to cry in the next second, the doll’s face is ready to cry, his hands are clasped together, his hands are pleading pitifully, he looks harmless and pure Xiang Yue also knows Xi Xi’s weakness The only thing that is afraid of my brother is that he is as honest as a cat in front of his brother Xi Wei, and he doesn’t want to embarrass her too much. She thought about it and said, where are you going? Oh yes, I reported the address and the more I raised my eyebrows, what are you going to do to be a good person and a good deed? With your attitude, he seemed to have a deep look at the phone that was taken away by her. Xi Xi coughed and showed a flattering smile on his face. I said obediently that I joined a club and would go to the nursing home, orphanage, welfare home to do volunteer work every Saturday.
Last week, I promised Dongdong a few children to let them ride a sports car, so I realized that I was revealing too much when I went there.
He suddenly stopped guilty and looked away, hehe, he laughed twice, Xiang Yue was really angry, and he spoke coldly with a straight face, so you drove out without authorization, seeing her pouting and not looking at yourself, even more annoyed, you thought about it before you left the teacher Take your child for a ride, Xi Xi, you are so lawless, you take human life for nothing, you are so audacious, if it wasn’t for your poor skills, you bumped into me, you thought about the consequences, if there is no such thing, I have to tell Uncle Xi and Xi Wei, oh, why are you so angry?