Taeyeon threw it out and he also fell on his knee outside the door The pain was so painful that he was about to lose

You have your pursuit, I have my dream, you have your fame and dust, I have my pen and ink, you have your splendor, I have my behind-the-scenes life, ups and downs, hardships and pains, I taste it myself, and I use my talent to dedicate joy to you The world, I am, I speak for myself Traveling through the workplace of inspirational stars Chapter 1 A rib Ribs Yangchun in March is warm and cold, even the air is twitchingly cold. At such a time, the boiling hot soup is full of spicy flavors.
Fragrance can stimulate people’s appetite the most. A pair of thin, big hands precisely form an encirclement like Tai Chi drawing a circle, stretching casually. These hands pinch left and right, and out of the air, they hold up an inverted shape.
Big, yo-yo eyes ignore the stimulation of spicy taste and just stare greedily. Looking at the brightly colored soup, a small fork suddenly appeared in the empty right hand, and the next second, the chewy and elastic noodles entered the mouth. Condensation immediately warms up the whole body, and a refreshing exclamation bursts from the mouth, full of youthful vitality. The young man is not tall and thin, and even his cheeks are sunken. The eye-catching appearance cannot be ignored no matter from any angle. The spicy noodle soup in it formed a circle of red luster on the young man’s lips, but he no longer cared about the image, and his eyes only had the desire to fill his stomach quickly.
After the second mouthful of noodle soup, the door was knocked open with a bang, and then a middle-aged man wrapped in a dark blue uniform rushed in, and he couldn’t wait to shut out the howling cold wind.
Xiao Yang is eating instant noodles again. Can you bear it if you don’t eat well? The middle-aged man came over and sat down next to the young man, then threw a huge iron box on the table, and the buzzing sound kept ringing, obviously the iron box is not light.
Young people care about young people don’t care about thin lips ruffian crookedly pretentiously smiling and said it’s okay Who in the fifth ring doesn’t know that I Yang Hao is in good health after winter Haizi takes a bath Xichengmenzi streaking is a little problem None of the middle-aged people are obviously used to his bragging and have no special feelings.
He opened the iron box and revealed the boring, overcooked rice inside. Every grain is crystal clear and exudes a jade-like light.
You can tell by the aroma in the air that it is mixed with lard. Next to the rice are neat pieces of ribs. The sweet and sour sauce is hung on it, which looks mouth-watering.
It is paired with a small group of emerald green vegetables. The combination of red and green is elegant and rich enough. Provide all the nutrition for work, Yang Hao slowed down the speed of swallowing the instant noodles, and then realized that the middle-aged man looked over and hurriedly turned his head away to pretend to be indifferent, but he didn’t know that the middle-aged man had already seen his appearance in his eyes and sighed I picked up the ribs, put them on the lid of the iron box, and then pushed them to his side. I know you want to make a beautiful tombstone for Dean Song, but you can’t spoil yourself. Dean Song has worked so hard to bring you children up. hope to see you Bitter Yang Hao panicked like he got an electric shock, he danced and pushed the ribs back, no need for Lao Zhang, really don’t need this, but sister-in-law prepared it for you, besides, your body is much weaker than mine, I almost ate at noon and almost had big fish and big meat beer at night No matter what, Lao Zhang pressed his arm down and put the ribs in front of his eyes without any explanation. Don’t tell me about you.
Don’t hide it from me. I know you are not easy to be alone. It’s a pity that the man is also a pauper and can’t help you, but I can’t be stingy with a few ribs. After tossing us, staring at the alluring pork ribs, Yang Hao’s throat surged for a while, and finally he didn’t say any more words of refusal. He carefully picked up the ribs, put them on the edge of his teeth, and licked slowly.
His name is Yang Hao. His Dean Song said that was exactly what was written on the note on him. He is an orphan and he still doesn’t know who his parents are. Dean Song, as the name suggests, is the dean of an orphanage.
Anyway, Yang Hao doesn’t know where the hundreds of millions and billions donated went.
Their orphanage has been unknown since they were young, and they have never seen any assistance.
It’s all in exchange for Dean Song and a few aunts doing handwork and housework. The money raised a group of children without parents.
When Yang Hao grew up, it was Dean Song who asked him to find a way to let him go to school. An absolute top student, it was just an accident that changed his fate, or it could be said that he was destined to be in the same school as him.
His younger sister, who also grew up in an orphanage, was ridiculed by her classmates because of her shabby clothes and called her a beggar in the future. Sleeping under the bridge, there are some male students who go too far and throw all the school supplies that Dean Song bought for her in the men’s toilet while she was away It’s small but it’s a world different from the outside world. Here are all the children who united around Dean Song and survived.
Seeing his sister being bullied, the furious Yang Hao beat him up.
The six male students who beat him alone knelt down.
Begging for mercy, blood flowed from then on, no one dared to bully my sister anymore, but Yang Hao also lost the opportunity to continue studying He is one of the honorable temporary workers who went to the city bureau where neighbors heard about the palace of the king of hell.