Surely there should be Ku satin Otherwise how dare you say that Du Ruo the weaving workshop listened to the familiar voice and tune and

Chapter 1 Qing Chuan Days just opened her eyes and before she had time to check the memory of the original body, she first smelled a strong sandalwood fragrance, which seemed to be mixed with a little green wood fragrance and a touch of jasmine oil. It’s hard to handle, she’s a carnivore through and through, all her teeth fell out back then, nothing hindered her obsession with eating meat, Fujin needs to add some hot water, Fujin Qing Dynasty, Du Ruo hurriedly accepted the memories in her head at the same time I don’t forget to reply to the back, don’t hiss, I don’t know if it’s luck or misfortune, now it’s Kangxi forty-three years, her original name is Zhang Jia, Su Ken is a little girl in her early seventeen years old, although she was born in the Zhenglan Banner full of Eight Banners Zhang Jia, a common surname of the Manchu nationality, but the family life is not as good as the top, not as good as the next, not as good as the family with a big business, but the victory is that the three generations of grandparents are monogamous and the environment is quiet.
Growing up loved and pampered by the whole family, especially the two older brothers on the head, who are as precious as pearls and jade. It’s a pity that Xu Shitian is jealous of the talented elder brother who died of illness five years ago. There is only one second brother who is only two years older than her. Three years ago, Nesuken, who was 14 years old, participated in the draft. The whole family just thought it was just a cutscene. They just waited for their girl to be branded and go home.
Xu Ren didn’t expect that the little girl would suddenly get angry and go all the way to the end, and she was left with a sign in a daze.
Now the old and the young in Zhang Jia’s house are in a hurry. My family knows what’s going on with me, so I just rely on his family’s current situation. My baby The egg is as high as the sky, it’s just a gege, but this makes Zhang Jia’s old lady feel bad.
Every day at home, she scolds Zhang Jia for being useless and incompetent, but who knows that although Emperor Kangxi kept the brand of Nei Suken, he seems to have forgotten him. After a complete delay, there was no news for more than two years.
Nala looked at his own daughter, who was almost seventeen, let alone the age of the mother who was a baby in other families. How many handkerchiefs have been worn? At this time, I don’t dare to complain about my low status. I just hope that I can quickly refer to someone, Amitabha. Three months ago, when the whole family was in a hurry and their mouths were blistered, Emperor Kangxi pointed out the will of marriage. It finally arrived. First, I praised Nei Suken, and finally pointed him out to Sibeile to be a side Fujin.
The presents handed in by relatives and friends from the upper family who were far away from each other gathered a lot of sixty-four liters and a thick stack of banknotes, and today is the big wedding. Du Ruo rubbed her temples. The little girl didn’t know I was left with a sign in a daze, but she looked at the little girl’s memory and she could see it clearly. The beautiful girls who lived in the same room as the little girl were not so fuel-efficient.
As for the final result, it might be foolish.
It’s lucky that Han Fu was given to the fourth master.
After all, this is the final winner of Kowloon’s concubine.
But the news this little girl got from her mother-in-law is different from the history she remembers. It’s been a long time since she remembers it.
The difference is that on the sixth day of June this year, Honghui, the eldest son of the fourth master, died early, and then before the end of June, the three younger brothers, Hongyu, Hongyun, and Hongshi, born to the Li family, all died one after another. Then Sifu Jin Ulanara became seriously ill, and that’s why Emperor Kangxi felt sorry for the fourth son of the emperor.
Within a month, the fourth son of Lian Shang now has only one daughter left on his knees, and his wife is too sick to manage the backyard for his son.
Sibeile bestowed two geges on the premise of giving another side Fujin, and both geges were of Manchu surname.
Although she doesn’t remember the history of the first life so clearly, she knows the four It is true that there are not many sons who survived to adulthood, but there is absolutely no such thing as four sons who died in a month, especially Hongshi, who was famous and very close to his nemesis, Ama, who was finally adopted by the fourth master.
Some people suspect that Hongshi was poisoned by the fourth master in the end. Anyway, there are all kinds of news, true and false, but he definitely lived until the fourth master ascended the throne.
It’s all right to sit here and ponder over these things. Besides, there are still things waiting for her right now. Du Ruo is sitting in a bathtub with rosewood carvings and hibiscus flowers, slightly holding a thin black one in her left hand. A cuboid object appeared out of thin air.
With a white and tender index finger, click on the only ink landscape icon on the screen to enter the familiar WeChat group chat interface, and then swipe the finger from right to left, and the interface becomes a small grid full of screens. On the third grid in the second row, a plant with yellow flowers blooming and orange-red fruits bearing a square stem that looks like a bluegrass appeared out of thin air, suspended in the mid-air above the mobile phone, and grasped the plant skillfully. Li Tuan, Tuan, stuffed it into the mouth, a cool air flowed down the throat, and quickly traveled in all directions, the skin all over the body became hot and swollen, Du Ruo didn’t care, his left hand clenched, the phone disappeared out of thin air, and then he stood up from the tub The curves of the body are uneven, the limbs are long and slender, the skin all over the body is white and delicate, and there is a touch of red. The light step under her feet is a lightness she has not felt for a long time, showing a young and vigorous life.
Hearing the sound of water, two thirteen or fourteen-year-old children The girl bowed, walked around the screen, walked in, saluted, and served Du Ruo with swift hands and feet.
The silver-red apron embroidered with mandarin ducks playing in the water was the same color as the gauze trousers rolled with silver borders.
Du Ruo looked at the gauze clothes in front of the bronze mirror.
The half-covered figure is more attractive, the corners of the mouth twitch, the clothes don’t reveal the ancient conservatism at all, master, you look so good today, Lord Belle might be dazed when he sees it Du Ruo but just smiled and said nothing to her It’s not just about her complexion that’s good right now. Can Xuncao be eaten for nothing? She risked her life to snatch every plant.