Sure enough Zhou Cailan asked strangely shouldn’t it be Lian Qiaozhen who came out with the baby in her arms Nodding quickly such an embarrassing

As we all know, Mrs. Lian is the pillar of the Qin family’s big house. Last month, Mrs.
Lian, who had always been in good health, suddenly fell ill and her condition took a turn for the worse.
In just one month, she was at the point of exhaustion. The doctor already gave a message early this morning.
Let’s prepare for the funeral, old lady, it’s just a matter of half a day, so the relatives and friends of the Qin family gathered together and waited to see old lady Lian off for the last time. The important things haven’t come to fruition yet, she has to settle down properly, she must settle down properly, she can’t just leave like this, she definitely can’t follow the strong inner struggle of the old lady, and the girl beside the old lady wakes up with a low cry, the old lady wakes up Is that right? Even the three sons of the old lady stepped forward together, and the daughters-in-law also got up from the brocade stool and came over. Mother, mother, how are you doing? Weaker and weaker, everyone thought that the old lady would probably fall asleep like this. Unexpectedly, she finally woke up. Also, all the children and grandchildren gathered at a table in the outer room in front of her sick bed at this time. An elderly lady stood up when she heard the movement and went to the door of the inner room to look in from afar, but after all she was not even the old lady.
The wife’s close relatives don’t have the host’s greeting, so it’s not easy to enter without permission, just waiting with a sad face, hoping that the handkerchief handed over since childhood can remind her of seeing her when she is dying. Even the old lady tried her best to open her eyes.
The spirit of Qingming that has never been seen before is much better. She glanced at the faces of everyone in front of the bed, but skipped over the sons and daughters-in-law with different expressions, and settled on Liu Nanny, who had served her for most of her life.
Me, me, myself The prepared shroud, Xiang Xianglian, you go and help me put it on. Even the old lady is still very weak, but the meaning of the expression is very clear. Liu Mama’s face changed slightly and instantly returned to normal.
The three brothers of the Qin family and their respective daughter-in-laws looked at each other in amazement, mother, what does this mean? Don’t you prepare the shroud after a hundred years? Mother Qin’s parents just wanted to speak, but they were stopped by the annoyed eyes of the old lady who looked at her. She deliberately explained a few words and glanced at the people around her.
She closed her mouth very depressed. Even the old lady closed her mouth. Strenuously looking away, chasing after Nanny Liu’s back is not bad, looking at the grandchildren outside, vaguely heard what the grandmother said, but didn’t understand the specific content, didn’t understand what happened, just knelt quietly behind the old lady Lian In the strong anticipation, Mother Liu held a shroud and stood in front of the sick bed under the gaze of her children and grandchildren.
Even the old lady raised her eyes and said to her sons and daughters-in-law with difficulty.
Lian, change my burial clothes, mother, you are in good health, how can you say this? The youngest of the Qin family comforted me with such dejected words. You are seeing that I am dying.
Don’t take me seriously, right? The boss of the family greeted the other people in the house to leave, and gave his wife Zhang a look without any trace. Zhang got up after him, but instead of leaving, he quickly grabbed the shroud in Liu Nanny’s hand and said that his mother was heavy. Mammy can’t do it alone, daughter-in-law, stay and help. The sudden change made Mammy Liu hugged her shroud tightly and pushed it away, trying to get away from the weak old lady. Huo stared at Mrs.
Zhang with an urh sound like a trapped animal, and in a hurry, her originally sallow face suppressed a few sickly blushes, but she couldn’t say a word, Mrs.
Zhang was also startled, and at the moment when she was about to let go, suddenly Feeling that the shroud does not feel right to the touch, there seems to be something stuck in the middle, like a piece of paper or a piece of paper.
She looked at her mother-in-law suspiciously, then turned to Nanny Liu and asked sharply what did you put in her mother’s shroud? Could it be a cursed witch charm, you evil slave? Such an unusual scolding immediately stopped everyone in the Qin family who were about to withdraw.
What happened? The middle-aged eldest of the Qin family took two steps and stepped back while drinking and asking. Even the old lady looked at her children and grandchildren who gathered again Close your eyes, it’s over, it’s over, she’s worked so hard all her life, she’s given her all, seeing her life come to an end, she just wants to live a better life in the ground, and even such a simple wish can’t come true, she’s not reconciled, she can hear the noise in front of her The voice of questioning, scrambling for the brocade, tearing, and then hissing, and the voice of gasping for air fully expressed the disbelief of the people present. Even the old lady opened her eyes again, scrambling for the banknote in the hands of her grandson and daughter-in-law, and her desperate eyes became even colder. Her shroud was prepared by herself during the period with the help of Madam Liu.
No one else knew about this shroud, let alone the secret inside. There are silver notes of different denominations sealed in the interlayer of the shroud.
The denominations are not very large, but accumulated over the years The total number of tickets is not small. This is what she has saved from the gaps between her teeth for many years. She has worked hard for the children of the Qin family for a lifetime of selfless and hard work. In the end, this is the only guarantee she prepared for herself to live in the underworld. These unfilial children and grandchildren, what right do they have to fight for her banknotes? She worked hard for the Qin family, young and old, to provide for their food, clothing, housing, and transportation.
After a hundred years, shouldn’t she want some funeral objects? But her sons, daughters-in-law, and that wimpy husband No one is willing to understand her and pity her.
They only know how to sit and enjoy what they get. How can they prepare real money for her funeral?