Supporting Yang Jians body the voice was a little hoarse uncle dont cry Yang Jians mouth was moving and then Xiaoyu rushed over but seeing

Chapter Parallel Time and Space Luo Xun slowly raised his head.
The building standing in front of him is Tianguang Entertainment, one of the top entertainment companies in China, which is also the artist agency that he signed. Here, many people have forgotten the little idol singer who was refrigerated by the company shortly after her debut, and the girl who let her leave sadly is now one of the four young stars in the entertainment industry.
Seeing the entertainment news about her, time flies, people are not people, Luo Xun knows that in the past two years since he left, Tianguang has developed more and more smoothly There are only a few companies left, and even his manager Song Jiahao has brought out several outstanding artists in the past two years, which are called star-making miracles by the industry and the media.
What I missed was the two years of Tianguang’s rapid development.
I was able to make a stable debut at the beginning, and after two years of hard work, relying on Tianguang’s resources, my own fairly good conditions, and the ability of my agent, I may now have a certain reputation and take root in the entertainment circle, and move forward. Unexpectedly, he was stopped by the security guard at the entrance of Tianguang Entertainment. After all, he had been away for two years.
The security guard did not know him for a long time. After negotiating, Luo Xun was able to enter the company without looking at the signs.
Everything around here is very familiar.
The renovation is obviously much more luxurious than when I left two years ago, but the layout of the rooms is not much different from before. For example, I went straight to the trainee dormitory on the fourth floor, and the left-hand row on the fifth floor where I used to sweat countless times. After communicating with the front desk in the practice room, Luo found an office, knocked on the door, and heard the sound of please come in. Lu Xun pushed the door open, and inside was a man who was working with his head bowed.
Feeling mature and steady, what’s the matter? The man sitting in front of the computer and thinking about something opened his mouth and looked up at Luo Xun at the door, then his expression changed slightly, a trace of complexity flashed in his eyes. Luo Xun has not seen him for a long time. Back then, the agent was in Tianguang, just like himself, who belonged to a little-known person in the company, and was only in charge of two or three young trainees who had just debuted.
However, he did not expect that Song Jiahao, who had been away for two years, was not what he used to be.
Extraordinary abilities and methods have made popular one after another. Digital artists are called star-making miracles by the industry media. The status of the company is naturally rising. With this luxurious independent office in front of you, you are back. Song Jiahao temporarily put down his work and watched Luo Xun with his hands crossed for two years. I haven’t seen you.
You have changed a lot.
Now you are about 1.8 meters tall.
You are exactly 1.8 meters.
Luo Xun answered softly. Maybe it can be a few centimeters away.
It looks good, although it’s not that amazing appearance, but the advantage is that it is attractive enough. If you re-debut as an idol singer, you might be successful.
Song Jiahao has changed. He is no longer the shabby manager he used to be.
He has the aura of being in a high position and speaks with strong confidence.
The success of the past two years has made him Exuding an elite aura, I’m sorry I waited for the other party to finish Luo Xun’s words. Idol singers are not suitable for me. If possible, I’d like to ask you to help me with dramas or movies.
I still want to act. Song Jiahao’s eyes narrowed slightly in his heart Also flashed the information about Luo Xun. Born as an orphan because of good conditions in all aspects. At the age of sixteen, he was selected by Tianguang to become a trainee of the company. His career was three years and at the age of nineteen, he got the chance to debut as a singer. The trainee is a star reserve.
Anyone It is hard for trainees to resist the media spotlight, yearning for flowers and applause.
Although because of that incident, Luo Xun was refrigerated by the company for two years, but after two years, Luo Xun’s goal is still clearly in the entertainment industry. It is just a general practice. Unlike other trainees, Luo Xun wants to be an idol artist, but he likes to act.
He stubbornly wants to become an actor. Unfortunately, the company positions Luo Xun as an idol singer, so even though Luo Xun wanted to act in the past, he couldn’t compete with the company. My decision is to just obediently be an idol singer, but now no one cares about Luo Xun.
At the moment he became an abandoned son, many things became easier. You know your situation yourself. Song Jiahao sighed. Before that, you wanted to act.
The company didn’t allow it when I debuted, but now the company doesn’t care about it.
From my point of view, it’s actually not appropriate to say such things, but you did nothing wrong back then.
Since you want to make a movie, I’ll let you do it. Thank you Luo Xun. I didn’t know Song Jiahao’s words.
Is it true or not, but this result is at least better than being directly rejected by the other party? It seems that the other party is not what it used to be, but he is still thinking about the opportunity of a friendship at the beginning, which can give you a slight squint. Suddenly became indifferent, with a touch of warning, but you remember that Zhang Suining is no longer someone you can provoke.
He is one of the four little female roles. The company’s darling, whoever hits her idea is courting death. Back then, you were just talking to her. After two years, the love company will force you to go to a place hundreds of thousands of miles away to study, which is better known as learning, but who doesn’t know that it’s refrigerated in disguise, exiled, and assigned to the frontier. But the condensed momentum is all in this passage, and Tianzao, who is called Chance, issued a warning with a sense of kindness and power. Luo Xun’s expression has not changed. Zhang Suining is Luo Xun’s first love girlfriend.
The two have been together for nearly two years. Since I have deep feelings, but the love in the entertainment industry is never blessed